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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

The internet is not a reliable place for information, in fact, it can be almost as bad as television or a college education.  The internet has also become more dangerous than most guess. The internet now breeds zombies, yes, the brain eating, stench ridden living dead.  Perhaps this is the internet’s highest purpose.

Years ago, it was “Nigerian scams” and identity theft.  Two decades of progress has made all but the dumbest clucks unwilling to put their financial lives on a “spoof” website from a bank they never heard of or to send their life savings to finance the delivery of lottery winnings.

The initial worries were violent fringe groups, supremacists, terrorists or religious extremists.  Today, those groups are either found to have never existed at all, most of them anyway or have been superseded by something far worse.  The internet is about mind control, pure and simple, billions of dollars a year is spent to load the net with sites that suck in the frightened and dissatisfied and pour out disinformation.

The result has been armies of zombies.  Not all of them look like zombies, many do for sure, but not all.

The problem is telling the difference.  How do you know who to believe?  Why is “”Veterans Today” different from “Family Security Matters?”  Why should someone believe “Infowars” or “Rense” and not the Washington Times or “Townhall?”

The answer is simple, common sense, and, thus, beyond human grasp.  If a website tells you what you want to hear, a consistent banging drum, always on message, be suspicious.  If a cursory look leads you to “think tanks” or billionaire badguys, you know the type, monorails, jumpsuits, laser satellites, the “Goldfinger” gang, run like hell.

Knowledge has become a hunger, not knowledge for truth, not so much, but hunger for a “fix,” hate and fear, a hunger for the taste of human flesh.

Before the internet, cable TV began chipping away at reality.  New history, not answerable to a university, began to find entertainment value in exposing the lies and misinformation we call history.  Almost everything on the History Channels or Military History was considered wild conspiracy theory 30 years ago.

What you see on TV, carefully documented as only TV can, would have gotten a university professor fired and chased off campus not that long ago.  This means, of course, that generations of Americans were lied to and our institutions of higher learning were little more than propaganda agencies.



Imagine yourself watching a football game.  A pass is caught in the end zone but the ref”s hands never signal “touchdown.”  Instead, he calls the ball back to the line of scrimmage.  When the coach runs onto the field, he is immediately arrested.  The TV screen goes blank for a second and you see a short film of a girl claiming the split end who caught the pass had given her drugs and raped her.

You then look at the bottom of the screen and the score, 14/7 in favor of the home team with 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter now says 28/3 visitors and you hear the 2 minute warning, suddenly the game is almost over.

Later you are told the sponsors set up a commission, two of the ref’s quit, one was killed in a plane crash and that the game had never happened at all, the 85,000 spectators were all some place else.

This is the world the internet is planning to deliver to us, one we have seen before, one we hoped we would live to see the end of.  It ain’t happening.


Some people think Abe Foxman is g-d’s chosen, mostly Foxman himself I admit, and others see him as the great satan.  It is his job to spin all information into hatred of Muslims and to hide certain unpleasant aspects of the Judean religion and Israeli policy from the world.  Failure to hide such things had two thousand years of repercussions.

As much as perceptions of Israel are seen as the primary motivation for internet censorship, it isn’t that simple.  What many don’t see is how the internet is used, not so much to protect Jews but victimize them, band them together with a feeling of continual fear, a “siege mentality.”  When blaming the ADL or other groups that are censoring search engines and destroying Wikipedia,  much of what is really happening is a reflection of the American experience when the phony terms “liberal” and “conservative” were created.

Israel is beset with imaginary Antisemites, once very real but gone from the world for 30 years or more.  The world found other people to hate, Zionists were let off the hook.  Now Zionists are just like everyone else.  They have to fear each other.  Welcome  to that world.  Welcome to “zombie central.”

The “liberal” and “conservative” thing is worse.  It is aimed at America and its real aim is civil war, not between regions or classes but clouding the judgement of everyday Americans, causing them to hate their country, their government and each other.

