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Towards Universal and Permanent Peace on Earth

Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
Friday, December 10, 2010

“What is the hardest thing of all?
That which seems the easiest
For your eyes to see,
That which lies before your eyes.” – Goethe

“War, or preparation for war, is not a policy: it is a confession of bankruptcy by the resources of the human mind.” – English writer Vera Brittain, who served as a nurse in WWI, from her essay “Why I Stand For Peace”

“Any intelligent undergraduate, interpreting the past in the light of recent happenings, would probably arrive at the conclusion that our entry into the war was a blunder. . . My generation was betrayed, swindled, exploited and decimated by its elders in 1914.” – English writer Douglas Goldring, who joined the British Army in 1914, from historian Modris Eksteins’s book “Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age.” Pg. 295.

“It is from need and distress that new forms of life take their rise, and not from mere wishes or from the requirements of our ideals.” – Carl Jung, from his book “Modern Man in Search of a Soul.” Pg. 250.

In a former time a person could make a defense for war and still retain some authority, but in the age of the atom bomb, when the future of human civilization is at stake, when there are no real sources for conflict between nations in the world, no rational and sane person can defend war and still retain any sense of authority.

War in our day is the plague that must be cured before we can truly call ourselves a species, and since war thrives today because of government deception, it can only be put to rest by an injection of truth into politics by global citizens. There is no other way. You can’t beat around a burning bush; you must put the fire out. The masters of war can’t be defeated in the battle for world peace and humanity’s destiny by hopelessly naive peacemakers who decline the armor of truth, and rely on the masters’ own suit of lies. An honest and effective anti-war critic deconstructs and destroys the basic assumptions and reasons for the war that the whole world is currently fighting – the so-called global war on terrorism.

The single greatest truth in our age, and the one that will bring an end to the insane War on Terror and perhaps prevent any future war, is repressed, ignored, ridiculed, misunderstood, and feared – the truth that the September 11, 2001 attacks were committed by criminal government officials in the United States and Israel, not by radical foreign terrorists who could not have come into possession of nano-thermite, the highly advanced military explosive that was discovered in samples of dust from the World Trade Center collapse by American physicist Steven E. Jones, Danish chemist Niels Harrit, and other professional experts.

The truth about 9/11 has been suppressed by many intelligent and radical thinkers, including Noam Chomsky, the world’s leading intellectual, who referred to claims that the U.S. government was behind the attacks as “conspiracy theories” – an Orwellian term used by officialdom. Chomsky is one of the greatest figures of the last fifty years, but his repression of 9/11 truth shows that even the best and brightest among us can be fooled.

What’s more annoying is that Chomsky’s fans have accepted his careless analysis of the 9/11 truth movement without investigating the evidence, and thinking for themselves. But I can’t blame them because the truth about 9/11 is out-of-this-world scary. It completely exposes the war on terror as a criminal fraud, and reveals that we, Western citizens, the people in so-called democracies, are the real prey of our governments – not terrorists.

What makes the truth even scarier is that the barbaric rulers of the United States government attacked innocent individuals – a truly evil act – in front of our eyes, in broad daylight, and then presented a fake story about Al-Qaeda and 19 Islamic hijackers to the whole world because they knew that the majority of people were too trusting, and too gullible to not believe what they said. Goethe wrote “What is the hardest thing of all? That which seems the easiest for your eyes to see, that which lies before your eyes.”

I want to emphasize that it is totally understandable why people deny the truth about the 9/11 attacks. It strikes our human survival instincts, shatters our beliefs,, and places us in limbo – between the real reality, and the fake mainstream reality. But there is a flip side. The truth is also positive, and a precondition to rebirth, and recovery. If we all accept it and speak it, it will get better. The path to peace in the Middle East and the restoration of the rule of law in America goes must go through dark valleys, where the work of truth is done. But we don’t have a choice. Humanity has been wounded because of the gaping lie about 9/11 which has lead to the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, the occupation of two countries, the displacement of more than four million people, and the destruction of the birthplace of civilization.

We live in consequential times. What we do now will effect future generations of humanity. And to make matters worse, we are in uncharted territory. Our political leaders in the West are not dedicated to following the course of truth, honor, peace, freedom, and justice. Citizens have been abandoned. We are traveling on unfamiliar grounds in the pursuit of justice, and a better world. It is not easy, but nothing worthwhile is easy. We must take the difficult road, and truthfully obey our hearts because the battle for world peace demands that we hold firmly to our convictions, and speak the truth until the wall of silence breaks.

