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9.11 and the clash of civilisations

By Dark Politricks

“There can be no true friends without true enemies. Unless we hate what we are not, we cannot love what we are.” – Dead Lagoon

The clash of civilisations so aptly predicted by Samuel P. Huntington after the fall of the cold war seems to be approaching very quickly. Those of us who consider ourselves rationalists or atheists can only stand on the sidelines looking on in horror as those groups of people who have a dog in the fight ramp up the differences and stoke the fires that have inflamed many people of the Abrahamic faiths.

Just like the first world war which was basically a family feud between European aristocracy (The Kaiser, Tsar and King of England were all cousins), the current feud is between offshoots of the same religion. This is what makes it all so much more galling for those of us who can see the Bible, Torah and Koran for what they really are, books of allegories, written by people with no scientific perspective on the world who if they lived today would all be locked up in loony bins.

Why is it we can see the mad pastor Terry Jones for what he is really is, a fruit loop for claiming he has regular conversations with God and yet billions of people are happy to take as a literal truth the same claims from those who lived thousands of years ago. Why is Terry Jones just a nutter whereas Mohammad, Jesus, Issac and all the other prophets of lore who regularly claimed to converse with the almighty people to believe in?

In reality there is little difference between the ferocity of belief in those who make up the Phelps family or Iranian Mullahs dishing out Sharia justice by stoning adulterers to death.

There is no difference between Terry Jones burning Korans and the Taliban blowing up Buddhist statues.

There is no difference between the Muslims across the world who believe that the Christian West is on another crusade against Islam and those New Yorkers who believe that revamping a Muslim community center is on par with Hitler opening a Nazi Theme park next door to Auschwitz or those people who believe that Islam and not Al Qaeda attacked them on 9.11.

To me it’s the same ignorance and bull shit just a different face on the packaging.

It’s because of this dogma and refusal to think outside ones own narrow train of thought that makes religion so scary for those of us who put belief of fairies, Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy to bed forever at the age of 8 or 10. In fact when one thinks about it there is actually more reason to believe in the Tooth Fairy than there is God for at least we are left
with a physical sign of their presence in the morning when our tooth has gone only to be replaced with money!

What is clear though is that this rise in religiosity is being brilliantly exploited by those who have political aims. The two sides are being played off against each other by design and it is only going to get worse.

A western world that hates Muslims is one that goes to war without thinking first. They are armies that engage in the sort of rampant and wanton rape and destruction that only serves to drive up hatred on the other side ensuring that an eye for eye turns into an arm for an arm and a leg for a leg until there is nothing left to fight over.

An America that believe it was Muslims in general that attacked the USA on 9.11 is one that dismisses Wik iLeaked tapes of mass murder of civilians and the killing for fun attitude of their soldiers as nothing more than the excesses of war.

An America that believes Islam is the devils work, a cult of moon god worshippers whilst their country was the pinnacle of God’s creation is one that sees nothing wrong with the torture of prisoners, the suspension of the rule of law and the kidnap and indefinite detention of those considered enemies of the state.

On the anniversary of 9.11 it is clear that the intention of the attack has largely succeeded. If Bin Laden was behind the attack and thought that by striking at the heart of America he would help free Muslims from Zionist and American oppression around the world he was sorely mistaken for the exact opposite has occurred.

If however the intention was to enrage America so much that they would basically give carte blanche approval to a never ending war of imperialism and manufactured anti-Islamic rage across the Middle East then the act succeeded as planned.

The clear losers from 9.11 apart from those who died that day have been people of Islamic faith whether they be Afghanis, Iraqis, Palestinians or Americans.

More Muslims have died in the last 9 years than could possibly be known and because of the war on terror these deaths are somehow justified. Because we are supposedly doing good deeds by expanding the western sphere of influence, installing puppet dictators and propping up narco regimes the counting of “collateral damage” is not a necessity and the total figure is only ever mentioned as an after thought whilst every one of our own troops death is mourned as much as the last.

9.11 is already a date that will be enshrined in history forever for a number of reasons. Not only was it the catalyst to the war on terror it was the straw that broke the camels back in terms of wakening people up all around the world for a number of reasons. Not only did it show the facade that liberal democracy was, how easily all our rights and civil liberties can be discarded when the government clicks its fingers it also woke many people up to the lengths supposedly free democratic governments will go to when it wants to go to war.

The original Pearl Harbour attack that brought the USA into World War Two led to eight investigations within the following four years to determine the events of that day. The New Pearl Harbour attack that seems to have led the USA into starting the war of civilisations was investigated once and very poorly at that.

Not only did 6 of the 10 commissioners complain about the Bush government withholding evidence, limiting the terms of inquiry and blocking legitimate questions it failed to answer the key questions that still remain to this day. Questions which must be answered if the government ever wishes to absolve itself of blame and remove the cloud of suspicion that has rightly fell upon it for refusing to investigate the matter properly.

Questions such as:

Why did NIST seemingly falsify their report into the collapse of WTC-7. The tower that wasn’t hit by a plane yet fell at breakneck speed into its own footprint later on that day. A collapse that for 2.4 seconds was at free fall speeds, a fact admitted by NIST and one which meant that they had to remove the label from their report that had proudly claimed it was “consistent with the basic principles of physics”. A fact that so far can only be explained by the use of controlled demolition of some sort which the NIST refused to even consider as a cause for the buildings collapse having preferred instead to doctor their computer model by overloading parameters that bore no relation to real world events to induce collapse.

Why did the government come out with the poor reasoning for the terrorists attack as “hating us for our freedoms” rather than the real reason which was USA’s support for Israel. Why can they not admit that their unswerving support of a nation that is propped up through their massive military support, financial donations, UN vetoes and their turning of a blind eye to the numerous executions, ethnic cleansing, piracy and aggressive foreign policy was the primary cause for the Al Qaeda attack on that day.

What did our ally Israel know about the attack and what information did they pass on to the Americans beforehand. It is a well known fact that the Israeli’s were engaged in a huge spying operation in the year leading up to 9.11. They were also following the hijackers around the country, living across the road from many and supposedly monitoring them. As the original reporter on this story, which was reported by Fox until it removed the story due to Israeli pressure, said when being interviewed on the matter of Mossad foreknowledge of the attacks “how could they not have known?”

If Israel did know about this terrorist plot, and the circumstantial evidence suggests they did, then why didn’t they tell US intelligence and if they did who did they tell and what was done with this info. It is not implausible to believe that elements of the US intelligence community and maybe some people in government did know about this plot beforehand and chose not to act because they could see the potential “benefit” to their PNAC plans of a successful attack occurring. We know the authors of the PNAC document were now in power and we know how much the neo-cons and their Israeli counterparts wanted a “new pearl harbour” type event to occur so that they could engage their plans for a “clean up” of the Middle East. Considering all the conspiracy theories around this event this is the most plausible and the easiest one to to pull off. It needs to be investigated thoroughly.

We are currently living through times in which rich pro-Israeli groups are deliberatley stoking up anti-Islamic sentiment and if we are going to spend the next decade continuing our current policy of destroying ourselves and most of the Muslim world in a pointless war of civilisations then we need to resolve all unanswered questions over the events that ignited this chain of events.

We need to for our own sakes as well as future generations otherwise school kids in a hundred years or so will be looking back at these times with disdain and horror in the same way as we now look back at 30’s Germany.

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