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Former Pakistani Intel Chief Fears World War Three Is Imminent

General Hamid Gul points to “dark impulse” controlling US system

Steve Watson
Tuesday, Aug 17th, 2010

– Global clique, an “ultra-Imperial club” shaping world affairs

– Destabilization exercise known as ‘war on terror’ could lead to World War Three

– All of Islamic world could be provocateured into “international jihad”

– 9/11 was a fabricated pretext to dominate the middle east and beyond

– Intelligence claims exposed by Wikileaks are “diabolical nonsense”

Former Pakistani Intel Chief Fears World War Three Is Imminent 170810GulFormer Pakistani General and intelligence chief Hamid Gul appeared on the Alex Jones Show yesterday for a full hour in what turned out to be a fascinating extended interview, addressing the major geopolitical issues that are shaping modern history.

Gul, who served as the director general of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence during 1987-89 and worked with the CIA in the covert war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, is a wealth of knowledge on the so called ‘war on terror’.

Gul spoke on a host of issues, beginning with his version of events surrounding the recent Wikileaks expose of US and Afghan military intelligence.

“My version (of events) is not going out to America, I’ve been denied the visa to travel to America. These people will not let me into America because they are afraid that I will speak the truth. People will listen to the truth…” Gul stated in response to the claims that he is personally “quarter backing” attacks on US forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“Fareed Zakaria (of CNN), he recorded me for twenty minutes and he put out only six minutes of my version.” Gul continued.

“That is not fair, because I was informed, and especially the things I said which were stark realities, and he wanted obviously to keep the American people in dark about these things.”

Gul asserted that Afghan intelligence is “still infested by the old Communist die hards”, who have an axe to grind against him, owing to his role in ousting the Soviet Union from the region. Gul added that it is a ridiculous notion to believe that he, at 74 years of age and retired, has any role in the military failures of the US in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“Speak the truth, you have failed because your own policy makers have not come up with the recipe that was required. Your own Generals were not up to the tasks which were given to them, so why don’t you accept the failure rather than rub the blame on someone else?” he said.

“This is diabolical nonsense, and if this is the kind of intelligence that America is basing its policies on in this region, then God help America. This is false, it is totally fabricated and I’ll tell you who are the elements involved in it.” Gul said.

The retired General blamed the fact that the military is heavily dependent on private contractors, even for intelligence gathering – contractors who only have an incentive to expand the wars and further profit from them.

“How can they be so foolish, the CIA, the FBI, and to top it all there is this Task Force 373, which has been indulging in massive civilian casualties. They have been killing people left right and centre. Every time they are given the information, they have bombed wedding parties, they have bombed funeral processions, they have bombed innocents, and they have even bombed the hospitals.”

“So you can imagine that the intelligence based on the information provided by security contractors has resulted in this massive violation of human rights, it has been anti-human, it has destroyed everything that the American people and the American Constitution ever stood for.” Gul urged.

“They think that anyone criticizing their policy is the enemy. This is totally wrong, this is a misconception. We work together with the CIA, we work together with the Americans, I have a lot of friends there, I respect them and my advice could also be useful.” Gul said.

The former ISI chief, who trained with British intelligence officers, spoke of an “ultra-Imperial club” of British, Israeli and Indian intelligence that is “leading American policy making by the nose” and “does not want America to flourish inside their hearts”.

“The American people are exploited for this dark agenda. It is only a handful of people, they a clique only by my assessment, who are indulging in this exercise.” Gul added.

Gul also noted that the real agenda in the middle east is multifaceted.

Gul says the global clique’s ‘war on terror’ on one hand allows for the corporate empire that now controls America to establish itself in the centre of the region to tap the Caspian oil basin. Secondly, Gul believes it is an operation to prevent China from moving into the region. Thirdly, it functions to prevent any new power from emerging in the region based on the Islamic principles of egalitarianism, equality and freedom.

“If these principles are adopted then Imperial powers will really have no place to hide.” Gul stated.

And finally, it seeks to provide a security shield to the State of Israel by promoting destabilization inside neighbouring countries.

“This is going to hurt them more than it is going to hurt us.” Gul said, speaking of how the actions of the global cabal are running against the grain of ancient codes of honour for the people of the region.

“This evokes even stronger sentiments than the religion,” Gul stated. “Therefore these people are not going to forgive all this, and I’m afraid that we will have lost this region forever to America, to the West… and this struggle is going to end with a very big disaster for American reputation, for their honour, for their self respect, and we don’t want to have this done, I can assure you I am genuinely telling you this.” Gul added.

“If they get embroiled in Pakistan they will keep on staying here for a long time. If they expand this war, a fight is going to be put up against America, whether in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iran. The larger the area of conflict and the longer the period of conflict, the established power, the one that is equipped with more firepower, cannot win – this is a lesson from history – it is immutable.”

“My fear is that if Pakistan is put to the corner and pushed against the wall – Pakistan being an Islamic state – could also declare international jihad.” Gul noted with great trepidation.

“Now if that Islamic state declares international jihad, it becomes binding on the muslims of the rest of the world to come out in support of jihad. It will change modern history altogether if that call is given.”

“They would have us believe that Iran is our enemy. Iran is not our enemy. There has been no hostility between Iran and Pakistan… This is an utter lie, it is only to malign Iran. But I tell you Israel is hell bent to draw America into a wider war attacking Iran. If they go in unilaterally to attack some targets, even drop a few bombs here and there, I think it will flare up a conflict that it will not be able to control.” Gul stated, following up with a harrowing prediction of what will follow.

“America is likely to get sucked into this war, and this may turn out to be the third world war. It would be a disaster of the first order, it must be avoided at all costs.”

“I don’t know if Russia or China could be held back. This could be an inferno that would consume so many things, and corporate America would be the biggest sufferer – where are they going to sell their gold and how are they going to pick up the oil?” Gul stated.

The General urged that if the world is to avoid such devastating conflict, people everywhere must not accept the propaganda being thrown at them by the elite clique attempting to shape global affairs.

“There is no clash of civilizations, this is a mindset that has been created unfortunately. …As far as Islam is concerned, why is it being looked upon as an enemy, as an adversary? Islam encompasses Christianity and Judaism, it is not an entity in itself, but actually it encompasses all the three religions of the book, so there has to be amicable peace among us.”

“There is no need for the dark impulse in the American system. I won’t say the American people, because they are so good, it is in the American system that the dark impulse has to be removed – and it can only be removed by the American people.”

Gul previously appeared on the Alex Jones show to share his contention that the 9/11 attack was an inside job, laying out details that were censored during a CNN interview on the same week.

Gul reiterated his stance on the 9/11 attacks, that it was a black operation to be used as a pretext for entering Afghanistan and using it as a launch pad to enter Pakistan and dominate the region.

Gul also spoke about the evidence that the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks were a Western controlled intelligence operation that was to be blamed on Pakistan, a claim he made shortly after the attacks which has since been vindicated by mainstream reports that US and Indian undercover agents were involved in the attacks.

The General also spoke on the death of former Pakistan leader Benazir Bhutto, reasserting his previous analysis that Bhutto was eliminated by a neocon controlled assassination squad after she “became rebellious” toward globalist interests.

Watch this groundbreaking interview in full below:

Steve Watson is the London based writer and webmaster at Alex Jones’, and regular contributor to He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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