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Dark Politricks 2010 End of Year Review

By Dark Politricks

As another depressing year comes to a close and I sit here wondering what the point of it all is I thought I would write a little review of what I think have been the major talking points and politrickery from 2010.

2010 has been the year that:

Israel went too far and a lot more of the world for the first time sat up and realised that just maybe it isn’t the pluralistic democratic free society that it keeps claiming to be. The pirate like attack on the high seas of the Mavi Marmara that saw 9 flotilla activists murdered showed the world a number of things:

  • It showed how little regard Israel has for international law in that it believes it can invade Turkish boats in international waters, kill a load of people and pay no consequences what so ever. It has gotten away with so much for so long that it feels that it can basically stick two fingers up to the world. Hypocrisy is too subtle a word for Israeli conduct that includes being able to assassinate a 19 year old photographer, Furkan Dogan, with five bullet wounds, to the face, head, back,thorax, left leg and foot. All of the entry wounds were on the back of his body which means he was basically murdered and it was not an act of self defence by the IDF.
  • This murder of an American, which was caught on camera, showed yet again how the tail wags the dog in terms of America and Israel relationship. If this act of piracy in international waters had been committed by any other country apart from Israel the US would have been outraged. If the act had been committed by Iran or Syria we would probably be at war right now. Yet all we heard from US politicians of all colours and the nightly TV talk shows that are usually so quick to jump to attack mode was silence and excuses for Israel’s behaviour.
  • This apologetic stance by the world media showed yet another clear example of why in the 21st century the bought and paid for TV stations, broadsheets and tabloid press is an outdated mechanism when it comes to getting fair and balanced reporting on topics of international importance. Whilst the blogosphere was up in arms providing reporting, analysis and opposing points of view the main stream media was busy repeating Israeli Hasbara and IDF propoganda including the now debunked “go back to Aushwitz” and “remember 9.11” video which had been doctored and offered as “proof” of the anti-semitic terrorist nature of the Flotilla.

The Flotilla incident wasn’t the only one that brought Israel to the forefront of international news. We had the Mossad hit in Dubai in which stolen British passports were used by a hit team sent to assassinate a Hamas leader. The failed attempt at peace talks initiated by Obama in which we had the demeaning sight of the USA basically begging Israel to give peace one more try only to be rebutted at every turn. Even the bribe of billions of dollars worth of high tech armoury and stealth bombers for a piddly 90 day freeze on settlement building wasn’t enough to bring Israel back to the talking table.

Behind the scenes the Israelis and their paid for shills in Congress were demanding the release of the traitor and spy Johnathan Pollard who had sold American nuclear secrets to Israel who then passed them to the USSR as well as revealing the identities of a number of agents who were then executed. Israel treats this criminal as some kind of uber hero and demands his release at every possible opportunity. At least there is some kind of line the Americans are not prepared to cross when it comes to showing their subservience to Israel.

Alongside all this with had the usual trickery and pro war propaganda from the pro Israeli lobby which is intent on using its powers to start another war with Iran and remove Hezbollah from south Lebonon. Not only have we had preposterous stories of Bin Laden hiding out in Irans mountains (why not combine two bogeymen together) we have had the Stuxnet virus attack on Irans nuclear facilities and the assassination of Iranian scientists in broad daylight by bomb wielding motorbike riders.

Talking of intelligence agency shenanigans and conspiracies or their proper title of State Crimes against the people, 2010 was I feel the year that 9.11 Truth went mainstream in a big way. It was also the year in which a lot of the claims people in the 9.11 movement have been making for years and called tin foil hat wearing loons for doing so were proved right.

Not only has the excellent Architects and Engineers for 9.11 Truth taken their in depth analysis of the collapse of the Twin Towers on the road and appeared on TV stations across the USA they held a brilliant light show on this years anniversary of the event in which they shone a huge light into the New York City skyline to remind people about the 3rd Tower that fell that day WTC-7.

This is the 47 storey tower that wasn’t hit by any plane and still collapsed into its own footprint on the afternoon of 9.11. The NIST report into this buildings collapse took a number of years and when published put the blame down to a progressive fire induced collapse caused by thermal expansion which caused a single column to weaken and buckle which in turn collapsed the building.

This theory has been extensively debunked and unfortunately for NIST is not backed up by the events witnessed on the day. It has been over 9 years since the collapse of WTC-7 and the investigators put in charge of explaining this unique event to the world has still not managed to produce a convincing explanation for why building seven fell at speeds indistinguishable from freefall for 2.4 seconds. This just does not happen in natural fire induced building collapses and even though NIST have admitted that freefall did occur they have decided the only way to explain it is to just ignore it and hope it goes away. 2010 is the year that WTC-7 refused to go away.

2010 is also the year that freedom of information requests led to the release of previously unseen videos and audio recordings from New York on 9.11 that prove that secondary explosions did occur throughout the day in the World Trade Centre and that many reliable witnesses including first responders, fire men and journalists all experienced them.

