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What should the Lib Dem’s do about Student Fees

By Dark Politricks

The Liberal Democrats face a difficult choice this Thursday when they will have to choose between keeping a promise they made to students all across the country during the election to vote against any increase in University tuition fees or keeping face within the Tory LibDem coalition who see the increase as another part of their austerity measures that must be implemented if University’s are to carry on being well funded over the coming years.

Despite all the pleas to the contrary and in spite of the embarrassing site of watching Vince Cable, a previously well loved Good Guy, backtrack and flip flop over his voting intentions, the Lib Dem’s only really have one choice if they want to keep any respect they may have previously had as well as keep any future hope of ever being re-elected alive and well.

Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander and Vince Cable can try to justify their change in policy as much as they want but we all know it is possible to justify any action if enough mental gymnastics are carried out and the desire to carry out the intended act is strong. They may now be in a coalition government and they may be facing a huge deficit that requires filling but a promise is a promise and they will be remembered for breaking it for a very long time.

The Lib Dem’s had previously been able to take the moral high ground on a number of key issues, mainly because they were a small party who had little chance of ever winning an election outright and it was very easy to preach from the sidelines when no responsibility for carrying out the actions had to fall on their shoulders.

However the recent election has now propelled almost half of the Lib Dem MP’s into government positions and it surely no coincidence that these same politicians are expected to vote for the increase and break their pre-election promise along with thousands of student hearts and many more of their future graduate bank balances.

We can expect a number of backbenchers to rebel and defy the party whip and rightly so as we seem to have forgotten that our MP’s are supposed to be elected to represent their constituents and not to blindly follow the government line in return for cushy jobs, ministerial cars and all expenses weekends away paid for out of our taxes.

It is a shame to be proven right yet again when it comes to politicians and their second hand car salesman attitude to truth but it just goes to show how utterly broken our political system is when the people we pay and vote into power to govern for our benefit chose instead to benefit themselves and their paymasters.

Many younger people, including a large number of students who will have voted for the first time in their lives, will be utterly disgusted with politics and Lib Dem politicians in particular if they chose to vote in favour of an increase this Thursday. Many of the students will have voted Lib Dem specifically because of their very public promise to not increase University fees any further and Thursday’s betrayal will be an early but very important life lesson for students to learn about the uselessness of our political system that allows MP’s to make promises by the dozen during elections that they have no intention of keeping once in power.

For the Lib Dem MP’s who signed the pledge to chose to break it so soon after being elected is the moral equivalent of a junkie begging her reluctant Mother for money, promising that it was to buy food and rent and not to fund her habit. Then once the money has been handed over only to immediately rush out and buy drugs and then rub salt into the wound by doing them in front of their distraught parent.

I personally admit that it would be a great shame to see Liberals such as Vince Cable and Chris Huhne vote for such a measure on Thursday as I had held them in quite high regard up until now. I always knew Nick Clegg was nothing more than a wannabe who would sell his soul in a second if it meant he could sit on Cameron’s knee with a hand up his arse but until joining the coalition the Lib Dem’s had been the only real voice of reason that could be heard within the walls of juvenile central a.k.a the Houses of Parliament.

On the Iraq War,  on Israel and Palestine, on a fairer tax policy, on crime and punishment, on tuition fees, on drugs, on civil liberties, on the banksters the recession and on splitting up the banks the Lib Dem’s were the only party willing to put logic and reason and the will of the people above political expedience and pressure from lobbyists and powerful interests.

It will prove a lot of people right if they now show that their fine talk was nothing more than cheap bluster that was only spoken aloud because they knew they didn’t have to back their words with deeds. The vote on Thursday is their opportunity to prove the doubters wrong and show that they didn’t leave their morals and lofty ideals at the entrance to Westminster on their way in.


If Labour had not insisted on implementing their policy of trying to get as many people into University as possible we would probably not be in this mess. Many people realised at the time that if fees were introduced they would just continue to rise and rise so Labour cannot claim any moral authority on this subject having been the party of power that introduce fees in the first place.

Because Labour wanted every man, woman, child and unborn fetus to posses a degree, it has led to worthless qualifications all the way from school kids who leave school with 11 A* GCSE’s but who would struggle to obtain a D grade if given a paper from the mid nineties, to worthless degrees that are meaningless in the real world and which are treated with disdain by most employers.

Because everyone is leaving school with the same high grades there is no way to distinguish between students and the same is true with degrees that are getting more costly with each year that passes at the same rate as their worth decreases.

At the moment I can imagines that many students would be well advised to skip the 3 years of university and the huge weight of debt and just enter the work place early. Recent studies have shown that the benefits of a modern degree are negligible yet those 3 years of work experience would be invaluable especially in the modern climate.

Labour are the ones at fault for creating such a worthless and yet expensive education system and whilst money might be tight at the moment there are a number of key areas in which cuts could be made to fund a proper free education for those who truly deserve or require one.

-Stop the war in Afghanistan and save a good few billion quid.

-Stop targeting the poor and the few benefit cheats that buck the system and target those super rich banksters and Phillip Green’s of the world who spend more a year in tax avoidance schemes than most local education authority grants.

-Scrap the allowances we give the Royal Family. They are rich and well off enough to not require the millions we give them each year to swan around the world pissing off our neighbours and making racist comments to natives.

-Scrap all MP allowances. A recent story in this weekends paper showed that some MP’s are now screwing us over with the supposedly tightened up expenses system that allows them to claim for 3 houses! We should build or rent out a big block of flats from Westminster council and tell MP’s who live out of town that they can have free board whenever they like. This way they will have no legitimate excuse for requiring rent and mortgages to be paid on 2nd and 3rd homes and it will save bucket loads of money that can be spent on those that deserve it (anyone but MP’s)

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  1. Daniel says

    I love it, Lib/Dems in the UK are just the same as here in the US. Basic education for any developed country is definately needed however, University or College is not a right. I don’t believe that everyone should go to college or University, especially not for free. Anything worth getting is worth paying for either financially or by hard work. The system is broken, when you offer something to someone for free it is never appreciated as much as if the person has to work hard for it thus devaluing it to a point as you state. I find it amusing that as our country seems to be leaning more towards a social system With Obama as President, social countries are finding it harder to continue their social policies.
    I do agree with you though on the benefit cheats, we have them here and it is hurt our system drastically. We have people getting government checks who have minimally if ever contributed to the system, this has to stop.

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