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The Demise of OUR Country is on Borrowed Time Unless YOU Help Save It! Here’s How

The demise of America is on borrowed time and the end game could be dire unless YOU do something about it. Congress is a tool of special interests not OURS! As such, WE, as citizens, must become proactive if WE are to protect OUR financial future – by solving the Washington debt and tyranny problems and preventing foreign nations and/or creditors from forcing OUR country into bankruptcy and collapse! [What can YOU do to help? Read on!] Words: 2971

Lorimer Wilson, editor of, provides below further reformatted and edited [..] excerpts from the Ron Holland’s original article* as it appeared in for the sake of clarity and brevity to ensure a fast and easy read. (Please note that this paragraph must be included in any article reposting to avoid copyright infringement.) Holland goes on to say:

To that end would you like:
a) to participate in a peaceful, legitimate political action which could roll back the last 100 years of government growth and national debt along with the hated federal income tax and the Fed?
b) to force Washington to return to a strong dollar policy and allow real currency competition to escape the near total destruction of the dollar now worth only 5 cents of the 1913 dollar?
c) to require the President to seek a Declaration of War and get the states and citizens behind any new military incursion, invasion or bombing?
d) to become informed of some sound economic reasons why OUR United states should restore the Articles of Confederation as the legitimate central government of the U.S.?

Congress is a Tool of Special Interests Not OURS!
Most experts agree Washington’s national debt and unfunded liabilities are a ticking time bomb toward national bankruptcy and dollar collapse. Why should we let Washington’s global creditors or our nation’s enemies decide when to move against us? This could result in a massive confiscation of private wealth due to hyperinflation leaving the vast majority of productive Americans penniless and subsisting on increasingly worthless government handouts but only if they behave and vote correctly. [Please refer to the following article for more insights on this situation:]

We all know that Congress, regardless of Democrat or Republican control, is now only a tool of special interests that have taken over our government and now direct it primarily to increase their wealth, corporate profits and market share and power. Congress is increasingly irrelevant in controling Washington or making foreign policy as this course is also charted by these interests and carried out by the President who now is only a pretender and front man to promote their agenda.

Today, the best legitimate solution to Washington tyranny is the right of nullification as presented so well in Tom Woods’ new book, “Nullification”.  Should this fail, however, there is another alternative to secession from the Washington Empire and the restoration of state sovereignty and a limited, debt-free central government under America’s first government established by our founding fathers, i.e. The Articles of Confederation.

WE Must Become Proactive in Solving the Washington Debt and Tyranny Problems!
The American Dream and patriot vision of our founding fathers does not have to end this way. If an individual has cancer, the medical solution is often to remove the cancerous tumor and surrounding tissue to prevent the cancer from killing the patient followed by radiation and chemo to prevent the resurgence of the cancer. In business, when a company is heading toward bankruptcy there is corporate restructuring where the bad assets and liabilities are kept in the old corporate structure while profitable sectors and productive assets are moved to a new profitable debt-free structure. Americans today need to consider how to get rid of OUR current failing federal government and OUR massive debts.

As a nation and a people WE must become proactive in solving the Washington debt and tyranny problems rather than wait until they grab our wealth to stay in power and keep their Fed money machine afloat for a while longer. I for one have no interest in waiting for my remaining wealth and liberties to be pulled under by Washington as our politicians flail around like a drowning victim pulling all the rest of us down with them.

When nations face bankruptcy and are unable to rollover their government debt, the first thing to go is often the currency due to hyperinflation but this isn’t the end of the debacle but rather the beginning. The politicians and central bankers first try to shore up their control and hang on to the gravy train for a while longer by confiscating more wealth when possible and allowing the hyperinflation to push taxes to the top brackets. Finally only when the population has lost their savings and property and when government pensions and safety net programs are rendered meaningless by hyperinflation does the last terminal stage take place. [Please refer to the following article for more insights on this situation:]

Foreign Nations And/Or Creditors Could Force OUR Country Into Bankruptcy and Collapse!
At the end, foreign nations and creditors move to seize any remaining assets of value and the country collapses into a lawless period of violence and plunder as hungry people who have spent their lives on handouts and government employment take what is left. One only has to look recently at Zimbabwe or Russia in 1998 under Yeltsin after the collapse of the Soviet Union to see what can happen. An example more appropriate for the United States might be the German Weimar republic following World War One and observe the massive illegitimate debt load forced on them by the Treaty of Versailles and hyperinflation to see a worst case scenario on what can happen here in national bankruptcy. [Please read the following article that maintains that the USA can not avoid hyperinflation:]

Far closer to home, read our own history of Reconstruction in the conquered Confederate States of America to see what happens when legitimate government, the rule of law and order and vengeance by former enemies place the full weight of jack boots and revenge on a people and conquered nation unable to defend themselves. I fear this is the future for the United States but it doesn’t have to happen.

The Problems WE, As Citizens, Must Overcome or Else!
1. The Washington federal government can never pay off the massive $100 trillion plus national debt and unfunded liabilities the politicians of both parties have placed on this and future generations. Contrary to what the monetary and media elites claim, very little of this debt has gone to benefit productive citizens in the private sector. Sadly the fruits of our productive labors and entrepreneurship have been stolen by high taxes to build voting constituencies of parasitic tax-feeding bureaucrats and others who seldom deliver needed government programs and services.

