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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

 ”As more and more devout rural congregations across America were organized as political pressure groups, it didn’t take long for extremist doctrines to be imposed and for cheap, dirty politics to move onto the pulpit.”

Where to we start?  Do we try to clear up the mythologies, alright we can simply call them lies, about the “founding fathers?”  Hey, they were atheists!  These were men from “The Age of Reason.”  This meant they rejected all religion as superstition.  All this talk about Jefferson or Franklin being “theists” or trying to negotiate and “lawyer” some religion into the Constitution through the “back door” is simply pandering.

Divide and Conquer

All the talk about the constitution, federalism and America founded as a Christian state is a phony hustle, meant to play on one religion hating another.   As more and more devout rural congregations across America were organized as political pressure groups, it didn’t take long for extremist doctrines to be imposed and for cheap, dirty politics to move onto the pulpit.

Fear and hate have always been great political tools.  Richard Nixon helped hone these failings with the help of a young and bellicose Donald Rumsfeld and his “sidekick” Dick Cheney.  The “dynamic duo” of  the Watergate years became the cheerleaders for the post 9/11 phobias.  Where Nixon used class envy  to divide and conquer, the new game is religious hate.

It was easy to take this model global.  What had been a ploy to steal an election by Nixon became a political movement under Reagan and eventually a tool of global mayhem and endless wars.  Now it appears Israel has taken the helm with the total failure of any American political movement to remain out of Zionist political control. 

I have spent many meetings with Arabs and Israelis, chaired a few.  They are cordial, productive and never demonstrate any of the conflicts spoken of in the press.  People are people, business is buiness and intelligent and decent people of all religions hate the ignorant and destructive.

This is reality.

WRD’s, Weapons of Religious Destruction

Religion and religious wars had destroyed Europe as religion and religious wars are destroying the world today.  In America, in France, they saw it, pushed out the churches and the monarchs.  What we forget, what we lie about, is that established churches were part of a monarchical system.  The French Revolution was a revolution against, not just the monarchy but the Catholic Church which had impoverished the nation for centuries and led a holocaust of murder.

Religion had impeded civilization, science and human values and is doing so today more than ever.  Religion used to be flat earth.  Today it is “clean coal”  and tax cuts for billionaires.  Religious beliefs that used to follow “stupid” now chase bucks.

You don’t have to burn a Koran or hunt down Afghan villagers for sport to be a religious nutcase. 

Do we want to talk about the ethical argument?  “Why do you go to church?”

Without the bible, I wouldn’t know how to act, I would blaspheme, kill, have sex with children, steal….treat homosexuals with dignity, love all humans equally….”

If I’ve heard this once, I have heard it a thousand times.  Whenever a sex criminal that preys on children is caught, one of the first things logged into evidence is a bible.  It is always “dog-eared”….well used with lots of underlining.

We learn history for a reason, or we used to.  The French turned their churches into public toilets, barns, smashed statues, took the endless church lands in a frenzy of anger.  The people of France lived like animals for centuries because of religion.  Every state with an established church was the same, intolerance, brutality, massive taxation and it didn’t stop in the Middle Ages.  Over 50,000 people have come forward in the small nation of Ireland, sexually abused by the Church.  The Church ran the schools, it ran public welfare organizations, even ran much of the government and everything it touched was stained with violence, injustice and bigotry.

Religion and Superstition

Americans have no idea how few people in Western Europe are Christians.  A good guess is 10 to 15%.  All they have to do is look around them, every day, and see where history took place.  Religion was a nightmare for Europe, a holocaust that lasted centuries.  Their rejection of religion is them saying, “never again.”

With so much of the world’s religious disruption supposedly about the hatred between Judaism and Islam, lets get real here.  Most Israelis are atheists, most Jews are atheists.  We all know this and, frankly, this is what I like most about Jews, what I respect most.  These are educated people, scientists, thinkers.  If they can’t see it, touch it or prove it scientifically, legally, rationally, they don’t believe it.  You don’t get all those Nobel Prizes for talking to dead people and howling at the moon.

