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Hungary is a Failed State. Over. Extinct.

(San Francisco) Hungary’s been abused for centuries and survived. Never before have the abusers gone after the most defenseless – the unborn and babies with hammer and tongs.

Hungary is a failed state, pushed to extinction; the men’s sperm killed off and the women’s germ cells fried as the next generation, as yet unborn, is killed in the womb. They never even had a chance.

Hungary and toxic red mud

Hungary and toxic red mud

Radiologically exterminated by pitiful, cowardly “war fighters” like the American President George Bush and their own Hungarian crony capitalists/politicians – Sonderkommandos all.

These cowardly  creatures would push their own families into Nazi ovens for a “shower” with the rat poison Zyklon B, and smile at the Nazi executioners all the time. Their pay, however, is extinction; Sonders never learn.

Dying Hungary’s Latest Disaster.

A little after noon on Oct 4, 2010, 810 acre feet or 35.3 Million Gallons of toxic red sludge from decades of refining bauxite into aluminum at the Hungarian Aluminum Co flooded with a 6 ft wall of poisonous red mud the nearby towns of Kolontár, Devecser and Somlóvásárhely along the Torna creek.

Nine people were killed and 120 seriously chemically burned as the mud spread out over 15 square miles. It moved slowly down the Torna Creek to the Danube River 45 miles (76 km) away. The manager of the plant, the billionaire owner’s son, spent three days in the slammer and was subsequently released for “lack of evidence.”

Frantic government Emergency workers poured thousands of tons of plaster and ascetic acid into the water to try to lower the telltale PH before it hit the Danube River.

The Hungarian Water Regulation Authority estimated Tuesday, Oct 5, it would take the sludge about five days to reach the Danube, one of Europe’s key waterways. From Hungary, the Danube flows through Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova before emptying into the Black Sea.

The Danube is 1,775 miles (2,850 kilometers) long and is Europe’s second largest river. It provides water for communities and factories downstream. Many water intakes would shut down from the high PH. The government cover up of the extremely high PH of 13 will enable complicit officials downstream to use the water by testing for PH only and give it to their communities anyway.

The water is still poisoned. The Association Internationale pour la Protection contre les Rayons Ionisants, AIPRI in Italy reports the following poisons and radiological materials are in the red sludge:

  • Arsenic – 55 tonnes, A Lethal Dose is 200 milligrams, there were 275 million potentially lethal doses discharged.
  • Antimony – 20 tonnes
  • Chromium – 330 tonnes,
  • Mercury – 650 kg
  • Nickel – 135 tonnes
  • Cadmium – 3.5 tonnes
  • Uranium 238 – 13.5 tonnes
  • Uranium 235 –  About 86 kg
  • Thorium 232 – 37 tonnes

These chemical and radiological poisons will dry out and turn into a finely  divided poisonous dust as the wind moves over Central Europe.

Shock and Awe with Uranium Munitions.

President George Bush’s Shock and Awe radioactive dust cloud was picked up on high volume air filters surrounding the AWE, or Atomic Weapons Establishment, in Aldermaston, England nine days after the bombing began with uranium munitions in Baghdad, Iraq. Presumably Hungary was on the transit route.

Humans breathe about seventeen times a minute, on average. Whatever fine dust particles are in the air, radioactive poisons or not, we breathe those in, too. Individual humans have not developed any way to detect and avoid radioactive dust. Governments may know of radiological dangers; but, seldom tell residents.

Chernobyl, Mayak dust is still in the air.

The No 4 reactor at Chernobyl blew up on 26 April 1986. Russians still believe that US Intelligence Agencies had a hand in the disaster. Hungary got its share of the reactor core. The effect on fertility was immediate and profound.

About 30 years before Chernobyl a far larger radioactive disaster occurred at  the the USSR H-Bomb factory complex at Mayak. The Plutonium 239 fires and “accidents” were numerous and disastrous. Hungary got its share of the air borne radioactive poisons from Mayak.

Fertility plummets. Extinction looms for Hungary.

As a result of these big disasters and innumerable small ones involving long lived environmental poisons, the Hungarian territory is contaminated. The effect on men’s sperm and women’s egg cells is cumulative and irreversible. As a result, the number of children successfully conceived, brought to full term inside the mother and born alive has plummeted.

This is expressed in statistics as the Number of Children born to each Woman in a population. Two children born to each woman is enough to replace the parents. Three kids or more and the total population grows. Less than two kids and the population shrinks. Hungary’s Total Fertility Rate, or TFR, for the past ten years from CIA statistics is:

YearTotal fertility rate )

Many experts feel that this is a slow moving extinction for the Hungarians. They cannot recover from this.

What does this Mean?

The vampire traders at the pirate bank Goldman Sachs may look at the Hungarian poisonings as a buying opportunity for another castle or two, and I say let them and say Good Riddance. Chemical poisons like Arsenic fade away with time. The radioactive poisons double in their ferocity in the first 600,000 years.

The Hungarian people are poisoned and will die off. The land is contaminated and will kill anyone who dares inhabit Hungary in Central Europe. This will not change. The smart and able Hungarians will leave; the old and infirm will stay. And so it goes.

Copyright 2010 – Bob Nichols. Feel free to distribute with attribution and Notes. Sources and Notes are an integral part of the article. Include when distributing.

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