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‘Where the hell do they get these names?’ Couric mocks Palin kids

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An unedited video of satellite footage showing anchor Katie Couric making small cracks related to former Governor Sarah Palin might cause headaches at CBS News.

As Huffington Post notes, “Couric is seen rehearsing for the ‘CBS Evening News’ during the 2008 Republican National Convention and mocking the names of Sarah Palin’s children.”

“Where the hell do they get these names?” Couric says after mentioning Palin’s youngest son, Trig, and her oldest, Track.

Couric also jokes about the pronunciation of Wasilla, Palin’s Alaskan hometown.

“She hunts, fishes and eats moose burgers,” Couric reads during the video. “Her parents, Sally and Chuck Heath, were out hunting caribou when they got the news.”

A chuckling and broadly smiling Couric adds, “You can’t make this up.”

At Politico, Ben Smith writes, “Sarah Palin allies are circulating the above August ’08 footage of their bete noire, Katie Couric, digesting exactly who John McCain picked as his running mate and trying to get a handle on the unique names of her children.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Palin herself seizes on the clip. Given her fixation on media coverage generally and Couric particularly as well as her Momma Grizzly tendencies, it would seem quite tempting.

At Newsbusters, Jeff Poor bills it as “more evidence of an elitist vibe coming from the upper echelons of the mainstream media.”

Poor claims the leaked video is evidence that Couric was “already predisposed not to have a high regard for the Alaska governor long before” the 2008 interview which helped make Couric’s name but many believe helped sink McCain/Palin.

US Magazine noted in November,

In her new 413-page memoir Going Rogue (out Tuesday), former GOP vice-presidential contender Sarah Palin lashes out at CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric over their infamously awkward 2008 interview.

According to the Associated Press, Palin, 45, says McCain campaign aide Nicolle Wallace urged her to sit down with Couric, 52, who is also a working mother. Palin says she was told that Couric liked and admired her. The interview would be a favor to Couric, whom Palin notes had the lowest ratings of the network anchors and whom Wallace said suffered from low self-esteem. Palin writes that she almost began to “feel sorry” for Couric.

But during the interview, Palin said she was surprised to find Couric acting condescending, biased and “badgering.”

During the interview, Couric asked Palin to explain why Alaska’s proximity to Russia gives her foreign policy experience. When Couric asked Palin what newspapers and magazines she reads regularly, an uncomfortable Palin replied: “Um, all of them, any of them.”

Poor adds, “This isn’t the first time Couric has been caught on camera and the footage leaked out. In 2007, footage of Couric openly mocking her predecessor Dan Rather found its way on the Internet.”

In 2007, the NY Daily News reported,

“I’m going to be like Dan Rather on YouTube,” Couric says, laughing.

The Rather clip has him going on about whether to wear his coat or not, and then he debates whether to have the collar up or not. It’s the kind of stuff anchors and correspondents go through every day, although few have been caught on tape.

“Wait, ‘What do you think, Mike?'” Couric says, mimicking the clip of Rather. “I think this looks good, this looks more anchorwoman-ish.”

Earlier this year, Rather started a verbal volley with CBS, saying it had “tarted up” the “Evening News” since he left and Couric took his seat.

In the new clip, Couric makes a reference to Rather’s comments while talking to show staffers.

“I’m going to get in trouble,” she says. “Too bad. Come on, it would have been funny. Jeez, don’t you think he deserves a little payback?

The newly leaked video was uploaded to YouTube by The College Press, whose website is currently not active:

In the summer of 2011, The College Press will hatch and become a selective web site featuring the work of our nation’s future pundits, The new College Press Website will specialize in partnering with recognized emerging talent in media to publish and build the portfolios of the next generation. A prestigious, highly regarded avenue for students to showcase their work as their capabilities grow with their experience, The College Press will allow notable future employers and the discerning public to view and experience up-and-coming minds in radio, photography, editing, and writing.

Orlando’s Daren Copely is the founder of the site, which an archived webpage reveals was originally launched in May of 2001, but went inactive a few years ago.

“Our site is not a conservative or liberal website,” Copely claimed.

We offer a bi-partisan outlet for students to have their thoughts published. Many other companies have massive amounts of red tape for young writers to break through before having anyone read their work. Our site offers the chance for writers to learn their mistakes through actual, professional article publication. Our article publication informs the public while teaching our staff the “do’s & dont’s” in the world of news.

However, the quotes included on the old website indicating its “impact” all hail from the right.

-“I have long thought the Internet could and should be used by freedom-lovers to help train a new generation of journalists to hold government accountable for waste, fraud, abuse and corruption. This site is an excellent step in the right direction — attractive, well-organized, well-conceived.”

Joseph Farah- Editor and CEO of

-“This is the Internet at its constructive best, a self-help (and peer support) writers’ forum, providing aspiring journalists a platform to hone their skills and share their resources. It’s a positive step for journalism and a must bookmark for readers interested in an eclectic mix of thoughtful articles.”

David Limbaugh- Lawyer & brother of talk show host Rush Limbaugh

– “In an age when academia is ruled by the Left, it is a great encouragement to see young conservatives standing up and speaking the truth. Copely and his team at The College Press have done a fantastic job of creating a site that combats the academic political status quo.”

Gary Aldrich-Former FBI agent & the driving force behind the impeachment of Bill Clinton

-“Looks great! Stay strong, and get the out the word. We’ve got a country to save!”

Larry Elder- Nationally syndicated talk show host

-“College students stuck in liberal academia desperately need an alternative forum for information and ideas. helps give them a choice and a voice.”

Doug Bandow- Former special assistant to President Reagan

– “ must know something that other sites don’t. They’ve got a flock of young-yet-savvy writers who give the site a comfy equilibrium of both serious political commentary and relaxing entertainment humor. Why even bother writing for your college newspaper when sites like this exist?”

Mike Hess- Web Editor/Producer-Fox News Channel (

Another site run by Copely,, bills itself as, “Your online guide to who sucks and who doesn’t.”

John McCain is currently in the Good category, while the liberal-leaning MSNBC is listed as the Ugly.

User dontfwithme explains,

This station is always in the tank for anything far left, liberal, democrat…you name it! They had such a hard on for Obama during this entire election and I actually witnessed Olberman climax on national TV when Obama won! No matter what people tell you, FOX actually has the best and fair coverage. FUCK THESE PEOPLE!

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