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The expansion of Amerika apposed to the reformation of America

By Dark Politricks

In a recent article I looked at whether modern day America could be classified as a Police State in the same lines as other modern Police States such as East Germany or China. Today I want to look at whether or not America could be classed as a “rouge state” in the same way people class certain countries who behave outside the accepted rules of law such as Israel, North Korea or Iraq before it was liberated by the forces of freedom and righteousness (cough cough).

This comes on the back of the recent backlash against Obama from large segments of the left who have seemingly although belatedly realised that the change Obama brought to America was nothing they could believe in and actually amounted to nothing more than more of the same albeit with a different front man.

Robert Gibbs feels that the Obama achievements should be shouted from the rooftops but when one looks closely at the past two years of the Obama administration it seems that the only change has been to rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic whilst the ship carried on sinking.

Before the election result had even come in it was clear to all who had managed to break free from the false left right paradigm that Obama was America’s Tony Blair, a snake oil salesman who’s aim was to re-brand the same policies and make the people feel good about voting in someone who would carry on with more of the same.

It might be hard to admit to those people who spend their days filling Twitter up with messages about Democratic Socialists or Republican Fascists but the Democratic party is nothing more than the second face of the one party state that controls America and in this regard Presidential elections are nothing more than major re-branding exercises carried out by the establishment who control all sides of the political debate.

As the recent ACLU report into Obama’s progress has revealed the last two year have seen broken promise after broken promise and many of the previous Bush policies that so outraged America and the world have not as we hoped been stopped but instead they have been expanded or enshrined into law for future citizens to endure.

As the lawyer from the ACLU explains in this interview with Democracy Now, the hopes of those on the left that the change of presidency would signal an end to eight years that have blotted America’s image around the world have been dashed considerably.

Therefore the question I ask today is whether or not President Obama’s refusal to make amends for past misdeeds and the countries general behaviour taken as a whole is such that one could legitimately level an accusation that it has gone rouge.

It’s an accusation George Bush was fond of levelling at countries he didn’t like and one that was often not based in any kind of fact or reality however two can play at this game and whilst the USA may like to strut around the world playing out the role of the worlds policeman many people in the resat of the world see this authority as nothing more than the bullying of a bent cop.

Points to consider:

The USA has dusted off the shackles, leg irons and the rack and re-introduced torture as a legitimate tool to be used in the interrogation of prisoners. Many people in America claim to be Christians, men and women of God, however their support of torture has nothing Christian about it and state enforced abuse of citizens that had once been consigned to the dustbin of history in democratic nations has now been resurrected and legitimised under the ruse of fighting the war on terror.

We have heard numerous horror stories about the US policy of torturing those it considered “terrorists”. What this really meant was that the CIA ended up buying in bulk people who had been kidnapped off the streets by dodgy warlords, contractors and corrupt foreign intelligence agencies all looking to make a quick buck from the Bush regimes desire to show progress in fighting the war. Not only were most of the Gitmo detainees innocent the Bush administration knew they were. However for political reasons it was deemed necessary to carry on torturing 93 year old men and 15 year old boys often using the threat of or use of sexual abuse to extract worthless confessions.

We have all seen the photos from Abu Girab, read the accusations from ex detainees and seen the authorisations and memos that allowed this abuse to occur so we know it happened. What did Obama do when he took office? Did he immediately arrest, charge and try all those who were involved in breaking the numerous laws that concern the use of torture such as the Geneva Convention on treatment of prisoners of war and the US War Crimes Act of 1996. No he didn’t he refused to even investigate these crimes and instead has continued the practise apace.

Not only has Obama continued the worst of Bush’s crimes he has expanded the war of terror into more countries including Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. Today we hear that a US airstrike in Yemen on suspected Al Qaeda hideouts has killed the deputy governor in the region. Yet another well thought out and perfectly executed attack that will create ten times more terrorists than it might have killed.

So not only in America carrying out a war without borders not seen since Hitler’s Panzer divisions rolled across Europe but it’s an illegitimate war that hasn’t been sanctioned by the US congress who is supposedly the only authority able to declare war in the United States.

On this point alone it’s a worthy comparison to imperial nations of the past who decided to expand their sphere of influence by creating military outposts all around their empires from the British, Soviets, Spanish and Romans. Whilst many might disagree whether or not the current American foreign policy amounts to an empire or not it’s in no doubt that the USA has over 1000 military bases around the world which is 95% of all the military bases any country in the world maintains on any other country’s territory. So not only is America the worlds largest acting empire they are the only one.