The game?  Simple.  Impoverishment and slavery at the hands of a feudal ruling class, hiding behind religion, phony politics, terror fears, class envy, racism, lots and lots of racism, more each day and a life free of intellectual honesty, cultural value and social responsibility.

Americans are being bred back into the trees, turned into animals and the internet is now the primary tool, “more bang for the buck.”

Where else can you send out an email claiming that medical care for children is “socialism” and have people who wouldn’t know “socialism” from “spiritualism” send it to everyone they know, that and donate money to boot?  What are those selling these ideas really after?  Were more Americans to use a bit of disciplined intellect, it would be easy to figure out that war profiteers, white slavers, drug barons, financial criminals and dullard weaklings are now some of the most respected men in America.

Sound severe?  We know Bill Clinton was “serviced” in the White House.  We suspect Chandra Levy may have gotten too close to Dick Cheney.  Do you suspect that at least two recent American presidents were pedophiles?  The story came out a few years ago and was buried in an almost childish coverup.  Read some of it here. Do your own search, while you can.

Then imagine that things got worse and that this story was only the tip of the iceberg.  Then remember, these are the people who tell you, “Mission Accomplished” and send your kids to war, pay hundreds of billions to their friends, your money, once at least.

These are the guys who explain 9/11 and bin Laden to you.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they couldn’t be trusted with a goldfish, much less our government.

We just elected more of the same with, I can only hope, one or two real “mavericks” in the group.  How will you be able to tell?  It will be easy, they will die mysteriously.


“They” take your money.  They kill your children.  What is worse than this?

“They” have created a false reality that have turned millions of “us” into monsters.  Americans now hate freedom, love torture, openly advocate racism, religious persecution and will look away from any crime, organ theft, child prostitution or murder, if TV networks can put the right “spin” on it or simply choose not to report it.

Not caring is a crime.  Not caring that we don’t care is worse.  Nothing can be as bad as this and the internet is now a major tool in turning America into a nation of sociopaths, people without remorse or conscience.


The most dangerous thing of all has been the marketing of inhumanity under the guise of “neo-conservatism.”  Time to simply stop lying.  Neo-conservatism is the simple marriage of racism, ignorance, anger and fear.

Moronic pundits and criminal sociopaths in government, all wealthy beyond measure, paid off by a criminal elite they live to defend created the neo-conservative movement as they created Christian Zionism and the “war on terror.”

The people around us who buy in on this, the fear, the racism, the hate, will never be cured.  You can’t talk to them, in fact, most of the world thinks all Americans are like this, ignorant, bigoted, and terrified to the point of being a danger to themselves or others.

It ain’t just the French that think this.

Why do you think our campaigns are like they are?  If you listened to the ads, continual lies, deception, childish, ignorant, insulting and let them influence you, well, you probably didn’t get this far in the article anyway.  My hope is that you hate me.


This is what those who “get it” call the others, zombies, the walking dead.  A zombie is someone that thinks Sarah Palin is a genius.  A zombie believes waterboarding protects America.

A zombie believes newspapers and watches Fox News.

Millions of Americans live in total frustration believing that zombies can be returned to normal life, healed somehow.  I don’t write for them, I certainly don’t try to reach them.  The “undead” are an American reality.  They are an unspoken national shame.

The zombies have been the death of America.  We could survive war, bad government and economic depravity.  We can’t survive mindless flesh eating vermin walking among us, quoting bumper sticker homilies.

The belief “they” have is that the internet can make us all the “undead.”  There is a “they” who live in walled communities, a life of yachts, country clubs, Swiss bank accounts and the delusion that “they” are the Masters of the Universe.

“They” don’t know they are the worst of the zombies, no matter how long “they’ stay alive on monkey glands, HGH, botox and sex slaves.

Oh, you didn’t know?  This is how “they” life.  Can you imagine how “they’ think?  Look at the world around you.  It is of “their” making, “they” and their army of zombies, the ones you will be seeing all day, every day.

The ones who make you skin crawl…

And the internet is breeding more and more.

View the original article at Veterans Today

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