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The Age of Government Terror: Apocalypse Then And Now

The Excavator
Sept 19, 2010

On the day after 9/11 newspapers across the world published the most heart-dropping headlines in our lifetime. England’s Daily Mail wrote in big capital letters: “APOCALYPSE.” Was it over the top? At the time, yes, but, in retrospect, it was a fitting description of the fear-ridden world that the 9/11 attacks gave birth to; a world that matures at the expense of freedom, truth, peace, and justice.

I remember I was told by my homeroom teacher that two planes crashed into buildings in New York City, but I can’t recollect exactly how I felt when I first heard the news. A number of my classmates had relatives who lived in New York, but I didn’t feel any terror or fear when I heard news of the attacks, instead, what I felt was sadness, which quickly turned into sympathy for the injured and the dead. After my discovery that the attacks were an inside job in early 2004 I went into full blown panic mode, as everybody else does when they first wake up to the new and strange reality, and I am still in panic mode six years later.

Why am I, and millions of others in panic mode? Why do we not shut up about what happened on 9/11? The answer is simple: the official story is false. The Bush administration broke the law on a grand scale, lied to the whole world about the source and origins of the attacks, and then killed hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan and Iraq. A lot of people naively thought that the election of a new President in 2009 would automatically deliver to the world a new age of truth and justice,  but the Obama administration has not only avoided the road to accountability and reconciliation, it has tightened the noose on the truth about the 9/11 tragedy, and institutionalized the crimes of the Bush era. Rational and knowledgeable minds can only conclude that America was attacked from within, and that the criminal conspirators are still in charge.

America Was Attacked From Within: 9/11 Was Not An Outside Job In the cover of noble protectors of the social order, and able providers for the safety of the people, criminal insiders in the U.S. government betrayed the social contract with the American people on 9/11, and thereafter abused their good will and good name by starting illegal wars against innocent countries, enacting authoritarian legislation, stealing trillions of dollars from the people, and committing numerous crimes against humanity. The leaders of America’s shadow government, and others who were either involved or complicit in the attacks must be held accountable under the law. Every day that passes is a missed opportunity to correct a public myth, end the criminal wars, and bring justice to the victims.

Lance deHaven-Smith, a professor from Florida State University, looks at events like 9/11 through the framework of state crimes against democracy, which he describes as “concerted actions or inactions by public officials that are intended to weaken or subvert popular control of their government,” (1). In his article called, “When Political Crimes Are Inside Jobs: Detecting State Crimes Against Democracy,” that was published in September 2006 in the journal Administrative Theory & Praxis, Smith explains that there are weak protections in liberal democratic societies against criminal manipulation and subversion from actors within government. He writes:

“Citizens of the United States continue to be victimized by suspicious incidents that benefit top public officials, and yet Americans have no way of knowing whether the incidents are unavoidable events or, instead, crimes initiated or facilitated by the officials themselves. Recent examples include the election problems in 2000 and 2004; the defense failures on September 11, 2001 (9-11); the anthrax attacks on U.S. Senators a month later; and the series of terror alerts issued on the basis of flimsy evidence (Hall, 2005) in the lead-up to the 2004 presidential election. Some of these incidents were never investigated. Others were reviewed superficially. Even 9-11, which received the most thorough inquiry, was examined by government insiders who avoided asking whether 9-11 might have been an inside job (Griffin, 2005). Nonetheless, leaders used these events to justify restrictions on civil liberties, a new American militarism, and a policy, unprecedented for the United States, of preemptive war (Bacevich, 2005; Dean, 2004; Ivie, 2005). To be sure, many people in the U.S. and around the world believe that the Bush administration welcomed and may have somehow facilitated the events of 9-11, but such suspicions are merely another set of conspiracy theories that raise more questions than they answer.

To move beyond incident-specific theories of government plots, the SCAD policy science outlined in this article would draw on social scientific theories of liberal democracy for insights into the general phenomenon of state attacks on state democratic processes,” (2).

