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Dear Mrs McCormick, you can take your subpoena and stick it where the sun don’t shine (or words to that effect)

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Mrs. McCormick,

The fine people of WikiLeaks alerted me on Twitter that the subpoena you sent to Twitter, Inc. demanding all kinds of records, in fact, includes me too.

Under B 2, the document requests “all records and other information (…) including non-content information associated with the contents of any communication or file stored by or for the account(s), such as the source and destination email addresses and IP addresses”.

I hereby confess that I am one of the 635,561 followers of WikiLeaks on Twitter. I also follow Gabriel Garcia Marquéz and someone called PJCrowley. Just saying. To make things worse, I also signed a petition together with over a hundred colleagues in support of WikiLeaks – I think they’re doing a great job – and against the kind of thing your department is doing.

I’m also one of the 1,516,269 people who “like” WikiLeaks on FaceBook – I’m assuming that they received a similar subpoena. I also like the “Diving Wrecks and Reefs” page, the “Latin American Art” page, the “NO A LA REELECCION DEL RECTOR GUSTAVO GARCIA DE PAREDES” page as well as the “Fossil Sharks of Panama” page. Oh, I was also the first journalist in Panama to report on the leaked cables from your embassy. Juicy stuff! I thought I might as well make a full confession here and I don’t want to withhold vital information.

So, now that you have my confession, what are you gonna do with this information, if I may ask; put us all on a no-fly list? Guantanamo? Or some Kuwait torture chamber? A cease and desist order against over 2 million people to stop them from liking or following WikiLeaks?

Anyway, maybe I should thank the US Department of Justice for including me in this “criminal investigation”. It’s not every day that one gets to be part of history, even if it is a flawed attempt at damage control and political pandering.

Next time you need anything, feel free to ask,

Yours truly,

Okke Ornstein

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