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By Rex Williams

“Kennedy warned us that secrecy would bring us tyranny”quoted Gordon Duff.  And we have seen a lot of that lately.  President Kennedy also told the Newspaper Publishers Association that “it is to the printing press, the recorder of man’s deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news, that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: Free and Independent.”

He certainly didn’t envisage 2011 in that comment or he would have known that we have now  reached the stage where “the recorder of man’s deeds” would be compliant to the dictates of a foreign power, its slant on the news but not, certainly not the “courier of his news”, if ‘news’ means truth. If I remember correctly the media in those days had a large element of independent ownership which has since been engineered to become the mouthpiece of Israel and all the hatred and evil that means, to us all throughout the whole world.

The likes of Murdoch, with his shock-jocks, the trademark of Fox News, a perfect example of media manipulation, must accept some degree of responsibility for all the events in the US. It is really his entry into the US media ownership (and the apathy of the people)  that has created such an angry political environment whipped along by easily purchased Congress members and perhaps the worst collection of Presidents since Jimmy Carter,  who at least made an effort to right some of the wrongs.

So there is more to this Arizona shooting than meets the eye.  It is almost a given that every action that occurs in the US these days has some larger agenda and fortunately there are such stalwarts as Gordon Duff, Jeff Gates, Philip Giraldi, Alan Hart, Alison Weir, Anthony Lawson, Stuart Littlewood, Grant Smith, Paul Balles, Franklin Lamb, James Petras, James Morris and so many others whose works find a home on My Catbird Seat and who all possess the credentials and experience to stretch our thinking to consider more than just the obvious surface, because below that surface is another world entirely and it isn’t pretty.

Along with so many unsolved crimes in the US starting with the assasinations of the  Kennedys to 9/11 in between, and now the Arizona action, it does make one wonder whether the powers that be are behind the very poor rate of solving major crimes as one feels that even with the shooter in custody, the real story won’t ever come out. People that plan these things are big on covering their tracks as well we know. As a person from another country, I always understood that depending on the leanings of the law officer concerned, one could almost be arrested for breathing the air,  so  litigious was the climate in all the states. However, when it comes to major political crime on a grand scale such as the assassination of a President, the experts can make it appear  as though it is the act of a “lone gunman” as we shall  see once again, particularly if someone makes the case easier, saves the state a fortune as well, by having him shot as he walks with his guards. Sounds like an old story, still not solved. They, whoever they really are, know how to do this.

But surely there are some good, law abiding, uncorrupted people somewhere in the US. Right at this moment, one could be excused for thinking otherwise.

Who is the beneficiary of the US being in turmoil, agonizing over the Arizona crime, publicly engaged in self-flagellation, while the rest of the world says, “what do you expect….it is America. Normal for them over there.  Access to weapons and all that stuff, don’t you know”.  So we all wait until the next event occurs and the people again become pre-conditioned to this climate as a way of life. After all, the US does have a history of such matters and there will another  one soon, as sure as night follows day. Who benefits????

WHO? Let’s see if this can be analysed and proven, rationally.

Back in the seventies, there was a fashion for management training on a large scale. I mean, if you didn’t attend a course on business, marketing, sales, organization development, or Customer Relations Management, you didn’t progress and it was mandatory for people to apply these new found principles to their everyday life. It had some detractors and rightly so for some of it was rubbish . But some survived and rightly so . One that did was developed by a team from New Jersey, two gentlemen called Kepner and Tregoe, whose principles of Rational Management were  first taught to the aspiring middle and senior management people with great results. I, for one, have never forgotten the disciplined thinking that applies to their principles.

The point I am making here is that the application of such rational processes to the answers extracted  from the likes of the well informed writers to these pages would allow us to fill in the gaps by analyzing the situation regarding “WHO” above, making decisions on matters that need to be addressed, considering potential problems and adverse consequences of such decisions. I would state confidently, that if the process was followed, the questions asked and the answers given, the real beneficiaries to the turmoil being created almost daily in the United States,  would be patently clear, indisputable. Then all you have to do is find a national paper to print the results.

Well, that’s another story.

A commenter stated that we should be ‘suspicious of mainstream media’. Wise words. Blatant manipulation of the truth should be an indictable crime. Such a climate would close down Murdoch overnight, as well as the Jewish press per courtesy of the New York Times and its team of specialist (highly paid) sayanims doing the Zionist bidding. It could also develop into a new industry.”keepers of the “truth” and even become an academic study, The theme being ‘if we cannot prove it we will not print it,  or the reverse, ‘if it worthy of printing, regardless of our leanings, it will be printed , honestly and truthfully.

The penalty for breaching the rules, real dollars. A licence for being a public newspaper would be renewable annually.

Listen to what we can learn from JFK, the 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961 until his assassination. The President and the Press: Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, President John F. Kennedy, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel,New York City, April 27, 1961



Behind it all will be the evil empire the Zionist Regime, the real rulers of the United States, whose extremist policies and political corruption together with the US veto, have made Israel a pariah state for which every US citizen is paying dearly, every day of every year and which, in relation to credibility, has made both the United Nations and the United States  a laughing stock.

Remove the Israeli shackles and wrest back America. You own it, not Netanyahu and his international thugs.

Rex Williams is a retired businessman, and has been a management consultant and director, involved in aviation, information technology and  has a long term interest in the military and politics. He is a strong activist against injustice and hypocrisy.

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