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Navy Pitch for Exotic Weapons Launches at Pearl Harbor

Well, Well, What Do We Have Here?

(San Francisco) – A guy with a posh American Government job in Hawaii, servants included, surfaces from out of the swamp of Navy Admirals to signal the drumbeat starts “Now” for the actual manufacturing, deployment, use and After Action Reports for Buck Rogers StarWars type advanced weapons.

Such as, the already existing 7,000 mph Rail Guns and the already existing speed of light (186,000 miles per second) Directed Energy Weapons. Plus More. Count on it. Always More. Is there ever anything else with these pitch men types?

So. What else is new? I’ve been trying to figure just exactly how to do justice to the standard Pentagon 30 year Pentagon  retirement  notices on these exotic weapons engineer/officers for years. These are old weapons programs, pretty much hush-hush/ Till now, that is.

Listen up! It is a whole new world now. Colonel Johnny Lightyear is ready to fight at the US Navy Directed Energy Saloon in Honolulu, Hawai’i. The Japanese headline screams: “U.S. commander says China aims to be a ‘global military’ power.”

It’s an interview format article, with picture, of Admiral Robert Willard, commander of the US Pacific Command, the man on the figurative “hot seat” safely ensconced behind hundreds of warships, thousands of aircraft and hundreds of thousands of sailors.

Man! That boy can Talk! He uses every acronym around, too. In fact, he probably made up some new ones right on-the-spot!

Willard fights with words and his target is the scared shitless (by now) American taxpaying resident consumer. The only citizens in this fixed game are huge corporations with a seat at the table and Congress Critters in their pocket kissing whatever is handy and doing exactly as they are told.

Nominally thought of as, well, … nominal Pond Scum and Parasites. Their only responsibilities, in their long and unearned retirements, are to accept annual raises and pitch shit to the ever obliging and guaranteed to be uncritical Fox News. As well as all the other sweet smiling pretty-boy-and-girl “News” Readers at all the other unquestioning packaged TV shows. Yeah, Keith, that includes you, too.

Trillions of Dollars.

The proximate causes of the new pitch for money, as the Empire sees it, are the Chinese Commies and the formerly already paid for secret American weapons. Now, this Navy pitch man says it is  absolutely necessary; and, simply what is called for next and buy the exotic weapons again.

I’m sure Smiling Admiral who wants to make us a deal we can’t refuse. Like the Bank pitchmen who held up America in the last few years, he wants Trillions of Dollars NOW!

These guys moan and groan that there is just no realistic way to defend the giant thousand-foot-long, obsolete, floating airfields against the new “ship killing” Chinese missiles. You see, in China, the People’s Liberation Army simplifies things greatly and coldly calls the eleven huge American Aircraft Carriers “Targets”.

No. No one has ever seen the Chinese missiles actually work. How do these highly paid Navy guys know the Chinese missiles actually do the job? Ya ready? Because the Chinese People’s Liberation Army TOLD the US Navy they worked. Duhh … Yea, uh, sure – and I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale, too It is a good buy at ONLY $42 Billion US Dollars.

Then, to top off that tale, the Navy guys also said the Russians said they had a “ship killing” missile, too. Now, it is two against the one-and-only SuperPower. “Help!” they wail. Send guns, money – buckets of it! – Now!

“New” Weapons are Old News.

Do the Rail Gun and Directed Energy Weapons exist? Of course they do. The space weapons are the Next Big Thing at the Pentagon. They have been squirreling away money for years working on new toys for the boys.

Remember Rumsfield saying, the day before 9/11, that the DOD had “lost” 2.3 Trillion Dollars? Is it still “lost,” Donny?

Oh yea, the secret, super-duper weapons gizmos. Didn’t you get the Memo? Production models of both weapons “systems” exist. They are close to the top-of- the-food-chain of Directed Energy Weapons and others today. But, not the very top, of course. Directed Energy Weapons, Rail Guns and new weapons galore are ready to go. All barrels and ray-guns blazing!

