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BOB NICHOLS: The War on Sperm in Iraq



(San Francisco) – Mongolian invaders slaughtered at least 200,000 people in Baghdad seven hundred and fifty-two years ago. The “Mongol hordes” were using the technology available at the time to deal with an enemy population breeding their next army.

Today’s American war fighters and politicians have a much more elegant and deadly method of minimizing future enemy war fighters. Substantial and infinitesimal at the same time, heavy weaponized uranium oxide munitions, aka DU, are used in a deadly American nuclear war on Iraq and Central Asia carried by the monsoons.

The nuclear munitions constitute the very molecules required to, finally, do the job the Mongols attempted 752 years ago. Uranium ore molecules are often mined  with phosphates, the molecules are said to have an affinity for phosphates. Once the purified uranium achieves release by fire, explosives, or striking a hard object the uranium molecules are once again on the hunt for phosphates.

For millions of human and animal bodies in Iraq and Central Asia, both soldiers and civilians, that means their brains, bones and balls. It’s brains, bones and ovaries for the women soldiers and civilians. It is a bewildering array of radiation related illnesses and later death for the civilians in the enemy population as well as friendlies. Not a problem. Just casualties of war and collateral damage, so say the Pentagon PR guys.

Radiation poisoning is also certain death for the unwitting hosts of enough of the invasive uranium molecules, just hitching a ride with what it knows best – phosphates. Not a good way to exit, either; often times in adult diapers praying for relief from the goddess Morphine.

What Hulegu Khan did not know 752 years ago in Baghdad, the US Army has down to a science. To prevent a once and probable future enemy from breeding a new generation of war fighters the controlling force must control their reproduction. That is easily done with enough radioactive uranium aerosols.

Weaponized uranium oxide is the perfect modern munition for this crucially important task in the difficult job of world domination for the world’s only Superpower.  This path to military success in the reproduction war was not an easy or quick road.

Originally scoped out as a “terrain contaminant” by the WWII era Manhattan Project, milled uranium oxide bombs were to be used if the two Atomic Bombs intended for Japan failed to detonate. Japan was going to get nuked, no matter what. It was time to nuke a civilian population somewhere and the Japanese were Target No 1.

I erroneously stated in an earlier article that the Nagasaki plutonium bomb was thermonuclear. It was not and a tip of the hat to Jim for pointing that out. The first thermonuclear bomb was not to come till years later. Both atomic bombs used on Japan were fairly small and surrounded by many layers of DU to make them just as big as would fit through the bomb bay doors. The DU became a fine uranium aerosol.

The development path for DU, or Uranium Oxide (UO,) leads next to the October 6 to 26, 1973, Yom Kippur War and some field testing in a shooting war using the Israeli client state’s tanks. The enemy Egyptian tanks were but short work for the uranium oxide Penetrators.

Meanwhile, the parasitical DOD feeding off the vast resources of the American economy focused on increasing the “Lethality” of the heavy uranium molecules, both natural and man made. Oak Ridge Nuclear Weapons Lab identified at least 1400 reactor and bomb fission products in what is offhandedly and erroneously  called by tap dancing politicians “nuclear waste.”

Each isotope is prized for its illness and death dealing properties, but none more than those that affect human Germ or reproductive cells: Sperm in men and the ovaries full of eggs in women. Same for you “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Queers – no one is exempt or immune, radiation is a perfectly equal opportunity Zapper.

I do get a real kick out of all the massively simple minded professional hairdo network news “readers” parading through Iraq and other radioactively contaminated war zones. With all the “news” resources at their disposal, you’d think they would get the real skinny on the likelihood of getting Zapped by radiation in Iraq. When you pick up a “cough” or a hurt in the War Zones TV and News folks, you are in deep trouble. Email me if you want to learn the actual facts of the matter.

But, no, their people call the Army’s people who hook them right up with someone from Dr Michael Kilpatrick’s DOD shop of Moral Purity and Truth about DU.

The real world counter to Col Dr Kilpatrick’s DU fantasies is Major Doug Rokke, US Army Ret., who knows what a bull shitter Kilpatrick is. Here he is in a video telling us about uranium oxide, aka DU by those, like Kilpatrick, who want to deceive us all.

The talk by Doug Rokke, former head of the Pentagon’s Depleted Uranium Project, was presented November 16, 2002 at University Baptist Church in Seattle. The video is 57 minutes long.

[There is a video that cannot be displayed in this feed. Visit the blog entry to see the video.]

Nothing has changed except the amount of uranium oxide used in Iraq is now hundreds of thousands of tons. No consequences have been dealt with. The Army has taken the Iraq War to a whole ‘nother level by the amount of DU used. Now it is a literally a population control issue.

View the original article at Veterans Today

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