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JB Campbell: Curve Ball

This is not referring to the Iraqi liar who was the basis for the psychopathic, long-planned invasion of Iraq, the anonymous twerp who assured the CIA that Saddam had WMD. Even those initials have become obscenities, let alone the words for which they stand. I’m referring to a so-called American. So-called Americans can be very dangerous people. Bush and Cheney, for example, are so-called Americans. Obama, we’re not so sure what he is, beyond a mystery-man-of-the-world. Obama appears to be a creation of the CIA and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

We actually don’t have proof that the anonymous Iraqi lying twerp actually existed. We just have the word of the CIA. We have learned the hard way how much the CIA’s word is worth. The Lie Factory was undone by its own liar.

I haven’t been hooked up to television for several years and missed a 2008 CNN report they called “Dead Wrong,” but watched it online the other night. It chronicled the bald-faced lies jammed in our ears by the CIA. Now, the words, “dead wrong,” suggest something a little softer and less malevolent than “stinking lies that got millions of people killed.” Ooh, you guys were dead wrong when you assured us that Saddam’s three-inch-diameter aluminum tubes weren’t for rocket launchers but were for nuclear centrifuges, that this little glass vial here contains enough anthrax to wipe out DC, and these trailers carrying what look like gas bag inflators are actually mobile weapons of mass death, attested to by a certified Vietnam war criminal named Colin Powell, bosom pal of Richard Armitage, the king of CIA heroin.

And CNN provided a number of CIA liars with sad faces who regretfully told us how things went bad, how their beloved Lie Factory was used so callously to, er, lie to us. That the noble, lachrymose director, George Tenet, with so many great but classified CIA successes to his credit, may have overdone it a little by assuring George Bush that Iraqi WMD was a slam-dunk. This noble guy who put the American label on massive secret kidnapping and off-shore torture centers. Sanctimonious CIA liars such as Michael Scheuer and David Kay, among others, admitted their dreary contributions to crimes against humanity. Scheuer had for some years been paid by us fools for heading up the “Bin Laden desk.” For some reason, Scheuer didn’t choose to tell us that Osama was a long-time CIA asset who had immediately denied any involvement in 911, which was pretty obvious anyway, or who had in fact died about three months after 911. David Kay looked and looked for Saddam’s WMD for six months and resigned, but not until four days after Bush’s January ’05 state of the nation address. Kay admitted that he had agreed to postpone his resignation so as not to make Bush look like, well – a stinking congenital liar. CNN didn’t have the guts to remind us how Joe Wilson destroyed the Lie Factory’s lies about Saddam’s Niger “yellow cake” or how Wilson’s CIA wife was hysterically betrayed by her own bosses in retaliation. The astonishing treachery by Armitage and Liebowitz – excuse me, Libby – must have disconcerted the Langley Liars Club, to put it mildly. Revealing the identity of Valerie Plame, who was herself occupied with finding weapons of mass destruction? This sort of thing has such homosexual overtones, as does the CIA itself.

No, the Curve Ball that inspired this piece is a so-called American, naturally a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He works now for CNN as a national security adviser, which means he feeds viewers new CIA lies to paper over the previous CIA lies. And he openly refuses, in his role as an adviser to a “news company” to tell us the truth about what George Tenet told George Bush about Iraqi WMD that resulted in millions of Iraqis and thousands of Americans being slaughtered, plus hundreds of thousands severely wounded. CNN hires this professional liar with thirty years experience lying to Americans and foreign governments as an advisor? And we’re supposed to trust CNN? Oh, his name is John McLaughlin. On the CNN show he says, “I never repeat anything said in the Oval Office.” Then what the hell good are you? That’s where the important lies were told, in the Oval Office! Lies that killed millions of people. Lies told to us by George Bush based on lies wheedled out of George Tenet. It didn’t take much wheedling, it turns out.

