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UPDATE NO 2: Evacuate H-Bomb Factory Areas Now



(San Francisco) – The rugged forested area around the Russian and former USSR H-Bomb factory caught fire this summer (2010) and is still burning.

The heavily forested inhabited area around a US H-Bomb factory in Colorado caught on fire later in the summer of 2010, it still smolders.

Radioactivity estimates are difficult to obtain, knowledgeable sources place the Mayak fires to be in an area 15 times more contaminated than the 1986 Chernobyl disaster when Reactor No 4 exploded. Recently, a French Court refused to grant a physicists’ association request for access to air quality data.

Mayak Bomb factories in the Ukraine and Rocky Flats in Colorado in the US have a lot in common. Both are Top Secret Highly Classified government installations. Mayak and the nearby Russian towns are infamous as “secret nuclear towns.”

H-Bomb Areas in Russia and the US Burn

H-Bomb Areas in Russia and the US Burn

The Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant and the town of Boulder, Colorado are, after the US government fashion – “hidden in plain sight.” Same difference. They are the same thing. What they did there is Secret. Dead and Buried? No, not quite.

Together, the lethal factories produced about 30,000 Global Thermonuclear Weapons apiece for a total of about 60,000 H-Bombs. Each country was a Super Power and the nuclear targeteers, senior military and political leaders knew only about 300 nukes are necessary for targeting purposes. For their own special reasons, political purposes and crony industrialism, capitalist and Commie alike, the Superpowers built 59,400 “extra” global thermonuclear weapons.

During the Cold War, by “coincidence”.

Like myself, few, if any of you probably have much use for the glib explanation of “just a coincidence” when it comes to global thermonuclear weapons or much of anything else, either.

  • In 1957, the Mayak, USSR H-Bomb factory suffers a raft of unexplained industrial accidents, spills and releases of highly poisonous radioactive metals and gases. Reportedly, at least 200,000 people are killed or injured.
  • In 1957, the Rocky Flats, Colorado, US H-Bomb factory suffers a raft of 22 unexplained industrial accidents, fires, spills and releases of radioactive metals and gases. The events are hidden in plain sight by an obliging, complicit, Good ole Boy corporate media.
  • In 2010, the Mayak H-Bomb factory areas suffer months of giant fires that re-suspend an estimated 241 Million Lethal Doses of radioactive metals to contaminate people, animals and plants.
  • In 2010, Rocky Flats H-Bomb factory area suffers through forest fires that re-suspend Hundreds of Millions of Lethal Doses of radioactive metals from the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant.

In both so-called “Super Power” countries radioactive clean up and notification of sickened and dying radiation poisoning victims is forgotten in the mad frenzy to get back to manufacturing more Global Thermonuclear Weapons.

Rules are Made to be Broken.

Politically appointed bureaucrats crawl all over the International Atomic Energy Agency, the IAEA, and they all know how the game is played.  They make pretty sounding “Rules” and “Guidelines” all the time with weakened “standards” because the major nuclear powers want it that way.

One of these pretend exercises that offers plenty of opportunities for long conferences at the world’s finest vacation spas and resorts is the periodic review of danger levels, “acceptable” radiation levels [there are none] and exclusion zones. Everyone knows they are just pretend and for public consumption and propaganda purposes only. Nothing is real, it is all just a vast, insipid, meaningless series of opportunities for a free brunch.

Even these weak and toothless standards and rules are not invoked to benefit the public’s health at what turns out to be National Sacrifice Zones. The radioactive disaster areas such as: Mayak, Chernobyl and Rocky Flats are perfectly and ideally suited as thousands of square miles or kilometers of Exclusion Zone.

Mutant from H-Bomb making areas

A mutant from radioactive areas plays music.

There is a Catch 22 here. If the bomb making areas were declared Exclusion Zones, the crazy bomb makers could not go back to work and ply their cataclysmic trade for decades, could they?

There is nothing official except kinda, sorta, maybe at Chernobyl, because it exploded and was all over the “news,” even as officials downplayed the reality as it was going on. But, the still and forever radioactive metal at Chernobyl that can be carried off and sold for scrap is stolen and gone; millions of pounds or kilograms, disappeared into utensils, bicycles and other consumer goods or weapons all over the world.

What is the target?

There is no grand geo-political design here in this nuclear nightmare.  The politicians can tap dance around it and lie with a straight face all they want to; nothing changes the target. These are truly the criminally insane Psychopaths among us who have fucked around with these immensely powerful weapons for sixty-five years and actually managed to kill us all – for all time. There is no escape, no treatment and no cure.

The targets are not Parliaments, Legislatures or Kings. Noooo, the target is much more personal and individual. They are targeting your gonads, guys, your Balls! And the women, too, your Eggs are fried! Those are the targets, the human Germ Cells.

Don’t be easily distracted by the giant Booms and huge detonations. Even in the big Atomic Bombs, the radioactive material you see going up, does not go to the Moon! No, and that H-bomb created radiation is still filtering down from the blue skies above.

There is more of it when it rains, too. According to reputable and knowledgeable atomic physicists only about 20% of the H-Bomb radiation has filtered back to Earth so far; 80% is still in the sky. It is all coming back to mutant-ize and sterilize the earth even more. The radioactive material is all deadly poison, there can be no other outcome. It is a done deal. Enjoy your friends, and family if you have one; humanity is fucked.

Like it or not, this involuntary population control measure is by the most well planned and most lethal armed force in the world today – the US Army –  and You are all “signed up.” As Victim, Period.

The Notes are an integral part of the article. Include when distributing. CopyRight by Bob Nichols 2010. Feel free to distribute with attribution and Notes.

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