You see, these weapons systems have been funded secretly for decades and the Pentagon purposefully lied about or minimized them for fifty years. Instead, What the US Expeditionary Forces have done is promiscuously sprinkle hundreds of thousands of tons of uranium oxide dust all over Asia. It is the Army version of mandatory birth control, population abatement and IQ management.

The sweet talking lib-er-als gave the commie enemies of freedom every chance to voluntarily take up the mantle. That time is done. The success of the Army Methodology is guaranteed. “Money in the bank,” so to speak. All in all, the program is a rousing success; especially, if we overlook that little “hitch” in the system – the uncooperative and rogue weather patterns in Europe.

The weaponized Uranium Oxide Poison Dust was to soften up the vast heathen populations for the new all powerful Christian Crusades,  … don’t you see?  Kinda kinky, isn’t it? Well, that is America today. What can I say? The science doesn’t lie; there is no fooling physics.

That profoundly insane and depraved Asian Genocide operation continues to this day. These war criminal candidates even send people out “in the field” or to war zones to measure the easily detectable radioactive stuff and see if they have enough per square meter or per square yard, to kill, sterilize and maim in different countries. That is “precision follow through” on After Action Reports.

Not only that, but (as the idiot generals learned the hard way in WWI) No one can control poison gas. Nope, can’t be done.

President George Bush Murders Millions.

As a direct result, the fabled American “Shock and Awe’s” poison gas (a “Gift” from the Connecticut Multi-Millionaire/all hat and no cattle “cowboy” – George Bush) was carried by an unforgiving, back stabbing, double-crossing Mother Nature’s Wind thousands of miles Off Course through Europe … to England instead of to the godless billions of Asia!

George can’t do anything right! He sets out to destroy a few dozen Central Asian, Western Asian (Middle East to Westerners) and Asian countries, including billions of people, with the most lethal weapons ever invented – dreamed up by the demented, hunkered down Psychopaths in the American Nuke Labs – and he misses! He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, or Planet – Earth in this case!

Never in the history of warfare has a Commander slaughtered so many of his own soldiers, his Allies, and untold future generations so recklessly. Yea, America has the best politicians money can buy and probably deserves every one of them.

Weaponized radioactive uranium oxide poison gas never, ever goes away … as the one time flourishing populations of Europe re-learn again and again. Every day, every miscarriage, every congenitally deformed infant, every death “before the person’s time”; it is all the same. Europe’s population is in steep decline and, most likely, can not and will not recover. So say the people who should know.

Do these new weapons sound expensive to you? Well, you are absolutely right if you said “Yes!” These babies will cost Trillions of US dollars to manufacture, ship, install, fire and supply. Yes, with a “T” as in Trillions. Arms manufacturers worldwide are literally licking their chops ready to dive in and pig out.

Of course, the standard, well developed Graft and Corruption model will apply. The numbers will be bigger and partially used to solidify the Empire’s Fascist-Democrat and Fascist-Republican political parties’ grips, with powerhouse MindFuck technologies, on a nation of 308 million numbed, befuddled and dumbed down resident consumers.

The Empire will expect mass compliance, of course; the “others” that are not “with the program” will be bamboozled and discarded with tried and true Divide and Conquer techniques that are as old as time. The Roman Emperor Constantine and German Dictator Herr Hitler would just be amazed at how these technologies have advanced since the invention of advertising and “focus groups.”

Sonderkommando Zionist Israelis

Oh, and as an afterthought, a word to the pitiful, “Sonderkommando” Zionists Jews in Israel. No. No “Greater Israel” for you. The Americans lied to you, too, you schmucks; and, you thought you had a “Special Relationship.”

To Prime Minister Netanyahu and to your whole country, soon the last Israeli baby will be born deformed and mercifully die. You will lead, alright, lead Europe on the doomed Extinction Highway to Nowhere.

Adios, PM. It was your Choice and you blew it, Big Time.

Copyright 2011 – Bob Nichols. Feel free to distribute with attribution and Notes. Sources and Notes are an integral part of the article. Include when distributing.

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