2. The hundreds of thousands of forms, rules and regulations have strangled the U.S. economy with make-work government employment. After funding the necessary voting groups to support the vested interests of both political parties, the difference between revenue and expenses are borrowed. This tremendous debt load has been used to benefit and generate profits and increase market share for favored industries, unions and squandered in military aggression to benefit the Anglo-American interests and cartels fronting for a few wealthy families and banking elites.

3. In many instances, state and local municipalities have followed the same corrupt path to debt destruction and bankruptcy with even more immediate negative results as they are unable to create fiat currency as does the Washington federal government. In future years as the greatest and longest recession/depression in American history continues, these bankrupt state and local governments along with their bloated tax-feeding bureaucracies will be increasingly bailed out and funded by the federal government thus dramatically increasing the federal debt levels.

4. In conclusion, the Washington national debt and future unfunded liabilities have been created to support favored industries which will in the coming years be bailed out and survive only by federal life support with our wealth just like Wall Street, the bankers and the automobile industry and unions have been subsidized with the bailouts to date. In other words, Wall Street and the banking elites together with their dollar-destroying and debt-addicted buddies at the Federal Reserve along with less than useless government bureaucracies have destroyed the economic future of our nation.

The Demise of OUR Country is on Borrowed Time and the End-game Could be Dire!
The coming national bankruptcy and a worldwide run from U.S. treasury debt and the terminal dollar will be delayed as Washington bureaucrats, congress and regulatory agencies will seek to continue their parasitic existence. They will also bankrupt most private Americans as confiscatory tax rates and hidden confiscation plans buy them more time as they use the remaining wealth of private Americans to continue the Greatest American Ponzi Scheme. [See a previous article that explains this in more detail:]

As our private wealth and assets are confiscated for the duration of the economic crisis at what will be the highest effective income tax rates in American history by the greatest transfer and theft of private wealth in the history of the world, eventually our wealth will be stolen and we will be a nation of paupers. Imagine a new VAT tax on steroids, the wealthy and middle class means tested out of Social Security benefits combined with extra taxes and confiscatory penalties on your retirement funds outside of what they can force into becoming the buyer-of-last-resort for collapsing Treasury bonds. [Here again is another article that sets out what the future possibilites are in that regard:]

After our wealth is confiscated and spent to hold the Treasury market together while the monetary and political insiders sell, then the parasite feeding frenzy will finally end. Then and only then will Washington together with Wall Street make sure the remaining Treasury debt and unfunded liabilities will be wiped clean with hyperinflation of the dollar combined with selective national debt repudiation. [See:]

Three Questions WE Need To Ask
1. a) Why should WE, as freedom-loving Americans, allow an illegitimate group of wealthy elites and their control of the federal government, the conventional media and an unconstitutional central bank that created the problems continue?
b) They have already made obscene profits at our expense so why should they in the end benefit from OUR economic loss and get away with this gigantic theft when there is a peaceful and democratic way out of this coming nightmare?

2. Ultimately all government debt levels such as ours are in the final analysis cleaned off the books eventually by government default and hyperinflation of the currency. Therefore why should WE go down with the pirates who captured and stole the American ship of state from the citizens of America?

3. Why should WE wait passively for personal bankruptcy and wealth confiscation at the hands of Washington when WE can restore the real American Dream at a time decided by us and safeguard OUR wealth by possibly even the threat of a viable political effort which has been done many times in history.

How WE Can Protect OUR Financial Future
1. How can WE replace the massive national debt of the Washington federal government with a new debt-free national government where taxes and necessary government services and programs are handled more efficiently and appropriately at the individual state level?

2. How do WE restore our nation where the unique personal, religious and morality needs of specific states, regions and subsections are met instead of a national standard that meets no objectives?

3. How can WE rebuild a strong currency with competition that will preserve the purchasing power of Americans? There are 6 steps WE should take, namely:
Step One: Remove OUR wealth and savings from the dollar and U.S. regulatory environment and jurisdiction by buying gold, gold stocks and stronger foreign currencies in Switzerland, Asia and other more free market nations and jurisdictions. [See:]

Step Two: Since the Washington federal government is the indebted failing entity, it is time to take the same steps a failing corporation would do in our situation something along the lines of General Motors, Merrill Lynch etc., i.e. move the good assets and useful and productive brands into a new corporation and leave the failing operations, deadwood assets and unproductive employees in the existing entity or the present structure and allow or force it to declare bankruptcy. In other words, WE should force the Washington federal government to declare bankruptcy on terms which will help safeguard and protect the wealth of productive Americans in the private sector before…(Go here to continue reading article. No registration is required. It is a direct link.)

* (This article also appears on

Editor’s Note:
– The above article consists of reformatted edited excerpts from the original for the sake of brevity, clarity and to ensure a fast and easy read. The author’s views and conclusions are unaltered.
Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

View the original article at Veterans Today

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