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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Diplomats don’t carry guns. They aren’t supposed to drive around in cars, shooting and running people over.

We have seen this behavior a lot recently, part of a pattern of organized banditry, terrorism and mayhem America used to call the Global War on Terror. That war is over, written off as a joke.  The behaviors are there, the killings, the drones, the torture.

We now call it diplomacy and the thugs are “diplomats.”

We can only imagine what they do.  We have seen their parties, gay sex orgies in Kabul.  We have seen the photos from Abu Ghraib.  We have seen the bodies, children, women, the aged, anyone unable to duck gunfire from the window of a Humvee or black Chevy Tahoe.

Now our own State Department claims these thugs are diplomats?  What could they be thinking?  Even the dullest witted mainstream news monkey has to know the reason for America’s bluster.

One of the “holy warriors” used to keep the world aflame has been caught and Hillary Clinton will go to any extreme to cover her tracks.

What is Raymond Davis?  Does he look like a terrorist?  He certainly quacks like one.  Governments have always given spies “cover” as diplomats.  We see them on TV all the time, the action hero at the embassy ball, tuxedo, champagne glass, continually touching his ear or talking into his sleeve.

They always carry the title of “Cultural Attache” but everyone understands.  That is the movies, fiction, the truth has taken on a nasty turn.


Two carloads of “Cultural Attaches” blundering through Lahore, a city a million miles from the war or even Pakistan’s government.  Lahore is known for one thing, terror attacks that make no sense at all.  Lahore is a “soft target,” a huge city sitting on the Indian border, far from any Taliban terrorists, far from the seat of government.  Lahore is a city held in the grip of terror by continual bombings that, as we have said before, make no sense.

Raymond Davis has supplied the answer.  His training?  Davis is “black ops.”

“Black ops” is the friendly term for terrorism, usually reserved for our enemies.  When we blow up a bus or murder a scientist, that’s a “black op.”  When we plant a car bomb in a crowded marketplace in a friendly country, an ally, is that a “black op” or is it terrorism?

What Davis is accused of isn’t new.  Americans have been arrested for driving around Afghanistan, shooting people at random, throwing hand grenades into crowds.  Americans haven’t been arrested for breaking into homes, dozens of them, murdering entire families “by mistake.”  Americans haven’t been arrested for drone attacks that seem to leave rows of corpses, always so many children among them, burned and dismembered, just like the photos of the “precision attacks” on Gaza.

Raymond Davis had been in Afghanistan many times.


America is claiming Davis is a diplomat.  A 5 minute search of the definitions of diplomats and the nature of diplomatic immunity dispels this quickly.  Davis, at best is “staff.”  Staff are not “diplomats” and can never be called such.  The use of the term “diplomat” is a lie in every way and form.  This is embarrassing.

Embassy “staff” have “limited immunity.”  An embassy valet can’t be arrested if he is picking up the ambassador’s dry cleaning and gets into a car accident.  If the “valet” uses a dry cleaner 20 miles away, forgets his “tickee” and shoots two people, he needs a good lawyer.  No diplomatic immunity applies.  Valet, gardener, “consultant,” all the same.  Stay on embassy ground or leave only on official business.

Is America telling Pakistan that Davis and his friends were on “official business?”  Have they explained exactly what that business is?  I can’t wait to hear this one.

Hey, what does it matter.  Pakistan is notoriously corrupt.  Wait a couple of weeks, slip a few hundred thousand bucks into the right pockets and it will all be forgotten.

It would be a lot easier if America didn’t start lying before they could get the old grey cells stimulated.  According to America’s new “redefinition” of diplomatic immunity,  gardeners, cooks, parking attendants can start raping school girls, shooting up hospital waiting rooms, pretty much anything they want.

Expect news stories like the following:

The Daily Scab

“Serving It Up for 150 years So Far”


Dallas (DS) Reymon Daviski, a wine steward at the Whatsylvania consulate in Dallas, Texas has been arrested for killing 7 children today in what police describe as a “brutal attack.”  Witnesses claim Daviski entered the playground with a large kitchen knife and began attacking children.  Two, ages 5 and 6, were decapitated while 5 more died of stabbings and lacerations.  3 of those had their throats slit.  15 more students were injured before teachers and local police could surround Daviski.