McLaughlin became the acting director of central intelligence for a few months after Tenet had to resign for lying about “slam-dunk Iraqi WMD,” until the long-time CIA assassin masquerading as a congressman, Porter Goss, was appointed.

Before his Chesapeake Bay drowning assassination, former CIA director Bill Colby revealed that the CIA controls all the “news companies” with paid agents in all the top positions. All the anchormen, all the editors and producers, all the people who tell us anything, work for the CIA. This has become fairly apparent, which is why very few people watch television news or read the paper for anything more than the local weather and sports, which the CIA is no doubt trying to louse up, too.

What IS the CIA? Its purported mission is to prevent another Pearl Harbor! It is nothing more than an organization of liars and killers that is assigned to destabilize and destroy the governments of foreign countries. When a renegade Massachusetts senator became president in 1960, the CIA fed him a pack of lies about Castro, whom Eisenhower’s CIA had secretly installed in power the year before, after running guns to him for a year before that. A Communist government just off Florida, supported by the Soviet Union, was the ultimate Cold War bonanza for the CIA and the merchants of death and the bankers who made loans to the government to buy weapons from the merchants to defend us against Communism in the Caribbean.

Eisenhower and Nixon had Dulles’ CIA plan the invasion of Cuba but left it to Kennedy to execute, a nice GOP trick. The CIA’s deputy director, Charles Cabell, told Kennedy it was a slam-dunk right up to the last minute, when Cabell told him that actually the Cuban exiles doing the invading would need the combat support of the US Navy who just happened to have an aircraft carrier standing by, over the horizon from the beach. And we’re good to go. Kennedy said, “No one mentioned the US Navy. No way.” Cabell cried, well, it’s not going to work without the US Navy! Kennedy replied, It’ll have to.

By some strange coincidence, Fidel Castro and his merry men were waiting at the beach at the Bay of Pigs where the hapless exiles waded ashore. It was as if some jerk named E. Howard Hunt had tipped him off, maybe through Castro’s air force chief, Frank Sturgis. The invading exiles were all killed or captured. And that set a whole nasty thing in motion, culminating about two and a half years later with Kennedy’s murder.

The CIA really didn’t have any choice but to kill him. Kennedy took the blame for the bizarre catastrophe on the beach and this made him the CIA’s deadliest enemy.

The way the CIA handled the Bay of Pigs was what we’d expect from a bunch of Ivy League degenerates and desk jockeys, descendants of the tennis players and assassins of the OSS. But the way they handled Kennedy was to rub his nose in their power, crowding the new guy with a macho plan from the WWII “supreme commander,” who never actually heard a gun go off in anger, ensconced in Mayfair throughout the war.

Kennedy fired the CIA director and his deputy, Charles Cabell, as an indication of what the future held for the agency. The director was Allen Dulles, who with his brother John Foster Dulles, was as high up in the secret government devised by Colonel House as one could get. The CIA well knew that it could be replaced and no doubt would be replaced after the ’64 election. Harry Truman said that his biggest regret was – no, not incinerating hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians – was signing the 1947 National Security Act and creating the CIA and the whole “intelligence apparatus.”

We can hardly imagine a more sinister bunch of dilettantes. Run by homicidal perfumed brats from Yale University such as Bush, Buckley and Porter Goss, alcoholic lunatics such as Bill Harvey and Communists from the OSS, their mandate was to make the world safe for Standard Oil by destabilizing countries with riots, revolutions and coups, replacing popular leaders with dependable cronies and stooges. The most notorious example was what the CIA did to Iran in 1953. Mohammad Mosaddegh was the popular and democratically elected prime minister of Iran who understandably felt that England was ripping off the country’s oil and not paying for it, which of course was true. Mosaddegh asked for a similar arrangement as the Saudis had with Aramco but the British government said no. So Mosaddegh nationalized the Iranian oil industry. Winston Churchill was back in power in London and Eisenhower the new US president. Churchill got his old war buddy Ike to have John Foster Dulles, his new secretary of state, have brother Allen overthrow the elderly Mosaddegh, put him in prison for three years and under house arrest for the remainder of his life. The CIA put the unpopular Shah in power and kept him in power until his usefulness was over in 1979. This Iranian coup would be the routine CIA method until the present day.

