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More Pretend Enemies for the Killing

(San Francisco) – US Government backed and CIA “advised” so-called “news” distributors all faithfully kinda, sorta reported on the latest fake uranium bomb making material Scam in a breathless “Exclusive” story by Julian Borger out of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia in Central Europe.

The amount supposedly involved was 18 grams, or 0.634931 oz, enough to assay with a mass spectrometer outfitted with a rare geology kit to identify varieties of uranium. All of which was supposedly identified in a secret trial in Georgia earlier this year.

The third man in the story of the secret trial did the same thing a few years ago and only spent two years in jail. What happened to the Death Penalty or Life at Hard Labor in Prison? Is he just a one trick con man or what?

These million dollar mass spec machines don’t grow on trees and running bomb grade U235 through one is guaranteed to garner lots of official interest. Unless it has been “cleared” and approved ahead of time, of course. Kinda like an Approved Fire Drill in an elementary school.

One fake US election is over so it is not to soon to start on the next FEAR campaign the good ole Psychopathic advertising executives at CIA run in the New York Times, the Guardian in the UK and other major, meaning big, world wide propaganda sources.

Why a Fear campaign? It’s simple, really. Scared people vote Stupid. Just look at the incredible results of the recently concluded CIA Fear campaign fake election in the States.

Nuclear Terrorism Profits are Huge

All of which is a government organized cover up for the serious nuke weapons traffickers like the current and recent Prime Ministers of England and the latest run of Presidents and VPs of the United States, along with South Africa and Israel.

The English, South Africans and Israelis have been allegedly buying and selling the same three or four big nuclear weapons for years now, over and over again, to finance elections and all manner of parties at remote estates in the English countryside.

Bulldog investigator, never-leave-a-stone-unturned, Gordon Duff at VeteransToday website  regularly pierces and sees through the high level machinations of the rich western playboys and politicians. The Asian nuclear wars are really good for the Arms Business, the only real growth industry in depression ridden America, other than prisons and cowboy banking.

All this nuclear intrigue and mish-mash feeds the insatiable demand of filthy rich American arms makers for more money for every kind of weapon known. Fake CIA led “Nuclear Disarmament” groups of fuzzy thinking, dumbed down lib-er-als in the US and England just eat this stuff up.

Brain-dead, they can see only exactly what their Pentagon/CIA controllers send them in beautiful four color glossies of big megaton American nuclear weapons. These fake “protest” groups are purposefully utterly blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to the nasty small nuclear munitions and small nuclear weapons used by American Expeditionary Forces in Central and Western Asia.

Ignorance and colossal stupidity rule in America with these frightened, piss-ant, make stupid so as to-not-ask-why the leukemia rate in Central Asia exceeds anything seen before. Duhhh…. C-130 gunships don’t do slow flyovers pissing high energy leukemia producing fast neutrons over these hellish areas of Asia.

Noooo …. big time, high energy, cancer producing neutrons come from “usable” and plausibly deniable small nuclear weapons being used in Iraq today. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put that together.

Pretty, Pretty Cancer Bomb

Let’s take another look at the high tech 258 lb JDAMd Flying Cancer Bomb. I was stunned by how “pretty” this technological marvel actually is. Back when I used to build these things, bombs were just plain old big, dumb and ugly with green or grey paint.

This bomb is a work of art. Why are the engineers so proud of this utterly deadly product of the Air Force Research Labs and the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab? It even has a racing stripe on the sales demo model. And, just look at those dramatic soot laden clouds!

6 ft long 258 lbs deadly Cancer Bomb-Defense Industry Daily

6 ft long 258 lbs deadly Cancer Bomb-Defense Industry Daily

We know that muscle Cancer – a fast, aggressive, killing Cancer is guaranteed within 100% of the targeted civilian population. The Air Force Research Lab can gather together the nanometer length heavy metal pieces for a lot of cancers.

“What did the Livermore Nuke Lab bring to the table?”

During the 1990s the people who were in the know about physics in the San Francisco Bay Area and the two Nuclear Weapons Labs in the Area were all buzzing about 4th Generation nuclear weapons and neutron weapons.

The neutron bombs claim to fame was that they did not destroy buildings, only humans and other life forms. Even the Pope dude of the Roman Catholic Church reportedly thought that was a good idea. Different strokes for different folks, I guess, eh?

The Livermore Lab was supposed have a usable 4th Gen nuke weapon in about the year 2000. Then everything went Dark on 4th Gen nukes in 2000.

Is this what the Livermore Lab brought to the table in the bomb project with the Air Force? If so, the D-T nukes could be miniaturized and placed inside the pretty GBU-39. Why not?

Generally with the Livermore Lab, certified smart guys, though – just Psychos, that’s all. If you can say it, the Lab can probably do it. And yea, these animals do need a  tighter leash.

A Deuterium-Tritium (D-T) nuke weapon disgorging a spray of high energy fast neutrons at 17.3  MeV (Million Electron Volt) energies inside that heavy metal mist would produce molecules of Cobalt 60. Co 60, finely divided, carries a Lethality Index of a whopping 7 Million people killed per gram .

That is pretty stout stuff. Maybe Livermore brought to the table a handy-dandy spray of high energy neutrons made up “on the spot,” so to speak, for inclusion inside the GBU-39 Cancer Bomb. Kind of a binary nuke poison gas bomb. Awwww, that sounds awful Pretty, doesn’t it?

It is sure a whole lot more plausible than a couple of European Union losers peddling 0.63 oz of the classic fission isotope – Uranium 235 in a backwater like Tbilisi, Georgia in Central Europe.
Copyright 2010 – Bob Nichols. Feel free to distribute with attribution and Notes. Sources and Notes are an integral part of the article. Include when distributing. Your Comments are your Comments and are in the public domain.


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View the original article at Veterans Today

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