Ann Marks, a 3rd grade teacher describes the scene.  “He was soaked in blood, crazed look in his eyes.  Then he suddenly stopped, dropping his blood soaked knife to the ground and quietly said two words, ‘diplomatic immunity.’”

Foreign Minister Ivan Scumski of Whatsylvania has characterized the incident as a grave violation of international law and has demanded the release of the diplomat Daviski.  Press stories around the world report that Daviski was responding to an attack by the children reporting that weapons had been recovered at the scene.

Foreign Minister Scumski noted, “There were reports of crimes nearby, several parking violations and a check forgery, Daviski was obviously aware of these and at a heightened sense of alert.”

This is the kind of lawlessness that America is advocating and, one thing we can be certain of, America is going to be very sorry.  Since America officially considers any employee of a diplomatic mission above all accountability, even for multiple murders, imagine what the North Koreans at the United Nations in New York can do with a few pounds of anthrax and a canister of VX nerve gas.  The army misplaced a bit of that stuff awhile ago, enough to wipe out New York  City.  Did they recover it?  Do we know?  Do we believe them?  If a diplomat like Raymond Davis gets ahold of it, we can kiss 8 million people goodbye.


American diplomats have special black passports, titles like “attache” or “consul general,” and hardly ever shoot anyone, except on TV.  When I received a diplomatic appointment as “Envoy Extraordinary” all I knew was what I had seen on TV.  Could I park in the middle of the street, run over children in the road like Mussolini and slap airport customs and security people?  This is what the United States Department of State is trying to sell, the TV version of a diplomat but without some of the nasty details.

Real diplomats are assigned, not hired or contracted for.  The Department of State submits an application to the host country, Pakistan in this case, for a Diplomatic VisaRaymond Davis didn’t have one of these.  He was on a “business visit” to Pakistan.

When the visa is issued by the host country, the new diplomat applies for a diplomatic credential from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Davis didn’t have one of these.  He wasn’t a diplomat.

Without a special diplomatic visa and accreditation, the only other way to limit exposure by embassy or military mission personnel is through a Separation of Forces Agreement (SOFA). Davis isn’t one of these either.  He is a civilian of sorts.

The origins of such agreements were in the colonial treaties of the 19th century, more “gunboat diplomacy” than international relations.  Agreements, such as those between Britain, Japan, Russia, France , Germany and China which included provisions for “extraterritoriality” (AKA extrality) eliminated legal exposure for all citizens of what were known as the “treaty powers.”

The Boxer Rebellion was, to a significant extent, a reaction to such treaties.  There are distinct parallels between demands for extrality made at “gunpoint” against China in the 19th century and America’s claim of diplomatic immunity for Raymond Davis in 21st century Pakistan.


The “Davis incident,” now being reported as a double homicide with forensic evidence and witness testimony indicating the victims were shot in the back multiple times while fleeing, is a disaster for US/Pakistan relations.  There are no SOFA agreements in place because the government of Pakistan pretends there are no American military forces in Pakistan, something everyone knows is simply not true.  In giving this deniability to Pakistan, the status of Americans operating in a counter-insurgency roll lacks any legal protections.

Further complicating the issue is the general belief, not just by anti-American groups inside Pakistan but by leaders friendly to US as well, that groups operating inside Pakistan representing themselves to be CIA or State Department are working directly in conjunction with Indian and Israeli intelligence agencies, groups that are sworn enemies of Pakistan.  With many of the contracting firms working for, not only the Department of Defense but State, the CIA and even USAID, owned by Americans who are openly disdainful of their loyalties to their own country and its form of government, the secret reports tying such groups to acts of terrorism, even to direct support of troops fighting against Americans in the field, have fallen on deaf ears.

They are that powerful.

Could this explain why an American “consultant” would shoot down two people in broad daylight on a public street and expect to get away with it?  Is it because he knows his employers are, in fact, more powerful than the American government itself?

View the original article at Veterans Today

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