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Do the world the favour buy silver and crash JP Morgan!

By Dark Politricks

Max Keiser has launched a viral campaign called “Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver” which aims to bring down one of the major financial players who helped cause the recent world-wide financial collapse by getting as many people as possible to buy and take delivery of as many silver coins as possible which will expose JP Morgan’s massive short positions in the silver market, drive up the price of silver and hopefully bankrupt JP Morgan in the process!

Not only did this Goliath of the financial world help to destroy the economies of countries all round the world, it is now making enormous profits and paying out ridiculously large bonuses to the same people who risked our futures to make a fast buck. So remember that whilst the average man and woman in the street are now suffering the consequences of their risky actions they are carrying on as if nothing had happened. Doesn’t seem right does it, that one of the biggest banksters in the world is carrying on making bucket loads of money whilst we are suffering austerity measures, job losses and increasing prices.

Max Keiser’s idea is quite simple and is related to the fact that JP Morgan is heavily involved in the naked short selling of Silver and this position is massively exposed and just waiting to be taken advantage of by a campaign such as this.

We can all help bring this major player in the derivatives market to its knees by buying as much physical silver as possible in the form of silver coins or other silver products. Not only will all this activity drive up the price of silver it could help defeat one of the major evil financial corporations of our modern time.

So do the world the favour buy silver and crash JP Morgan!

Buy Silver and Crash JP Morgan is an idea by Max Keiser to help bring JP Morgan to it’s knees by exposing it’s naked shorts on the Silver market. So do the world a favour and help destroy JP Morgan by buying silver coins and other silver products.

For UK customers interested in buying silver coins for delivery check out these links:

Chances like this don’t come around very often and the Internet is the perfect tool to spread the word and gather momentum behind such a brilliant campaign so if you haven’t done already spread this information to as many people as possible.

Remember that individually we are nothing but together we are the strongest army imaginable and we have JP Morgan in our sites so if you care about the state of the world economy whether you are a Libertarian, Socialist or Tea Party activist then take this golden opportunity to earn yourself a tidy sum whilst at the same time ridding the world of one of the greatest bankster organisations ever known.

So do yourself and the world a massive favour and help crash JP Morgan by buying as much silver as you can.

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  1. Puck T. Smith says

    In the last two weeks I’ve bought 100 silver bullets.

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