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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

“However, an investigation of site ownership and client lists funding the “Patriotic Revolt” were not what we expected.  The “patriots” that were going to replace the armed militia’s of the 1990′s  were actually the Republican Party, their phony “think tanks”  and the largest multi-national corporations  in the world, representing defense, oil, insurance, big pharma, big tobacco and “clean coal,” a veritable “who’s who” of world class criminals.”

This week, FBI agents began storming locations throughout the Midwest, starting with Minneapolis and then Chicago.  The purpose they claim was to stop peace groups that they allege are a danger to the American government’s war effort.  However, the largest “official” domestic terrorist act was the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building by individuals affiliated with, of all things, the Republican Party and the Michigan Militia.  To be accurate, the Militia claims Timothy McVeigh wasn’t an “official” member but only attended meetings.  It wasn’t his Militia efforts that made McVeigh a terrorist but rather his conservative politics and his tendency to act on rhetoric where others used common sense.
In fact, the Michigan Militia disbanded with the Bush election claiming they were “no longer needed.”  Seeing the FBI hunting down peace groups who were initially affiliated with the Obama campaign is a shock, no, it is more than a shock.  The “organs of state security” are now rounding up the supporters of the President and covering for groups that threaten our government with violence, some openly advocating armed rebellion and assassination.  This is more than irrational and unbelievable.
In fact, we are flabbergasted.
The moment Barak Obama was nominated for the presidency, “grass roots” groups sprung up around the country, surprisingly similar in make-up to the current Tea Party, not only in look but rhetoric and demeanor.  When Obama easily defeated Senator McCain, those same groups, continual assassination threats, mock lynchings and vicious racial rhetoric changed from “conservatives” to anti-government” overnight.  But these weren’t “grass roots” organizations at all, but something far more sinister, more threatening and much more dangerous as we were to learn.
Websites sites like, oddly close to, the voice of the Aryan Nation, a white nationalist group, were quickly established and emails spread across the country, originating, as we were told, from the poor and downtrodden, the “Patriotic Resistance” that was going to shed its last drop of blood to protect America from wealthy corporations and the financial thieves who were sucking the blood out of the working classes.  Every day we were told to prepare to resist a government “out of control,” one planning to disarm America, one waiting to put patriotic citizens in concentration camps run by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) but controlled by the United Nations.  Americans were told to “prepare.”
However, an investigation of site ownership and client lists funding the “Patriotic Revolt” were not what we expected.  The “patriots” that were going to replace the armed militia’s of the 1990′s  were actually the Republican Party, their phony “think tanks”  and the largest multi-national corporations  in the world, representing defense, oil, insurance, big pharma, big tobacco and “clean coal,” a veritable “who’s who” of world class criminals.
Now these same billionaire corporate bandits and “banksters” claim to be “intellectual force” behind the Tea Party movement.   Can this new guise, another “lipstick on a pig” attempt to pass of America’s ruling classes as victims of “big government. fool the Tea Party?  If Sarah Palin and Glen Beck,retread hucksters from another era are an indication, the answer may be a resounding “yes.”
Despite attempts to cleans the internet, removing the tracks leading back to the real face behind the “white supremest” mask of the “patriotic resistance,” we have managed to compile the following list:



AETNA (Big Insurance)

AFIPAC  (American Friends of ISRAEL)

Alexis de Toqueville Institution  (Right wing think tank working for Microsoft and Big Tobacco)

Allied Pilots Association

American Association of Health Plans (Largest lobby group for Big Insurance)

American Association of Political Consultants  (Primary trade group for those who run “backroom politics” in America)

American Conservative Union  (The “neo-con” club with all top Republican politicians as members, Reagan, Bush, Cheney, Delay, the list goes on forever)

Americans for Hope, Growth and Opportunity  (Steve Forbes financed ultra right wing group)

American Policy Center  (Ultra-Conservative group opposed to the United Nations and Global Warming science)

American Public Policy Institute  (Ultra-Right Wing anti Gay Rights group)

The American Spectator  (Right wing publication with history of accepting money from foreign governments.  Best known for the discredit Shirley Sherrod attack piece)

Australian Barley Board  (Grain conglomerate group tied to monopoly policies)

Black America’s Political Action Committee  (Alan Keyes right wing group with almost no African American support)

Blackwell Corporation (Group responsible for organizing personal attacks on progressive politicians run by Washington PR group with ties to extremist militia organizations)

Brude W. Eberle and Associates  (Tom DeLay and John Ashcroft)

Business Mail Express  (

Campaign Solutions  (Voter suppression, Swift Boat campaign and shady right wing causes, the “hit squad” for the Republican National Committee)