Just as the Enlightenment exposed the lies of the life-denying Church, so must we in this age expose the lies of the life-denying State. We must reject the premise that government authority is sacred and moral, and that government leaders have our best interests at heart. They clearly don’t. Otherwise, they would not use the law to stifle the truth, rob the people, and defend illegal actions. Governments, nor any other authority, doesn’t have a monopoly on Mankind’s moral compass. That special, God-given device lies in each of our hearts for us to follow individually. If the light of our moral compass leads us into dark, mysterious, and scary places where difficult truths are repressed, then we must follow it, trusting in God and in the universe that there will be better days ahead.

The great psychologist Carl Jung reminded us in the last century that after every period of darkness in Man’s history, and in our individual psyches, there is a new light. After every night there is a new day. That is a law of nature.

In his book “Modern Man in Search of a Soul” Jung said:

“At first we cannot see beyond the path that leads downward to dark and hateful things–but no light or beauty will ever come from the man who cannot bear this sight. Light is always born of darkness, and the sun never yet stood still in heaven to satisfy man’s longing or to still his fears.” (pg. 248).

The hope for a spiritual, cultural, and political rebirth in the West can help us pull through these dark years, when we are limping half-blind on this fragile planet into a nightmarish future led by history’s most despicable criminals. Every day we are at their mercy. They have proven that they can kill any one of us on any given day and then lie to us about it, as they did on 9/11.

As long as we collectively deny the truth about what really happened on 9/11 we will not be safe, free, and happy. I don’t write this to scare, but to provide a bigger picture, because without a correct view of the historical situation we will never reclaim our God-given freedoms, and our collective human destiny.

It is hard to believe that we live in a world that is stuck in the shadow of an evil empire whose devilish owners mercilessly attacked, in the guise of Islamic terrorists, the basic building blocks of human society – trust, truth, and community – on September 11, 2001. But the fact that their crime has gone unpunished for this long should not break our resolve to bring them to justice, and rebuild what they have destroyed.

The day after those gut-wrenching attacks took place the world was still stung from what had happened. Everyone instinctively knew that evil was at work on 9/11/01, and that the world was plunged into a state of crisis from which it may not rise out of for some time. But the crisis of the new century stems not from terrorism, which was quickly declared to be the greatest threat to global security by governments around the world, but state terrorism by the traitors and tyrants who wield power in the United States of America. They represent, along with their equally depraved allies in England, Canada, Australia, and Israel, the most serious threat to human life.

Rescuing the truth about 9/11 is the first and most important step in the abolition of war because the 9/11 lie functions as the gate. And that rescue has been taking place since the attacks first happened, when radio hosts William Cooper (RIP), Alex Jones, and other brave voices proclaimed that the government was behind the terror.

The goal of universal and permanent peace on Earth is achievable. America is the country with the best opportunity to lead the world into a state of permanent peace because it is the land where dreams are fulfilled, where history was made again and again, where men fought for freedom – twice, in 1776 and in 1861 – and both times triumphed, and decided that government by the people, and for the people was the greatest form of government. The true power of America lies not in its government, or in its dishonorable elite, but in its people, who are not only idealistic, but action-oriented and don’t believe anything is impossible.

I believe a free and just America, the America of Jefferson, Lincoln, Kennedy, and King, will rise again in our day. And while it is true that the apocalypse lies before us, I’m not apocalyptic. But I am afraid because this global dark night of the soul that we are going through is a volatile period in which either the monsters of chaos and war will reign, or peacemakers and truth-tellers, and all bets are off.

As citizens we must be persistent in our efforts to tell the truth about 9/11 and the fraudulent war on terror if we want to expose and expunge the monsters of chaos and war in the American government’s secret closet, and restore law and order in America.

We should dream big because with crisis comes opportunity. With darkness comes light. With war comes peace. And with truth comes justice.

I am confident that there will be world peace in our lifetime because it will be understood as a fundamental necessity for human survival and human civilization. But it will be a struggle because the monsters of war won’t give up without a fight.

When we are successful, and we will be, we will do justice to John F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr., two martyrs who died ahead of their time for the cause of peace, and others who were unjustly murdered by the American war machine.

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