Smith says that democracies can toughen state and legal protections against criminal networks that operate within the government to covertly gain control through a few easy steps such as improving elections, providing protection for government whistleblowers, immediately convicting elected leaders if they commit crimes, and allowing objective parties (citizens, groups, international watchdogs) to investigate political crime scenes, sites of terrorist attacks, and the deaths of government officials. Smith:

“The practical consideration that should drive SCAD research and theorizing is SCAD prevention. SCAD patterning in the post-WWII era points to many policies that would make SCADs less likely even if the networks behind SCADs remain obscure. In general, incentives and opportunities for committing SCADs need to be identified and reduced or eliminated. Opportunities for political crimes that would affect military and defense policy arise mainly around elections for the presidency and the U.S. Senate. Hence special attention needs to be paid to protecting candidates against assassination, monitoring contacts between campaigns and foreign governments, holding election officials personally responsible for bias in election administration, and overturning elections when, for whatever reason, the results fail to reflect the voters’ intentions.

Similarly, incentives for committing SCADs can be reduced by making SCAD detection and conviction more likely. As it is, both investigations and convictions are rare because the government is usually compromised by partisan loyalties and other conflicts of interest. The individuals who are most likely to come across SCAD conspiracies are career civil servants, but the examples of Daniel Ellsberg and Joseph Wilson, both of whom suffered severe reprisals, show that protections for whistleblowers need to be strengthened and refined to accommodate
situations where corruption reaches the highest levels of government. Likewise, laws that pertain to government investigations of possible state crimes should mandate citizen juries and other mechanisms to foster objectivity. SCAD conviction rates can also be improved by requiring rigorous crime-scene processing and evidence inventorying for all assassinations, terrorist attacks, election disputes, and deaths of public officials in suicides and accidents,” (3).

If Smith’s suggestions are acted upon then we may yet preserve “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” in this century.

Septemberised: The Cult of Terror

Why do government officials decide to conspire, and attack their own people? Most do it to advance a political cause, and their vision for the world. But there are some that literally get a rush from watching scenes of mayhem, and chaos that they somehow had a hand in. They love acts of terror, it is a way to release their hate-filled energy unto the world. Joseph Campbell writes in his book “The Masks of God: Creative Mythology” about a hybrid magician named Terror-Joy (Bhairavananda) that appears in an Indian fable from the Hindu Panchatantra. If you breakdown the name you get “the exhilaration or bliss (ananda) of what is awesome or terrible (bhairava),” (4). Campbell writes:

“Terror,” Bhairava, is the cult-name of Shiva in his most terrific aspect, as the terrible destroyer of illusion, consort of the blood-curdling, blood-consuming black goddess Kali. Divinities of this furious kind, representing the dark, brutal, implacable aspects of nature and of human nature, befit people who are themselves dark, brutal, and passionate of heart. They are, in fact, the only gods that people of such temperament can truly recognize, credit, and respect. Hence–since the Bodhisattva, as we have said, assumes the form of his auditors when he teaches–the harsh, brutal traits of these fierce Hindu divinities and their equally terrible rites were taken over by the later Mahayana as means for their conversion of passionate men through the medium of their own passions into sages of a truly terrible wisdom: knowers through an experience (by reflection of the force of their own life zeal) of the monstrous thing that is life, which lives, in each of its beings, on the death and pain of all the rest,” (5).

When Dick Cheney appealed to America to turn to the dark side to gather intelligence about terrorists, and restrict their movement, he was speaking technically but also metaphorically. By operating in the dark the government can excuse itself from informing the public about crucial events and crimes, saying that such knowledge is a matter of national security, which ultimately puts the people in the dark about their past, present, and future. Like Cheney, Obama embraces the power of the dark side. Recently, Obama’s Justice Department ruled that withholding proof of torture is important to ensuring America’s security. Scott Horton wrote about the ruling in his article, “State Secrecy and Official Criminality”:

“The case, Mohamed v. Jeppesen Dataplan, involved claims by an individual that he was seized and then tortured in a proxy arrangement directed by the CIA. Jeppesen Dataplan was directly involved, restraining and transporting the victims with knowledge that they would be tortured; that knowledge is exhibited, for example, in briefings to the company’s employees. These facts were established beyond any reasonable doubt without the need to turn to classified information. Indeed, one of the most respected courts in the English-speaking world—the Court of Appeal in London–had already viewed the formidable evidence and demanded a criminal investigation, now pending. The British court concluded, just as the Ninth Circuit was legally obligated to do, that state-secrecy claims could not be used to block discovery of evidence of crimes.”

