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Just to set the record straight

By Dark Politricks

I just happened to stumble across a site in which the author had decided to write a post about how my site was a leftist anti-semitic refuge because I posted articles from Veterans Today and Prison Planet. I am also apparently an Obama supporter!

His evidence (or lack of it) for this lies in the fact that I re-posted a Raw Story article on the recent Colbert / Daily show rally to restore sanity in which it said the numbers who attended exceeded those of Glenn Becks recent rally to restore fear and ignorance.

Now just to set the record straight to the author of the pro-Israeli anti-Islamic site in question and anyone else who cannot be bothered to research anything properly before jumping to conclusions or shouting their mouths off. The following points regarding me and my site should be read first so that an accurate description of my political and moral leanings can be crafted when formulating your next pathetic attack.

1. Anything on this site that does not have MY name on it (like this article) was not written by myself and therefore trying to associate my own beliefs to those of others just because a news story or article appears on this site is wrong. In fact it would be like calling the owner of Google a holocaust denier because Google links to Stormfront.

2. If you can find anything I have personally written that supports Obama or is anti-semitic then fine, link to it and blog away. However you really need to explain your reasoning behind any slurs because criticising Israel for their ultra nationalist policies, contempt for international law and attacks on civilians is NOT anti-semitic in any sense of the term.

Saying that all Jews are X, Y or Z would be and I have never ever attacked anyone for their religion apart from the basic argument that anyone who follows any kind of organised religion needs some form of psychiatric help but being Jewish does not mean you have to support Israel so the two are not linked.

However we all know that reason and logic are left at the door when it comes to Israel can do no wrong supporters. Before shouting anything containing the word “anti”  you should first read some of my other articles that attack the foreign policies of numerous other countries including my own so that you don’t feel that I am unduly targeting Israel in some way as it is just one of many countries that are heading on the wrong path into the 21st century.

3. The reason I import and display articles from many other sites is because this site is dedicated to the following topics and ideals and the content from sites such as Prison Planet or Veterans Today is generally based around these topics:

  • Pro Civil Liberties
  • Pro Free Speech
  • Anti High Tech Survellience State
  • Anti Political Corruption of all forms and flavours
  • Anti War and Pro Peace
  • Pro Middle East Peace which means (in my opinion) that only a one state democratic secular nation would be a viable solution to the current horror that is called the Israeli Palestinian peace process.
  • Anti Police State, anti police abuse of citizens and totally against the militarisation of the police forces.
  • Anti State Crimes which includes running stories on historical events that have been disputed, covered up or ignored.

If articles are imported that are off topic then unless I spot them and feel they are irrelevant to the site then they stay up. The majority of articles imported from those sites however are on topic and attacking Israel, the USA, the UK or any other country because of their foreign policy is definitely a topic I am willing to cover.

As for my support of Obama, well I am from the UK so I didn’t vote for him. Yes I was happy that the US elected their first black president but I knew well before the election that he would just continue the same pro war, anti civil liberties and big government policies of the Bush presidency and events have proven me right in this regard.

Am I a leftist as opposed to a rightist? Well anyone who knows a little more than fuck all realises that the false left right paradigm is just a means to divide and conquer and that both the Democrats and Republicans are just different sides of the same coin. Therefore I am guessing the author of the article knows less than fuck and chooses to immerse himself within this phony world for his own anti-Islamic reasons.

As I live in the UK I unfortunaltey don’t get to engage in the comical punch and judy show that has Republican supporters label Democrats as Socialists and Liberals as if somewhow the worst idea in the world was to actually care about other people instead of only caring about how much tax you pay.

Do I consider myself a liberal? Yes of course I do and I am proud to do so. I also have ample command of the English language to understand that the word Liberal has no relation to the word Socialist or Communist.

Being a true liberal means being pro individual choice and pro liberty as opposed to the state dictating how you should live. It means being open minded to new ideas and wanting to improve our lot in life rather than believing the 19th century and the industrial revolution was the peak of mankind’s evolution. If that somehow makes me a Communist then I have clearly been reading the wrong books on political science and the A grade I got in my sociology A level was a complete waste of time!

However if you want to see what I actually believe in you can view this link where you will see that I am pro free market, pro universal health care, pro political reform and pro individual rights. If you think this makes me a leftist Obama supporter then so be it but you would be hard pushed to find anything with my name on it that actually endorses him or his policies.

Am I anti-semitic? No and that term seems to have lost any true meaning as it is lobbed around so much by pro-Israeli supporters that it has lost all meaning. Being anti-Israeli is not the same as being anti-semitic and I wrote as much in one of my earlier articles.