As we learned from Mike Piper’s book, Israel wanted Kennedy dead too and they were well-represented by Jacob Rubenstein, who pulled duty for CIA, the Mossad, the FBI, Meyer Lansky and Richard Nixon. Yes, Jack Ruby was a Nixon operative going back to the late 1940s when he was a congressman.

When it comes to killing a US president however, a president who has declared war on the CIA, the CIA will enlist help but the CIA runs the show. Jim Garrison was the one who discovered how the JFK motorcade route was re-routed off Main Street down into the perfect Elm Street kill-zone – at the last minute. The mayor of Dallas did it. His name was Earl Cabell, brother of fired CIA deputy director Charles Cabell. Secret Service said: Okay, and we’ll stop when we get to the bottom of the hill.

I had a visitor in Carmel in ’85 – Andrew St. George, who was working with Mark Lane on the appeal of the E. Howard Hunt judgment against Liberty Lobby which awarded him $650,000 for an article in the Spotlight newspaper by Victor Marchetti, a retired CIA executive, which noted that another newspaper had suggested that the CIA was privately saying that Hunt was involved in the JFK killing. But Lane had a witness who could save the day: a woman named Marita Lorenz, who had been Fidel Castro’s 19 year old mistress. Lane wanted to hide Marita in a safe place and Andrew asked if I would let her stay with me, which of course I agreed to do. Once Andrew told me about her I naturally wanted to meet her.

Marita Lorenz was the daughter of a German sea captain whose ship docked in Havana in 1959. Castro came aboard, met her and soon she was living with him for several months, becoming pregnant and forced to have an abortion. She met in Havana the head of Castro’s little air force, Frank Fiorini, who used the name Sturgis and who was also working for the CIA. Fiorini turned Marita into a CIA operative against Castro and put her on a plane for New York due to her illness resulting from the abortion. Once she recovered, Marita began working with Sturgis and E. Howard Hunt in what became the conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy, purportedly for his betrayal of the Cuban exiles in 1961.

The testimony used by Lane that impressed the jury was her account of the evening of November 21, 1963, the day before the assassination. Marita was with Sturgis and some others, staying in a Dallas area motel. E. Howard Hunt, whom she knew as “Eduardo,” was the paymaster who had supplied cash to the little gang over the previous months. That evening, Hunt was accompanied by Jack Ruby, who didn’t like the presence of Marita, who remarked that Ruby looked like a Mafia thug, which was partly true. Ruby was giving assignments and positions for the next day, which Marita didn’t quite grasp other than she knew they were going to kill someone.

Sturgis noted Maritia’s hostile attitude toward Ruby and told her she should leave, go to New York and stay with her mother and daughter. He took her to the airport. Months later, when they spoke again, Sturgis was still excited at the easy success of what happened the day after she left. She’d figured out who the target was by twelve-thirty the next day, Dallas time, and was frightened out of her wits.

Jack Ruby was the total professional on behalf of the CIA, Israel, Lansky, Hoover, Nixon – whoever. He handled the hit teams, according to Maritia; he dropped off a shooter by the triple underpass, according to Julia Ann Mercer; he was at Parkland Hospital, according to his friend, Dallas Times Herald journalist Seth Kantor (the likely way for the Magic Bullet to be found on a gurney was for Jack Ruby to put it there); he posed as a journalist in press conferences and of course he silenced his buddy, Lee Oswald, with one perfect and painful shot in the gut. People wonder at the coincidence that he somehow got into the police basement just before Oswald was brought down, but they’re looking at it backwards. It didn’t matter when Ruby got in place – Oswald wasn’t going to be brought down until Ruby was ready.

