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Karl Rove: Defender of Forever War and a Devastating National Debt

Kurt Nimmo
September 16, 2020

Former Nixon dirty trickster and Bush’s brain, Karl Rove, is miffed over Christine O’Donnell’s win in the Delaware primary. Appearing on Fox News with Sean Hannity, Rove depicted O’Donnell as suffering from paranoia and slammed her for taking two decades to pay off her student loans. Unlike Rove, who owns $2.5 million of real estate in D.C. and Florida, O’Donnell appears to be an average American of average means. Like an increasing number of average Americans, she was unable to pay her mortgage and had problems with the IRS. Political operatives of Rove’s class like Timothy Geithner and Tom Daschle rarely if ever experience tax and financial problems.

Rove is not specifically opposed to Ms. O’Donnell’s “nutty” personal life. He is opposed to average Americans who are not hand-picked members of the establishment and the ruling elite winning primary elections and replacing career politicians. Rove is concerned the Tea Party will oust a large number of Republicans along with Democrats in November. Karl Rove and the Republicans understand what the Tea Party represents and it frightens them. It represents the end to business as usual in the district of criminals. It means the people may actually wrestle control of the government away from transnational corporations and the banksters. If successful, it will mean real, sincere change, not Barry Obama change with Goldman Sachs minions in the White House and bankster lobbyists glutting the hall of Congress.

More and more Americans understand there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats, although operatives like Rove and teleprompter readers like Sean Hannity and his “conservative” ilk insist there is a wide ideological chasm between the parties. In fact, they are actually opposing sides of the same party, as insider Carroll Quigley noted a couple decades ago.

The sameness of the political class becomes manifestly obvious when one looks at the national debt. Republicans claim to back the Tea Party demand that the debt be addressed before the American people end up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered, as Thomas Jefferson warned. Establishment Republicans may pay lip service to the national debt owed to bankers and foreigners, but when the rubber meets the road they are spendaholics little different than their Democrat colleagues. George Bush jacked up the debt while in office — under his reign as Oval Office seat warmer it nearly doubled — and Republicans sold future generations down the river when they passed the $700 billion Medicare prescription drug “benefit,” actually another classic transfer of wealth. Republicans initiated the “bailout” of Wall Street at the behest of the bankers and the quasi-socialist scheme to save a non-competitive auto industry following the engineered economic collapse that began in 2008.

Republicans claim they are for rolling back income taxes. And yet House Minority Leader John Boehner said two days ago that he would support increasing the taxes of “rich” Americans earning over $250,000, that is if the Democrats support tax cuts for those making less than $250,000. Democrats think they need more time to game out their strategy, that is to say they will wait until after the mid-terms elections to decide average Americans are not entitled to keep the money they earn.

Republicans tell us they are for rolling back the size of government. They are taking a serious look at repealing Obamacare if they regain the House and Senate. They don’t mean it. Supporters of the growing Tea Party movement know Republicans cannot be trusted to live up to their wishy-washy election season promise to get rid of Obamacare and its authoritarian mandates. Establishment Republicans have attacked Tea Party candidates who have proposed gutting federal agencies and — most importantly — have called for the Federal Reserve to be audited and eventually dismantled. Republicans want to leave everything the way it is in Washington. They resent meddlesome Tea Party demands.

The real Tea Party — not the Borg hive imitation devised by the Republicans — has called for an end to the “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan. The real Tea Party follows the advice of George Washington in his farewell address. The first president cautioned against foreign entanglements. The party of the war criminal master mind Karl Rove does not want to avoid illegal and immoral entanglements, but expand them to Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Syria, and elsewhere in the name of unsustainable hegemony for the ruling elite, an effort that will certainly spell disaster for the nation and is engineered to do just that.

Christine O’Donnell won in Delaware in part because voters realized her opponent, Mike Castle, supported the globalist plan to cap and tax the American people. O’Donnell pointed out that Castle could be the deciding “climate” (tax and impoverish) vote in the lame-duck session of Congress. She promised to sink the scheme. “Castle is a big supporter of cap and trade,” O’Donnell told Fox News. “Nobody wants this bill. In this race, I am the only candidate who has pledged to not only vote against it but advocate against it. So people are looking at this as perhaps me being that filibuster vote.”

Karl Rove and the globalists are pushing for cap and tax, larger and more burdensome government, more intrusion by the state into personal affairs of citizens and small business, are angling for more taxes and staggering debt to be paid to the banksters, more destruction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, a larger and more asphyxiating police state surveillance and control grid, and interminable wars that offer no hope of resolution or honor, just an endless trail of body bags and flag-draped coffins.

Karl Rove the consummate insider does not dislike Christine O’Donnell because she is paranoid or because it took her two decades to pay off her student loans, as he snidely told Sean Hannity. He dislikes and loathes her because she represents political change in Washington — and that must be halted at all cost.

Worried about the federal debt and the risk of financial crisis? Get a free copy of the CBO Report Federal Debt and the Risk of a Fiscal Crisis from Midas Resources. Call 1-888-294-6187 to receive your free copy today. Also check out the Midas Resources educational video regarding the out of control National Debt and those responsible for it.

Kurt Nimmo edits He is the author of Another Day in the Empire: Life In Neoconservative America.

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