Canadian MG Lewis MacKenzie

Capitol Watch

The Carmen Group  (Major lobbying group working with security, energy and healthcare sectors, top level “fixers” in Washington)

Carrying Capacity Network

Center for Individual Freedom (Secretive neo-con rights group with ties to the Tobacco Lobby)

CIGNA  (Big Insurance)

Citizens for State Power (no records found)

Citizens United (Lobby group that pushed unlimited corporate control of American elections through the Supreme Court)

Club for Growth  (Ultra-right wing group convicted of failing to register as a Political Action Committee)

Collegiate Network  (Right wing group that finances student newspaper “take-overs’ by neo-cons)

Conservative Political Action Conference  (Most powerful right wing group in the US, Glen Beck terrirtory)

Ann Coulter  (Controversial right wing extremist writer with a penchant for inventing “facts”)

Crown Publishing  (Random House subsidiary specializing in right wing publications)

David, Manafort and Freedman, Inc.  (“Go-between” between “Big Lottery” reputed tied to organized crime and Senator John McCain)

The Honorable Pete DuPont  (DuPont family member, one time Congressman and right wing pundit)

Employee Benefits Associates  (Big Business advocacy and consulting for limitation of workplace freedoms and rights)

Energy Freedom Alliance  (no records available)

Federalist Society  (Lobby group promoting “big business” oriented judicial appointees)

Flickers Films  (no records available)

Free Enterprise Fund (anti-Social Security group)

Foley and Lardner (Law firm representing Exxon Oil)

Forbes for President 2000  (Forbes PAC)

The Galen Institute  (Big Insurance lobbists) (controversial ultra-right wing group dedicated to George W. Bush)

The Hawthorn Group  (“clean coal” lobbyists)

Heritage Foundation  (Ultra-right wing group behind neo-conservative internationalist agenda)

Institute for Legal Reform  (Part of US Chamber of Commerce, favors special privileges for Big Business in law)

Institute for Policy Innovation  (anti-Social Security group headed by Dick Armey)

Institute for Socio-Economic Studies (no records available)

The Keene Report  (no information available)

Law Enforcement Alliance of America (conservative group active in gun rights)

The Limited  (Israeli owned retail conglomerate)

The Manhattan Institute  (neo-con, Big Tobacco, Big Oil, “War or Terror” lobby group)

McDonald Douglas  (Big Defense/Big War)

McGuire/Woods Consulting, LLC  (Law firm for Big Oil, Big Insurance, Big Lottery)

National Audit Defense Network  (tax avoidance group in trouble for, of all things, tax problems and endless consumer complaints)

National Center for Policy Analysis  (Big Healthcare lobbyists)

National Farmers Federation of Australia  (Australia Big Agriculture lobby)

National Rifle Association  (conservative group funded through scare tactics about imaginary gun seizure legislation)

National Taxpayers Union  (Right wing group funded by Richard Mellon Scaife)

News World Communications  (Reverend Moon’s propaganda arm)

Nuclear Energy Institute  (Nuclear power lobby group)

The O’Leary/Kamber Report  (neo-con funded voice of Tea Party movement)

Playcare Incorporated  (funders of neo-con and Tea Party movements allied to Bush/Cheney)

PM Consulting Corporation  (Advocacy group for lower taxes on wealthy and corporations)

Prima Publishing  (conservative publication division of Random House)

Progress & Freedom Foundation  (Big Telecom lobbyist group)

Prudential  (Big Insurance)

Public Safety Systems  (War on Terror “airport security” company)

Republican Majority Coalition  (The Republican Party)

Republican National Committee  (The Republican Party leadership)

Natan Sharansky  (Top Israeli extremist, Likudists, ultra-nationalist and Zionist Leader)

Small Business Survival Committee  (Big Tobacco packaged to look like something else)

Southeastern Legal Foundation  (Legal arm of numerous right wing causes, a “flat earth” defender)

Starboard Response  (no information available)

Stevens & Schriefer  (Republican Party campaign advertising)

United Seniors Association  (Big Pharma lobby group)

University of Phoenix

USA Weekend   (publishing brand for conservative Gannet newspaper chain)

US Chamber of Commerce (Big Business/open immigration lobby group)

US English  (right wing anti-Hispanic lobby group)

Washington Times Foundation  (ultra-right wing scandal sheet of the Unification Church “Moonies”)

Westinghouse Corporation  (Big Defense)

The Winston Group  (right wing strategy and polling group)

WND Books  (World Net Daily, right wing extremist publications)

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