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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

This last week, President Obama ended any hope in American forces every leaving Afghanistan, pushing the timetable to 2014 and beyond.  The situation on the ground in Afghanistan may or may not justify this but President Obama isn’t a wingnut for what he did, but why he did it.  If you ask him, and nobody will, he will tell you that Afghanistan is where the 9/11 hijackers were trained and the attacks were staged from, attacks led by Osama bin Laden.

This makes President Obama a “wingnut.”

If another military or intelligence official, American, British, Pakistani or even Israeli, has to “leak” to the press one more time that Osama bin Laden has been dead forever, even his bones may be dust now, and that even the biggest “wingnut” terrorist wouldn’t be so stupid as to “train,” whatever that means, in Afghanistan, the nastiest place on earth…..

Take a hint, move on with life, the man is dead, invent someone else to turn out phony threats and amusing audio tapes.

When America “elected” (we aren’t so sure this happened anymore) “the decider,” a seemingly affable bungler, card carrying sociopath, “on again/off again” drunk and addict and his “Darth Vader” assistant, it left its gonads and common sense home in a dresser drawer and began a decade of lapping up wild conspiracy theories andchasing imaginary “boogeymen.”  In reality, “wingnut” America was heading for a “fleecing” like no sheep in history had received, at the hands of petty criminals and gangsters, bible toting con men so laughable that the world has looked on in dismay, all except Britain, of course, a nation easily as dumb as America or worse.

Ever see the BBC News or check out a London tabloid?  I rest my case.

Back in America,”wingnuts” had taken over everywhere, they ran the Federal Reserve, they took over our defense and intelligence services, they have always been the FBI, ever since J Edgar Hoover tried on his first dress.  Americans sat around and watched the kids they never would have played with as children, the “mamas boys” and “wimps,” the sneak thieves and snitches become “leaders of the free world” and, worst of all, phony  heroes.

Rudy Giuliani.  Proof enough?

Today, we are saddled with Barak Obama, clearly a man of some intellect whose beliefs, whatever those might be, are clearly rooted somewhere outside the asteroid belt.  Of course, surrounded by a Washington establishment, wingnuts all, who guide his every thought and looking across an American landscape that has to appear, even to “wingnut Obama” as dangerously maladjusted, what can we expect?

What would happen if a “Negro” president came out and told white people they were all bonkers?  I wait, almost pray for this every day.

The real Barak Obama is never going to do this, despite the race hatred millions of Americans are seething with, and can barely contain, Obama is not what they fear he is, and, thus, not what America needs him to be.  When it came time to dance “whitey” off to jail, Bush, Cheney, Rove, Gonzales, Rumsfeld, DeLay, Boehner, Ashcroft, Pearle, Zelikow and the 5 total maniacs on the Supreme Court, totalitarian extremists all, he did nothing.

Other Americans, those who oppose Obama are nearly as bad.  9/11 happened in 2001 and, from “day one” had a smell about it.  By January 2002, almost nine years ago, most basic constitutional rights had been suspended in America.  Search and seizure protections were gone, every phone could be wiretapped, millions were and still are.  The right to face your accuser in a court of law, right to counsel, those constitutional rights disappeared.

Due process, another constitutional right went away as did prohibitions on “cruel and unusual punishment.”  When the government set up “free speech zones,” they eliminated our constitutional rights to gather, protest and petition.  The constitution only applied to some people in some places at some times.  These things were done, supposedly, to protect Americans from dangerous terrorists, a threat more and more Americans are now learning was manufactured here at home by the government itself, the same way Hitler did it in Germany.

2.5 million Americans are in prison today.  That is enough to fill Auschwitz 125 times.  Do we really know who the American government is locking up?  With rights suspended, we can’t trust the reasons and with no free press, we can never know.  Never, even under British rule, have Americans had so few rights.

These aren’t minor rights but are the basis for American society, the things that define democracy, the real spirit behind the national anthem, the flag, the pledge of allegiance and all those other things that give Americans a feeling of pride.  The Constitution of the United States of America was, officially, suspended nine years ago and replaced with a series of decrees that are slowly being overturned by courts, where courts still exist.  The ‘checks and balances” are gone, the Bill of Rights, line by line, discarded, separation of church and state certainly obliterated, everything the Founding Fathers built, flushed away by a generation of weaklings and moral cowards.

Not everyone knew but many knew, many know and too few care.  Imagine, how do you define “wingnuts” in such a situation?  America is a police state, a dictatorship, just like all the others, the same rules apply.  The term “wingnut” was originally created to label anyone who stood against what can’t be called anything but evil.  It was easier and cheaper to discredit than to kill.  Not everyone could be sent to Bulgaria to be tortured and not every American flies in small planes that seem to conveniently crash so often.

Only so many members of the press can go the way of Helen Thomas or Dan Rather, eventually the “Don Bolles (McCain)  Steve Kanga (Bush)  Mike Connell (Rove) Vince Foster (Clinton)” solution is used or, as with the Israelis, they simply drive a bulldozer over the problem (Rachel Corrie) or 4 bullets to the head (Furgan Dogan).

You don’t know these names?  You would if you had a free press.  If you had a free press, they would all still be alive, these and thousands more.

Imagine a nation, the rulers of the land, sea and air, a nation whose children are groped and strip searched in airports, a nation willing to follow a semi-literate pit bull known to be a puppet of Wall Street and Tel Aviv.  Imagine an entire nation of people who do little but call each other “wingnuts.”

Are they ALL correct?

In America, the real “wingnuts” have always been the press, where failed “everything” goes when it starts to smell enough.  It it is on TV and getting paid, chances are it belongs in a mental hospital.  Glenn Beck?  Rush Limbaugh?  Sean Hannity?  Bill O’Reilly?  Jon Stewart?

I rest my case.

This fact is hidden from some, even still, because the free press, guaranteed by the first amendment is gone and the government is still moving further, introducing laws to limit speech even more, censorship of almost any idea that doesn’t agree with “wingnut”reality, how the losers and golfers in Washington DC see the world.

In 2006, the American government suspended habeas corpus.  To those who don’t know law or latin for that matter, this might not seem like a big deal.  What it means is that all rights of any kind no longer exist because the state can now decide who is or is not a person at all, the basic right to petition a court for rights disappeared.

Not long after that, the Supreme Court gave corporations the same rights that were taken away from people.  Defining a corporation as a person, the court allowed billions, yes, that much, to be paid out in bribes during elections.  The problem with this, the problem that defines, not only the court as “wingnuts” but those who let this happen quietly and even supported it, is that the rights corporations have, people don’t.  Nobody is torturing, imprisoning or murdering corporations.

Yes, that’s right, the state now believes it can kill any American citizen, break into their homes at night, haul them anywhere in the world, torture them or assassinate them, based on, not a warrant, no document or process of any kind, but an order from someone appointed by, well…..we aren’t sure.  In fact, we are no longer sure how many of these orders come from within the United States at all anymore.  How could we, we have a wingnut president, a wingnut court, wingnut press, wingnut congress, wingnut police, a wingnut military.

We even have a political movement that, in the name of “restoring” the constitution, actually supports making things worse.  Of course, this is a group that watched the constitution disappear in 2002 but woke up to the fact, just “all of a sudden like” in 2009, seven full years later, when an African American president took office.  These are the worst “wingnuts” of all and the most dangerous.

View the original article at Veterans Today

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