I am however in total agreement that Israel as it stands today with its increasingly nationalistic government is more of a danger to world peace than Iran has been in the last 20 years. This is not to say that Iran or militant Islam poses no danger to the world just that the danger is as equal to the level of danger posed by any ultra nationalistic or religious fundamentalism. That also that includes Muslims,  End Times Christians or those that believe they have the right to remove people from their land just because they belong to a religion that tells them the land is theirs.

If your actions are determined by the voices heard in other peoples heads then the road to carnage and despair is a short one and unfortunately organised religions of all forms fall into the category of fairy tales believed by fuck wits.

I don’t care if that offends anyone but if you take the Bible, Koran or Torah as a literal truth rather than a book of allegories and stories to aid those without any internal moral compass then you are no different than a 40 year old man who still believes in the tooth fairy or Santa Clause.

How can it possibly be right that if I chose to put the time and effort in to converting to Judaism that once converted under Israel’s law of return I can be given an Israeli passport and then move to a country I have never been to or have any link to?

Why is it okay for me to live a comfortable life on land that has been taken from families who have lived there for hundreds of years and who now exist in crumbling ghettoes, refugee camps and the open aired prison that is called Gaza? In what world is that moral and just?

No it’s not right at all and it’s not racist in any way to point that out and if you do believe it’s racist then no form of logic or reason will persuade you otherwise.

The only idiots that would say this is racist are those that are happy to believe because of their skin colour, nationality or religion they are superior to Palestinians or other Muslims or anyone else and that they don’t deserve the same treatment or rights that they enjoy. The accusation of anti-semite is usually no more than a deflective tactic to hide ones own anti-islamic attitudes and both accusations are just slurs thrown about when the facts are too scary to be debated openly.

Here is quick poll to help such idiots understand my own moral compass when it comes to Islam versus Judaism.

Is organised religion a crock of shit? Yes.

Is Islam better than Judaism? No they are both equal in that they are both offshoots of the same nonsense.

Is Iran a country run by Islamic fundemenalists? Yes.

Is Israel a country run by Jewish fundamentalists? Sure looks like it. Any country that marks it’s citizens religion on their passport, fills it’s army up with zealots or ask its citizens to swear oaths of allegiance to its religious nature is fundamentalist and not secular in nature.

Would I like to live in Iran or Israel? No.

Should women be forced to cover up? No.

Should theives have their hands chopped off and adulterous stoned to death? No.

Are terrorists bad people. Yes.

Are intelligence agencies that aid or enable terrorists for political purposes bad people. Yes.

Do I want Iran to get nukes? No

Do they have the right to nukes? Possibly. It is hypocritical for us to decide who can and cannot have these weapons and I would prefer that we gave up our nukes rather than let everyone have their own.

Do they have a right to nuclear power? Yes.

Is it hypocritical for us to tell Iran they cannot have nukes but allow Israel to have a couple hundred? Yes.

Is Israel stirring up trouble and pushing for the US to start another war in the middle east. Yes.

Is it wrong for Hamas to fire rockets indiscrimitley into Israeli neighbourhoods at civilians. Yes.

Is it wrong for Israel to blockade Gaza and punish the whole territory for electing Hamas into power in an election the west pushed for? Yes.

Is it wrong for Israel to run a quasi apartheid state in which Israeli Arabs are treated as 2nd class citizens. Yes.

Is the current government pushing Israel down the road to facism with the introduction of laws that mean Palestinians who have had their homes and land stolen forced to swear allegience to Israel as a Jewish state. Yes.

Was Israel wrong to board the Mavi Marmara in international waters and kill 9 people? Yes.

Has Israel been engaged in terrorism and false flag activities since it’s inception. Yes, history is full of examples from the King David Hotel bombings to the Lavon Affair and Operation Trojan.

Are the actions of the state of Israel helping to increase levels of anti-semitism around the world. Most definitley.

Is all the above legitimate criticism of Israel as opposed to anti-semitism? Yes and if not please explain to me why not.

Hopefully that will help identify my true feelings on a number of issues and just to clarify another point mentioned in the aforementioned article, yes I do like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

It seems sad that politicians are so untrusted at the moment that a pair of comedians can command such respect but satire has always been the sharpest pin against political ego and they are doing a great job filling in where politicians have been lacking.

So please nutters of all persuasions please at least get your terminology correct and at least link to articles I have personally written next time you attack me. There are surely enough of them out there!

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