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ARAB UPRISINGS: Time-Out For Israel Is Over

History is taking a new turn in the Middle East and so is the Arab-Israeli conflict.

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat / Staff Writer   

Muammar Gaddafi

 “I have not yet ordered the use of force, not yet ordered one bullet to be fired … when I do, everything will burn.” 
 .. Shouted Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, and pounded his fist in a furious speech to the Libyan people.

He referred to the Libyan protesters who called for his stepping down from office as stray dogs, rats and drugged youth, he even went so far as to follow the American vogue trend and amusingly alleged that this uprising was orchestrated by Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda.

For anyone who’s not familiar with Gaddafi or haven’t seen or heard him talk, this might come as a total shock for what came in that speech and the rude and threatening tone in which it was delivered represented the ultimate paranoia and detachment from reality any dictator could reach. Even the Arabs and Libyans familiar with Gaddafi have also been stunned by his outrageous and humiliating words.      

Haunted by the successful ousting of the leaders of two neighboring countries of Egypt and Tunisia, Gaddafi has already set up his mind not to follow in the footsteps of Zine Elabedine or Mubarak. Contemplating the scenarios of the two uprisings, He reached one conclusion and one conclusion only; he would not make any concessions nor start a dialogue with the protesters.    

The Libyan leader has decided to show no leniency in dealing with this uprising – which he never saw it coming his way- he relentlessly began to crack down on protesters allowing his paramilitary and mercenary forces to use live ammunition in a desperate attempt to crush the revolt leaving thousands wounded and dead so far.    

Historical changes

The uprising of the Libyan people is bound to succeed; it is only a matter of time before another Arabic tyrant falls down in the convulsing Arabic countries in North Africa & the Middle East.    

And as the unprecedented images of the millions of Egyptian protesters swarming Tahrir Square in Cairo gave the world the truest picture of people longing for free and dignified life, the Gaddafi’s pathetic speech and his crimes against the Libyans gave the perfect example of a dictator with delusions of grandeur nearing utter insanity.    

Gaddafi’s harsh reaction to the uprising has evoked worldwide resentment and contempt of the Libyan regime which in a rare and historical moment of truth has been stripped off its fake patriotic masquerade and exposed its stark contempt and exploitation of the Libyan people for the entire world to see.    

Arab popular uprisings

 The Arab world is witnessing historical changes nowadays; it has proven beyond most political analysts and observers` expectations, no one has clearly seen this coming. As a matter of fact, there Were some speculations of upheavals and uprisings across the Middle East but they were expected to erupt amongst the economically underprivileged communities, as there has been speculated in Egypt with this reiterated talk amongst the intelligentsia of what they called “revolution of the hungry” 
 To everybody’s amazement, the Arab people- in Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia – did not revolt against the ruling regimes out of economic and political grievances only but mainly out of a deeply rooted sense of humiliation, contempt and injustice by autocratic and self-serving regimes.    

The people who were marching in Tunisia or Bahrain were neither starving nor homeless, they were the middle class taking to the streets, camping out on squares, bleeding on the streets and even willing to die on the streets for one cherished goal of change. The change in the Arab world means dealing with a lot of socio-economic grievances but change in the broader sense means changing the way those Arab people have been ruled in the last decades.    

Regardless of what some observers are saying of a conspiracy theory behind this expanding phenomenon and the alleged covert role of the American CIA or Israeli Mossad in these uprisings, the thing that sounded absolutely ridiculous and rather offending to the young generations steering this heroic uprisings and who have been totally underrated for their abilities to spark a new dawn over the political horizon of the region, these uprisings proved that those same American and Israeli covert policies in their close support and collaboration with most dictatorships in the Arab world are to be partly blamed for lingering and maintaining such regimes in power knowing how much corrupt they have been.    

Israel, as a Middle Eastern nation and being in conflict with the Arab world, has substantially benefited from decades of neighboring dictatorships oppressing the Arab people and denying them their true demands and aspirations, after all Israel is an oppressive regime and a military dictatorship whose aims runs counter to most arab people’s and which acted with more audacity in an environment of surrounding and lingering political dictatorships.   

 For decades the Arab people ached and felt for their Palestinian brothers and their political right to their homeland, but there was not much they could do, with all this corrupt and backstage policy by corrupt and traitorous regimes. Israel has been able to illegally grab most of Palestine’s land but at the same time failed to hijack the all Arabs’ dream of free Palestine. The Arab voices always wanted free Palestine and liberated Jerusalem; this is the actual  Arab street policy.    

The Arab-Israeli game

After being internationally recognized as a new nation amidst Arab countries in 1948 and in order to serve its aggressive and expansionist policy in Palestine, Israel needed time-more than anything else- to make those new Zionist geo-political findings as facts on the ground and nothing seemed to serve those end goals better than ever new Israeli aggressions, strong and blind support from the united states and backstage deals with authoritarian and corrupt Arab rulers, whom while trying to guarantee their grip on power, were willing to give Israel more than she even asked for.    

 Arab rulers gave Israel the long peace and quiet on the Egyptian and Jordanian borders, they gave her the normalization of political relations with Tel Aviv offered by many capitols in the Arab world from Doha/Qatar in the east to Rabat/Morocco in the far west and even some of the corrupt negotiators of the Palestinian authority have offered to give Israel unbelievable concessions regarding the hot topics of the west bank and East Jerusalem thus denying millions of Palestinians the right to return to their homeland as revealed lately by the Palestine papers leaked by Aljazeera.    

Egyptian Revolution

 These Arabic uprisings are obviously grassroots movements gaining momentum by the power of the people all across the Arab world, no country is considered immune from this revolutionary tide in the Middle East as expectations have been growing that the strong wind of change would reach as far as Damascus and Tehran.    

Amidst that unprecedented tide of change Israel is caught up in amazement with her ongoing plan for inciting another American military suicide in Iran undeterred and covering the whole west bank with settlements shamefully uninterrupted by the white house.    

Part of the rage displayed by the people in these uprisings is at the Israeli aggression and the crimes committed against their Palestinian brothers as one of the major and obvious demands of the Egyptian January 25th revolution is to stop exporting the Egyptian crude natural gas to Israel in a clear message that urges the Egyptian government to stop supporting and collaborating with the occupying and aggressive Zionist regime.    

The Arabic street is the one who is calling the shots now, the coming Arab policies will try and reflect the pulse of the Arabic street. The united Arab sounds are to be heard at last where no American veto could come out to obliterate the truth and where no need to waste more than one million innocent Arabs to allegedly get rid of a dictator.    

 It is time for the Palestinian intifada to spread beyond the borders of Palestine. It is time for Arab solidarity to come into action and effect and for pan-Arabism to be revived again; it is time for the Arab-Israeli conflict to be conducted by regimes that won’t sell out the Palestinian cause in secret.    

All the Arab authoritarian regimes like that of Gaddafi will soon come to an end; History is taking a new turn in the Middle East and so is the Arab-Israeli conflict.    

Israel’s bargain with corrupt Arab dictatorships is over. These corrupt regimes have given Israel the greatest gifts of all, namely time to allow and fortify the Zionist expansion on the ground. The time out for Israel in the Arab-Israeli game is over. Another round is soon to begin with hopefully new rules.    

For more articles by Dr.Ashraf Ezzat visit his website ” Pyramidion”    

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