I was in Dallas for a week in ’76 and managed to avoid getting arrested one night in Dealey Plaza after trying to get into the County Hall of Records Building after hours. Actually, it was about 11:00 pm. I only asked the guard if I could check the office looking out on the plaza (where a shooter named Georgi Visko said he shot from). The guard called the cops and I only just got away in time. A couple of days later I was being given a tour of the affluent Turtle Creek area by one of the Hunt boys, who was a friend of mine. I saw a Victorian house with a big billboard up on the lawn with a political message on it. “What’s that?” “Oh, that’s General Walker’s house. He’s a nut.”

The next day I called General Edwin A. Walker at home and asked if I could come over? He agreed. He was polite and I mainly wanted to talk about his being kidnapped at Ol’ Miss by Bobby Kennedy in ’62 and taken to the federal insane asylum at Springfield, Missouri and kept there for a week. He shrugged it off – no big deal. He related some other interesting political history in which he’d been involved and finally said, “Well, I guess you’d like to see my office.” Yes, sir. We went into what was now a dining room, since remodeled. “This used to be my office, my desk was right here. I left the bullet hole in that window frame and the other one in this wall. The frame deflected the bullet slightly over my head.” He looked out the window. “Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby were out there in that alley.” Lee Oswald is alleged to have shot at Walker in April as a test of his mettle, and photos of Walker’s house were supplied as proof of this accusation by Ruth Paine, who claimed they were Oswald’s. Actually, if he did shoot at Walker, he made a very slick near miss.

“Jack Ruby was with him?”

Walker said, “I never heard of either one of them but when the Dallas police came here to investigate, they went right down to the Carousel Club and arrested Jack Ruby and Lee Oswald. They told me that, that night. But they let ‘em go.”

I said, “That wasn’t in the Warren Report.”

“Hell, no, it wasn’t. They never called me.”

A lot of people saw Oswald and Ruby together. I’d say that Lee Oswald assumed he was working for both the FBI and CIA undercover to report on the assassins, with no idea that he was the designated patsy and had been for a couple of years, maybe until they closed in on him in the Texas Theatre.

So I’m not trying to interfere with Mike Piper’s excellent analysis of Israel’s role in the assassination. Jack Ruby is all you need for that. But it was a CIA operation. Ruby could work for Isser Harel or Meir Amit on the side as a joint operation but JFK was a CIA-managed hit with full cooperation of the Secret Service, although some agents obviously weren’t in on it. The driver, Bill Greer, definitely was. It turns out the Zapruder film was edited to remove the part in which Greer came to a virtual halt. You can still see him looking carefully at JFK until the head shot is made and then turning ahead and gassing it, but frames were removed where the car was stopped briefly dead. Clint Hill magically appears from behind and jumps on the back bumper but he could not have done that if the limo were still moving as depicted in the Z-film. Greer of the Secret Service was the key man that day, along with some very cool shooters, of course. The Orville Nix film taken from the other side shows the motorcycles nearly crashing into the limo in the sudden slow-down. The point is, taking out the US president can only be done with the supervision of the CIA. The Secret Service is a CIA front and the FBI is a CIA front, just like the news media.

A couple of years earlier, in 1983, I happened to see the last episode of a syndicated TV show called “Lie Detector,” hosted by F. Lee Bailey. The guest would submit to a polygraph exam in order to prove he had been telling the truth about something in his past. The last guest was Frank Sturgis. F. Lee Bailey welcomed him onto the set and said, “Well! Frank Sturgis… Now, you have been accused of participating in the assassination of President Kennedy, and you’re here tonight to say two things, that you did not kill the president and that you know who did.”

“That’s correct,” said Sturgis.

“Okay, well – I’ll now turn you over to our examiner.”

Sturgis went on the machine, examined by the brother of a friend of mine named Sachelli. Sturgis passed the exam and sat down with Bailey again. Bailey examined the print-out with Sachelli, who nodded.