The issues between Israel and others, more the United States than any Muslim country, even Iran, is about money, always has been.  Jews were persecuted for two reasons, one tied to religious mythology written into what some call “gospels.”  A couple of minor points, it is impossible to prove in the remotest way that Jews were ever in Egypt for a minute and it is also even more impossible to learn anything about Christ, whether he was real or not or what he taught from reading gospels written for a “pagan” emperor, Constantine, and gleaned, edited and debauched by the Catholic Church.

This was 2000 years ago, Constantine was a monster, the church was corrupt and the Romans had become the most corrupt people on earth.  Saying anything else is silly.

The other reason Jews were persecuted was because of money.  There is history here, available to all.  Learn it.  It is still going on.  You will ask yourself, “Why didn’t they teach me this at school?”  Europe depended on money for wars.  Europe was in the business of murdering itself.  We called this “feudalism.”  It was the ‘dark ages.’  People wore armor and beat each other to death with hammers for amusement.  This was not a time to be proud of and certainly not a period to learn from.

Then again, Christianity, or what passed for it,  had a few minor faults.  The religion that Constantine personally designed, the one we have today, is a real piece of work.  Talk about fear of burning Korans.  The real fear is examining the roots of Christianity, how the Roman Empire excised everything of value and recreated a hierarchical religion of idolators and feudal warlords under the guise of Bishops, Cardinals and Popes.

These people burned every courageous and decent human they could get their hands on, burned them alive, and did so for centuries.  These were the Christians.  Religious conclaves that defined Christianity and selected which works were included in the bible were little more than political caucuses and the bible was seen as a party platform. 

Would you believe anything they told you?  The French and America’s founding fathers knew better.  Studies of early Christian history clearly show that a fabricated pagan religion repackaged to look something like Christianity, we will never know for sure, killed off the real followers of Christ.  The original Christians were hunted down like animals and killed, hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions.

They were called “heretics.”

 The real Christians weren’t into money and power enough for the Romans and had to go.  A church run by money hungry “bishops” and backed by military enforcers killed off Christianity.

Christians were hunted down and slaughtered until the 14th century with the last of them chased into the Pyrenees and burned alive by the hundreds.  This is the not so secret history of Christianity.  Next time you are in Southern France, drive the “Cathar Trail” and follow the last vestiges of Christianity as it fled the politicized state religion.  If you want to be a Christian, learn about your religion, the real Christianity and who the real martyrs were.

Louis XIV, the “Sun King” worked hard to erase the last vestige of Christianity from history.  It threatened his personal divinity.

This is why we learn history.

Today’s Circus

Today’s “flavor or the month” is Koran burning.  Nobody would care, you can burn pretty-much anything you want, here in the US, flags, bibles, anything.  The ACLU tells us that burning a Koran is a First Amendment right.  Tell me this, why is this such a big deal?  A Koran is not a holy book to a backwoods preacher in Florida, it is only paper.  We know what is going on, an idiot, and we have millions of them in America, is screaming for attention.

The only reason he is getting attention is because the media needs something to talk about.  Nobody is invading Iran, there is a news blackout on Gaza and Israel and nobody cares about Afghanistan.  We tried to get some news recently out of WikiLeaks.  When that didn’t work, poor Julian Assange was accused of rape, in Sweden no less.  Think about it.  If you can sell that one, you can sell anything.

Oh, I forgot, Pakistan is giving billions of dollars to the Taliban.  Last week, the Taliban was making billions selling drugs.  Now we hear they get it from Pakistan. 

Does Pakistan have billions to give?  I have been there.  Pakistan is broke.  Anything left lying around is stolen by politicians, they would take food out of a rat’s mouth.  Money from Pakistan?  Tell me another one.

What, exactly, would the “Taliban” do with money?  There are no stores.  They can’t travel.  They must be using it on the internet.  Have we checked to see if the Taliban is buying everything with Paypal?