According to the Obama administration, leaking information to the American people about state crimes such as torture is akin to treason. The security of government officials is given a higher priority than the security of the American people. It is a big reversal from the “hope” and “change” campaign that propelled Barack Obama from nowhere to the White House.

An Enslaved World: Manufacturing Fear, Terrorism, And War

Professor Michel Chossudovsky writes in his new article, “Real Versus Fake Crises: Concealing The Risk of An All Out Nuclear War” that; “We are living history but at the same time we are unable to comprehend the events which shape our future and which are currently unfolding in front of our very eyes.” It is not at all over-dramatic to say that the world is held hostage by the criminal controllers of the United States government. The American government’s use of the “strategy of tension” which I write about in greater detail in my article, 9/11: State of EmergencyWin The War on Terror By Ending The “Strategy of Tension” is a very brilliant, and deadly method to induce fear in people. If we stay afraid of the ruthless abuse of power by the corrupt rulers of America and the Western world then they will continue to control humanity’s destiny, and be able take away all our liberties.

It is critical that we all denounce the use of fear for political gain. As Rev. Richard Skaff writes in his January 2010 article, “The Terror Card: Fear is the Key to Obedience”:

“Biblically speaking, fear was always used by the clergies to ensure that people would obey the rules that were allegedly bestowed by God upon humanity to avoid burning in hell. These rules were actually written by men to control the masses and to perpetuate the power of the religious leaders. As a result, telling the truth and challenging the establishment will only lead to ridicule, crucifixion, and death. 

Unfortunately, fear is the driving force and the main psychological component of terror. Fear incapacitates people and renders them impotent. Fear is conducive to regressive behaviors by responsible adults, where people become dependent on an illusory parent figure like the government or a corporation per example, in order to protect them from the evildoers. So they become willing to relinquish their most intimate and sacred rights in order to feel safe.”

A free mind can tell apart his enemy from his friend, good from evil, the truth from lies, and security from slavery. A slave cannot because he fears the wrong thing, believes the wrong thing, and follows the wrong road. So he marches with a fearful heart and an ignorant mind on the path to his slavery, and hell. What makes the journey comedic is that he firmly believes that he is walking into paradise, where he will be protected, fed, and taken care of. The Italian philosopher Giambattista Vico said in his book New Science; “By its nature, the human mind is indeterminate; hence, when man is sunk in ignorance, he makes himself the measure of the universe,” (6). It is easy to see understand why the modern slave thinks that anybody who questions the government’s version of the 9/11 attacks is a crazy, and irrational person; he believes he is free. And as the Colombian philosopher Nicolás Gómez Dávila said: “The freer man believes he is, the easier it is to indoctrinate him.”

The Dark Side of Intelligence Agencies

Intelligence agencies can be manipulated to be used as state instruments for covert government terrorism, and a legal avenue for political conspiracies against democracy. That’s not to say that intelligence agencies don’t have an important role to play in maintaining a country’s security. The majority of the men and women who work in the CIA, and NSA are patriots, but there lies at the inner core of these agencies a perverse group of criminals who are involved in rampant political corruption, state terrorism, high treason, and other mischief.

Andrew Gavin Marshall dissects the connection between Western intelligence agencies and terrorist networks such as Al Qaeda in his article “9/11 ANALYSIS: 9/11 and America’s Secret Terror Campaign, The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda, Part III.” Marshall writes:

“It must be looked at and addressed much more closely and critically; the role between the U.S. and other Western intelligence agencies to what is known as “al-Qaeda.” Given our historical understanding of al-Qaeda as a “database” of intelligence assets, which were recruited to fight the Afghan-Soviet war, and our more recent understanding of the relationships between various intelligence agencies historically and presently to these groups and individuals, does it not seem plausible that the operation of al-Qaeda as a covert branch of U.S. policy has continued? Certainly, more research needs to be undertaken, but what is clear is that any and all official investigations thus far have been nothing but concocted lies: that is, willful and intended deception, designed to hide the truth, not reveal it.”