“All right, Frank, the lie detector does not show deception. So – you did not shoot President Kennedy but you know who did.”


“Well! I don’t suppose you’d care to tell us who actually did shoot the president?”

“No, I won’t do that. But I’ll tell you who was behind it.”

“Yes? Who was that?”

“David Rockefeller.”

Bailey should have known better than to ask a question without knowing the answer in advance. He seized up, his gaping mouth working silently like a goldfish at feeding time. Whether or not it was true, Sturgis’ ad lib shut down the show and it never came on again. He was re-arrested shortly after this on a minor charge and never shot his mouth off again about David Rockefeller. You will find no reference to this show on any search engine. You can call Bailey’s law office in Boston as I did but they will tell you they know nothing about “Lie Detector.”

Marita claimed Sturgis was threatening to kill her, and that was why Lane and St. George wanted a safe place for her before the Hunt trial. It turned out they didn’t need to send her to me after all. She gave her evidence by affidavit and the jury reversed the judgment. One of Jesse Ventura’s recent “Conspiracy Theory” shows featured the son of E. Howard Hunt playing a tape of his father’s death-bed confession of his role in the assassination.

So there’s no denying that the CIA has been and remains America’s most dangerous agency, in cooperation with the Mossad whenever required, such as at Abu Ghraib, for instance. The Mossad itself was set up by the CIA’s chief of counter intelligence, James Jesus Angleton, when he was stationed in Israel in 1951 and it was well known that Angleton cooperated with the Mossad throughout his career. Mark Lane accused Angleton of organizing the JFK assassination, so that would naturally indicate that it was a joint operation.

Whether the CIA is a government agency or a Puerto Rico corporation doesn’t matter to us – it is run by the private Council on Foreign Relations for the benefit of its members, namely the major oil companies and the international banks. One of the best examples of this is found in James Mills’ epic book, The Underground Empire – Where Crime and Governments Embrace. Mills hooked up with the DEA to write about three big trafficking cases – one from Latin America, one from the Far-East and one from Europe. One by one, the CIA sabotaged each case and prevented the intervention with the cocaine and heroin traffic. Mills finally met with the CIA agent and asked why he wrecked the DEA’s arrests of the traffickers? The CIA guy said that many countries are deeply indebted to “the New York banks,” and the only way they can repay their loans is by selling drugs to the US. Oliver North, using his CIA name, “John Cathey,” was the biggest cocaine trafficker in America, in league with Bill Clinton, during the same period, according to his associate Terry Reed, who described North’s activities in Compromised. This is the same son of a bitch who worked with FEMA to create the huge network of American gulags.

Curve Ball isn’t some anonymous Iraqi informant telling lies to the CIA. It isn’t even the professional liar working for CNN who inspired this piece. Curve Ball is the CIA. The CIA is the Lie Factory, the saturation of our news media with its highly-paid liars. It has to lie to conceal its massive failures in the game of its own invention. Created to prevent another Pearl Harbor, the charitable version is that it has failed to detect anything of importance, from the collapse of the Soviet Union to the Second Pearl Harbor by the Mossad. The real version is the CIA couldn’t keep the Soviet Union afloat anymore and participated in 911 with the Mossad. Like its Jewish sister squad, it is capable only of destroying people and foreign governments but not of one decent, moral job. It today specializes in brutal criminal activity such as drug trafficking, kidnapping, torture, murder and treason against the American people, just like the Mossad. The CIA’s entertainment division in Hollywood is tasked with glamorizing these vicious, pin-striped racketeers.

We so-called Americans need to grow up and face up to our responsibility to shut down this bunch of limp-wristed cutthroats who masquerade as “shadow warriors,” but who sit at their desks and watch on television screens as their victims have their genitals destroyed, their minds destroyed and their bodies blown to pieces in their own countries by that quintessential CIA weapon, the remote-controlled Predator drone and its god-damned Hellfire missile.

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