With their billions of dollars of aid from Pakistan, what is it that the Taliban buys?  Do Taliban own things?  An AK 47 costs $50 bucks.  Since America “misplaced” 250,000 of them a couple of years ago, the only place you can sell one is at a gun show.  Everyone in Afghanistan is given one, nearly at birth.  A can opener is harder to find and more expensive.

Everyone else in the world has one. 

Do this, go to an ATM, take out a few hundred dollars, if you still have that much, and head off into the most remote area you can still afford to drive to.  Get out of the car, walk into the woods, desert, mountains.  Take the money out of your pocket and try to spend it.

Welcome to Afghanistan.

Some Things Don’t Make Any Sense

Let’s take a minute to discuss Islam and terrorism.  There wasn’t any terrorism until the Palestine stuff.  It started with the Jews against the British.  This is history, lied about, suppressed but more than available.  If Muslims were going to be angry at the west, it would have been about Britain, France and, later on, the United States, putting the “stooge” governments in place that enslaved them for decades.

They had been enslaved by the Turks for centuries anyway.  If you don’t know what that is about, rent Lawrence of Arabia.  It is a great film, David Lean was a super director.  It is history in a movie, watered down but somewhere to start from.

Learn history, please.  Ignorance is embarrassing.

Those governments that Israel loves telling the world are corrupt dictatorships were put in power by us.  They are as much our creation as Israel.  We did it all.  Do you think Jordan or Saudi Arabia were created by a “people’s” revolt or Islamic fundamentalists?

There is one of those, it is Iran and nobody, not Russia, not China, certainly not America or Israel wants them around.  Why?  Is it because they have crazy Islamic laws?

Hey, they cut people’s heads off every day in Saudi Arabia and nothing is said.  If Iran threatens to stone someone, it hits the papers around the world.  The whole thing is a game.  Iran stones people, Israel blows up hospitals full of sick people, Americans shoot people in Afghanistan just to watch them bleed.

They world is screwed up.  Funny thing, we hear all this but nobody ever threatens to fix any of it, they just love bitching about it.

What Are They Hiding?

Is this because two million Americans are sleeping in cars tonight because they have no homes?  Two million Americans are sleeping in prison cells tonight also.  Why is that?  Why so many?  For those of you living in America, have you noticed how short tempered people are getting?  Some think it is the anger and alienation Americans feel during elections when faced with the prospect of voting for candidates everyone hates.

Hey, this is how democracy works, live with it or change it.

Why are people angry?  Is it because they are broke, busted, no money, facing homelessness, starvation, no future?

Is the freakish sideshow, the religion game, hating homosexuals, burning Korans, imaginary terrorists, and the big spending Taliban, all entertainment to keep people from noticing that there is a real war.

There is real terrorism.  Terrorism is stealing the future.  The tool wasn’t bombs, it isn’t bombs, it isn’t guns or extremists.  The real terrorists own the newspapers, the television networks, the banks, the insurance companies, the hospitals, not just in America but all over the world.  They are the phone company, the internet, the oil companies.

The real terrorism is corporate culture and organized crime.  If you wonder why there are no candidates that talk about the real issues, why nothing is made in America, why corporations pay no taxes, why we fight war after war for no reason, the answer is simple.

Our government, along with Britain, Germany, Italy and so many others, are owned by corporations, banks, all slaves to a real international conspiracy that we call the “world economy.”  Al Capone would be ashamed of what we have done.  Who pulls the strings?

Figure it out for yourself.  It isn’t hard.  The first step is to turn off the television, the radio and to stop reading newspapers.  Then check your internet habits.  Are you reading websites like Newsmax or WorldNetDaily or FamilySecurityMatters?

Then, even your attempts to get around corporate brainwashing have been hijacked.

You won’t find the truth in a church, mosque or synagogue. You won’t find it easily.  It won’t make you feel better.  The truth is a process of admitting that everything you have learned may be and probably is a lie.  95% of the great mysteries of life I have solved have been me buying in on delusion, accepting one cartoon reality for another.

How do we fix this?  This is me trying.

View the original article at Veterans Today

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