It is often said that we live in a private bankster’s world, but so many people fail to comprehend this fact. The key element in the private bankster’s control of the world is state intelligence agencies, and private intelligence agencies. If we know the history of intelligence agencies, then we will have a better idea of their real purpose and role in this world. Allen Welsh Dulles, who served as the Director of the CIA from 1953-1961, says in his book “The Craft of Intelligence” that intelligence agencies were first developed by large banking families like the Rothschilds to help them gain knowledge of world-shaping events like wars so they could manipulate markets. It was only in the 20th century that national governments caught on to the war for information, but it was too late at that point, the war had already been won by individuals who have no loyalty to any government, or country. Dulles:

“One of the great intelligence services of the nineteenth century in Europe was that maintained not by a government but by a private firm, the banking house of Rothschild. There was a precedent for this in the activities of a much earlier banking family, the Fuggers of Augsburg in the sixteenth century, who built up a sizable financial empire, lending money to impoverished sovereigns and states, as did the Rothschilds later. That the Fuggers made few errors in the placement of their investments was in large measure a result of the excellent private intelligence they gathered. The Rothschilds, however, once they had attained a position of some power, benefited their clients as well as themselves by their superior intelligence-gathering abilities.

In promoting their employers’ financial interests from headquarters in Frankfurt-am-Main, London, Paris, Vienna and Naples, Rothschild agents were often able to gain vital intelligence before governments did. In 1815, while Europe awaited news of the Battle of Waterloo, Nathan Rothschild in London already knew that the British had been victorious. In order to make a financial killing, he then depressed the market by selling British Government securities; those who watched his every move in the market did likewise, concluding that Waterloo had been lost by the British and their allies. At the proper moment he bought back in at the low, and when the news was finally generally known, the value of government securities naturally soared,” (7).

Citizens who join state intelligence agencies tend to be young naive idealists who believe that they will be serving their country as career intelligence officers. But they quickly get indoctrinated, and brainwashed about ideas of patriotism and the greater good. It doesn’t take long for them to start believing in their own self-worth as intelligence officers, and that can be a a very bad thing because if contradictory information surfaces that shows that the work they’re involved in is harming the country, they instinctively deny it so as to maintain their self-worth, and sense of respect. Most intelligence officers are patriots, but they fail to see that the agency they work in currently serves an anti-democratic agenda. In a democracy ignorant patriots who work in government can be just as dangerous to individual liberty as informed traitors.

It would be great if there were more men and women in the CIA like Ray McGovern, and  David McMichael, who are part of a group called Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, and Bill Christison, who four years before his death in 2010 wrote an article in support of 9/11 truth called, “Stop Belittling the Theories About September 11.”

Restoring Truth, Freedom, Peace, and Justice

Our mission as activists, freedom fighters, and patriots is clear: inform our fellow citizens to the crimes against humanity, and the state crimes against democracy by the controllers of the United States government. Knowledge is power. And the truth is an amazing force for good. A symphony of facts can overpower an orchestra of lies if citizens are allowed to hear both.

We must continue to press for the truth, and never avoid the hard labor that is involved. The facts about 9/11 will eventually come out. It is a matter of time. The media in Europe, and in other parts of the world is beginning to cover 9/11 truth. Germany’s weekly business magazine, “Focus Money” recently published a special, 8-page story. The Tehran Times republished an article by journalist Eric Margolis called, “9/11: The mother of all coincidences.” It will take a paradigm shift in America before the U.S. media objectively reports about 9/11 truth, but such a shift is not that far away, we are reaching the tipping point. Stay hopeful, and stay determined. Better days are ahead.

1. Smith, Lance deHaven. 2006. When Political Crimes Are Inside Jobs: Detecting State Crimes Against Democracy. Administrative Theory & Praxis. 28 (3): 330-355. Pg. 333.
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