Another disturbing policy that aligns the Obama administration with the worst of the worst is it’s continuation of the Bush policy of state sanctioned executions of those it deems enemies of the state whether they be American citizens or not. Whilst the laws of war may cover killings on the battlefield the USA has now chosen to make the whole world one big battlefield and this means that anyone anywhere is now fair game. Whilst democratic nations often decry state sanctioned assassinations such as the recent Mossad hit in Dubai or the Russian hit in London it now has to add the USA to the list of countries who just don’t give a flying fuck when it comes to exterminating those who its disagrees with.

Not only is the USA expanding the war on terror day by day into new countries they are expanding the definition of what constitutes terrorism so that even if they did manage to kill or contain every member of Al Qaeda there would still be enough people falling under this broad definition to ensure the continuity of the war for another century or two.

Take the Taliban for instance. Most of the people the USA is currently fighting in Afghanistan are not or ever have been terrorists they are people who don’t like the fact the USA and it’s allies has invaded their country, installed a highly ineffectual and corrupt puppet government and then proceeded to bomb the hell of out anyone vaguely looking Islamic. These are people who are wanting vengeance for their lost brothers, mothers and family members killed by drone attacks whilst attending weddings or funerals or family members of school kids murdered by forces who mistook their school bus for a Taliban suicide attack.

Many of the people we are now fighting in our war on terror are the same freedom fighters we were supporting when they were fighting the evil Soviet empire when it mistakenly chose to invade Afghanistan to prop up it’s own puppet government. Like George Orwell’s 1984 in which the forces of Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia are constantly at war, the only thing that has changed in the last 30 years are the alliances.

Surprisingly the countries of the world came together many years ago to try to set rules to govern war. Not that war is ever clean and easily managed but it was decided that certain acts were to be considered crimes even at times of war. The types of acts that fell into this category were those that deliberately attacked civilians, mistreated prisoners, torture and so on. Crimes that the USA and it’s allies have repeatedly ignored in the last 10 years. Crimes that will most likely go unpunished because it’s usually only the victors of any conflict that decide to deliver justice on the vanquished.

However precisely because of this situation and because the crimes committed during times of war are so grotesque the world decided to come together to create an International Criminal Court to try war crimes and crimes against humanity. The USA under the Bush presidency decided that like other countries with dubious human rights records i.e China and knowing that it’s conduct during war time was not fitting of a moral nation refused to ratify the treaty. It was worried that it’s own behaviour might be called into question and that the courts would soon become filled up with US troops and politicians purely on spurious claims by nations holding a grudge.

Maybe the Bush regime was just thinking ahead as if it had signed this treaty there would surely be a huge backlog of indictments related to crimes committed by US forces from Iraq to Afghanistan and from Cuba to Yemen. Political opponents of international law can debate until they are blue in the face whether or not it supersedes US constitutional law and whether or not they should be a signatory to a concept that defines common standards of behaviour that all nations should be subject to whether they be powerful like the USA or poor and weak like the Yemen or Somalia.

What American and Obama cannot get away from however is that only a mere 20 years ago the USA was still considered a beacon of hope, a ray of light in the battle for freedom being fought against the Soviets and many people had little complaints over the USA taking on the role of the worlds policeman.

They may not have known the darker side to Americas past history, the assassinations of the 60’s, the coup d’tarts, the propping up and arming of strong men and suppression of any party or country deemed socialist in any form. However because the Soviets were painted as the bad guy the USA looked almost Angelic in comparison. Now that there is no real enemy to fight the USA is seen in it’s real light with nothing to detract from it’s excesses apart from a few bearded men in caves dotted around the world.

Whilst many people believe these terrorists should be combated using the full force of the law the USA has decided to go after them with the full force of their armed forces and there has been a whole lot of collateral damage on the way including the civil rights of Americans at home and abroad. Obama’s determination to portray the USA as the king of rouge states rather than the defender of justice and freedom is a mistake he will be remembered forever.

Those on the left who sincerely believed when they put a cross next to his name in 2008 that they were voting for change have been severely disappointed and hopefully now that they can see the continuation and expansion of Amerika rather than the reformation and restoration of America they can join the voices of disapproval who are fighting for real change and really make a difference.

The only loud voices in the public sphere so far have been those on the right and the GOP shouting off over every decision Obama has made which has made them look like the partisan nut-jobs they are caring only about the GOP regaining power rather than America regaining it’s liberty. Now that the progressive left are starting to realise their big mistake in electing Obama the discourse can hopefully become more measured and taken out of the right left ballgame that is played out on US TV stations each night.

There are legitimate grievances and injustices that need to be resolved and only by the left joining the right in attacking Obama on non party lines can those people still asleep realise that the mistakes being made in America’s name are not those of the Democrats or the Republicans but those of the people who really control the political process.

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