2010 is also the year that 911 Truth broke through into the lame stream media. FOX News, the last refuge of the Bush government can do no wrong crowd even started discussing the possibility that 9.11 could have been an inside job with both Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera both doing segments discussing this possibility. More and more celebrities, ex military, politicians and people of influence around the world spoke out about 9.11 and who can forget the sight of the US delegation and its allies at the UN walking out when Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave his speech outlining quite legitimately and correctly the various possible explanations behind those tragic events.

Whilst much of the mainstream media still tries to promote the official story by doing documentaries based on straw man arguments and proof by omission yet again the alternative media has led the charge. The increasing strength of the web to distribute and promote #altnews has led to an increased crackdown on the net and free speech in general. 2010 was the year we saw the idea of an internet kill switch being proposed supposedly to combat the threat of cyber terrorism but in reality a legislative sledge hammer designed to crack a potentially troublesome nut.

It is in this context of online security threats that we can see the WikiLeaks episode being used as the perfect excuse to introduce far reaching and potentially life changing internet regulation by those who would rather we only read official government approved news sources. Whether WikiLeaks is as some claim a clever game of double bluff to promote certain foreign policy objectives or not it is clear that the most recent leaks are being used by the right wing fear lobby to increase pressure towards some form of crackdown on the web.

Whether this comes in the form of a “licence” to blog as proposed earlier this year at Davos or a journalistic permit as some would like it seems that there is a push towards more regulation of the internet. The Federal Trade Commissions working paper on reinventing journalism made it very clear that they see alternative news sites as a threat and rather than trying to modernise and open up the old media they would rather limit the new by constraining it in red tape, laws and “proprietary facts”. That’s right we are heading down the road where a “fact” can be owned and you maybe charged for reporting on said fact without permission.

It seems that the alternative media is having far too much influence for those in powers liking and this has been the year in which it finally shook off images of nerds in basements tweeting about wizards and warlocks and started punching above its weight.

Closer to home 2010 was the year that the UK saw it’s first post war coalition government between the Tories and the Lib Dem’s and for the first time in a very long time no-one can say they got the government they actually voted for. In a marriage between Liberals and Neo Cons we have ended up with a shaky consensus in which the primary shared goal is to reduce the deficit by reducing spending and increasing taxes.

In the great financial debarcle in which the banksters sold all our futures down the river for a fat Christmas bonus the debate centers around who’s fault was it and who has to pay for it. At the moment most people in the UK agree it wasn’t the fault of school teachers, nurses, policemen, students and most workers in the public or private sector. We all know who caused the banks to over leverage themselves, gamble on the biggest bookies in town like drunk sailors and then spunk the pensions and investments of grannies all round the country on worthless securitized mortgage investments and their tenth Ferrari however we are expected to pay for their mistakes.

Whilst government advisers like Phillip Green manage to avoid paying tax on over a billion quid the poorest people in society are being squeesed like never before. Benefits are being cut, jobs in the public sector lost like never before and at the same time taxes on everything are going up. No longer do people protest about fuel being 90p a litre as we did a few years back with go slows and fuel blockades. No we have forgotten all that as we pay over £1.20 at the pump, and as VAT is about to rise to 20% in a couple of days and as inflation remains above it’s desired level we can all expect a huge increase in the cost of living in a potential re-run of Thatchers nightmare from the 80’s.

The people of Europe are starting to get angry and rightly so. It remains to be seen whether the people of the USA match the anger already being seen in streets from Athens to London but 2011 is set to be a year filled with demonstrations, riots and dissent.

All the righteous anger felt by many across the world will undoubtedly be used as another excuse by our corrupt governments to ramp up their police state apparatus and engage in well practised acts of brutality against their citizens. When the money runs out and people are looking for someone to blame the government will resort to them against us tactics and we will see a rise in the “enemy within” meme as domestic terrorist cells, patsies and unknowing dupes are uncovered one by one in an attempt to foster some kind of them against us solidarity.

The war on terror has already been used as the perfect pretext to fight wars across the globe and increase draconian measures at home and this is only going to continue to get worse in the current economic climate. It seems that the USA is already a de-facto police state in all but name and George Bush seems to have been right when he famously claimed that the constitution was nothing more than a piece of paper. It is pretty clear from the Patriot Act, Warrantless Wiretaps, Torture and indefinite detention what kind of paper he was referring to and it’s a great shame that one of the greatest experiments in freedom and liberty has come to such an end so quickly.

It makes me wonder whether our own rationalists and philosophical leaders of the Age of Reason were thinking ahead when they chose not to append our own constitution to paper. It’s a lot harder to get upset about something being decimated and destroyed when you can’t picture it in the first place. However Americans have no such excuse and it can surely not be too much longer before push comes to shove and the average Joe gets fed up with all the naked body scanning, forced blood letting, illegal spying and all the rest.

Whilst 2010 has been a great year for the online alternative media it has been a poor one for personal freedom and civil liberties. It is clear from the events I have mentioned that the power elites are still firmly in control of the puppet strings and the one upside is that with the internet becoming more and more the primary source of information and news for many fed up citizens, more and more people are becoming aware of just how rigged this game of life is against them. Hopefully 2011 will be the year that worm finally turns.

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