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Big Sis’ Superbowl Sideshow: Invading Our Lives With Fear

Kurt Nimmo
Saturday, February 5, 2011

Earlier this week, Department of Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano traveled to Arlington, Texas, where the Super Bowl will be held to shill the government’s recently unveiled “If You See Something, Say Something” propaganda campaign.

“We are partnering this year with the NFL on our ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ campaign and launching that NFL partnership right here at the Super Bowl,” Napolitano said during a press conference on Monday at Cowboy Stadium.

“The idea is simple,” she continued. “We are simply asking the American people to be vigilant, recognizing that our security is a shared responsibility that all of us must participate in. If a fan at the Super Bowl or any other American at any other place sees something that is potentially dangerous, then say something about it to local law enforcement or someone in authority.”

DHS is also working with federal, state, local and private sector partners to support security efforts at the Super Bowl through additional personnel, technology and resources, according to a DHS press release.

Public-private partnerships are the very essence of what used to be called fascism.

The DHS trained around 1,200 stadium employees as “first observers” and the venue has become a high profile showcase for a concerted effort by the government to expand the Gestapo zone concept from airports to stadiums and eventually malls and other public buildings.

“In these current times you would be shortsighted, really, not to have gone to the nth degree to design security and security equipment and security areas … and this stadium represents that,” Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, told CNN on Friday.

Fans attending the game this weekend can expect the same kind of intrusive procedures they might endure at an airport, including passing through magnetometers and TSA-like pat-downs.

Small bags will be searched and jackets will be X-rayed, reports the Kansas City Star. A large number of items will not be allowed in the stadium, including camcorders, tripods, camera cases, binocular cases, umbrellas, strollers, grills, tents, poles, sticks, banners, noisemakers, horns, beach balls, Frisbees, laser lights and pointers, containers of any type, coolers of any size, backpacks, bottles, cans, and hairspray.

Such in-your-face control is instrumental to the effort by the government to get us to accept ever increasing intrusive behavior by brutish police goons and other authorities. It is part of an ongoing effort to convince you that the dictates of the state and its phony war on manufactured terrorism negate your private space and personal liberty.

Team vehicles will have have RFID credentials and will be tracked in real-time. Frank Supovitz, NFL senior vice president, told reporters in Texas his organization will use GPS to track cars, limos, and buses that will be carrying teams, officials, and VIPs. Credentials will be checked against a database pre-loaded with names and photos.

Jones said the stadium has perches for snipers. Video cameras will record every inch of the stadium. During the game the airspace for a 30-mile radius over the stadium will be restricted and patrolled by NORAD fighter jets.

Bomb-sniffing dogs, gun-toting police and cops trained to detect suspicious behavior are part of the TSA teams already deployed on the region’s DART transit system, according to CNN.

National Nuclear Security Administration teams will move through Arlington with equipment to detect radioactive isotopes of the sort emitted by a dirty bomb. Debbie Wilber of the NNSA said the administration’s sensors picked up 10 hits at the 2010 Super Bowl. It turned out the hits had nothing to do with al-Qaeda or Muslims who hate us for our freedom to watch football – they were the result of nuclear medicine.

“We have 10 bomb squads and federal agencies involved in this endeavor,” Stephen Lea, assistant fire marshal with the Arlington Fire Department, told Discovery News.

The government has gone over the top in its effort to exploit the Super Bowl and use it as a showcase for its emerging police state – additional resources that will be available include: chemical and biological detection devices, bomb-retrieving robots, high-tech weaponry, and even a small unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with a camera capable of flying inside the stadium.

The bomb-retrieving robots are made by the Northrup Grumman robotics company Remotec. One of the robots, known as the Andros F5, is sturdy enough to pull a trailer hitch and is studded with with cameras, microphones and two-way communication.

There will be huge Big Brother telescreens at the game displaying DHS propaganda. Government PSAs are also now prominently displayed at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and on the local DART transit system.

In its story on Big Sis and the Super Bowl, CNN mentioned the Tucson shooting and a string of absurd homegrown terror incidents provocateured by the FBI. These sensationalistic events are crucial to the propaganda campaign designed to get us accustomed to ever increasing intrusions by the state and sell us on the ridiculous idea that al-Qaeda will strike at any moment.

The DHS “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign is the centerpiece of the latest push to turn America into a high-tech police and Stasi snoop state.

From the DHS press release cited above:

Over the past six months, DHS has worked with its federal, state, local and private sector partners, as well as the Department of Justice, to expand the “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign and the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative—an administration effort to train state and local law enforcement to recognize behaviors and indicators related to terrorism, crime and other threats; standardize how those observations are documented and analyzed; and expand and enhance the sharing of those reports with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and DHS—to communities throughout the country. The “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign has recently been launched in Minnesota and New Jersey, as well as to more than 9,000 federal buildings nationwide, Walmart, Mall of America, the American Hotel & Lodging Association, Amtrak, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, the sports and general aviation industries, and state and local fusion centers across the country.

Last month we reported on the DHS effort to convert Walt-marts around the country into Stasi snoop zones. As noted above, the DHS plans to expand this program to Mall of America, the American Hotel & Lodging Association, the sports and general aviation industries.

“We now know how that expansion will manifest itself – with Americans at every level of society being trained that activities such as using cash, not having a credit card, taking pictures or video footage, asking questions, and wearing certain items of clothing are all suspicious and should be reported, while being coerced into living in constant fear of terror, when in reality they are more likely to die from peanut allergies, lightning strikes, or accident-causing deer than terrorist attacks,” Paul Joseph Watson noted on January 20.

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