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“Truly, God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” (Quran 13:11)

“When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right.”
–Victor Hugo

By Mohamed Khodr / Veterans Today

FREEDOM!!!   Yes, the Arabs have finally awakened and found their voice to utter their God given right to live in Freedom and their democratic right to choose their leaders.   Every human being is born free but may not live free depending on the political powers that shape, dominate, and oppress his or her life.

Young Egyptians continue their quest for freedom from Mubarak’s regime.  They have shed their blood and are risking their lives and livelihood to achieve their aims of a Mubarak free zone including from his spymaster torturer treasonous Vice President Omar Suleiman and the other military junta of a Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.   Only in America and Europe does freedom for Egypt mean replacing a murderous brutal military dictator with his similarly murderous military lapdogs.

To hold on to power Mubarak has adopted several strategies:  Kill, injure, and imprison protesters; unleash his secret police and hired thugs to attack peaceful protesters on horseback and camels; launch Pro Mubarak protests that led to clashes and can ultimately lead to civil war; adopt a media strategic public relations campaign on state television that broadcast nationalist and patriotic programs and music, show the concessions of his regime and the rejection of these lawless thugs in Liberation Square; use his hired Muslim and Christian leaders and scholars to denounce the protests as unreligious and divisive, and show his lackey Omar Suleiman sitting with unknown young people discussing the movement forward while keeping Mubarak president.

The foundational sign of Mubarak’s allegiance to America and Israel is his unconscionable dismissal of his own people’s demands and his negotiation with the United States on the future of Egypt.

That’s where the allegiance of all Arab tyrants lies, never with the basic needs of their people but meeting the need of America for cheap oil and Israel’s demand to eliminate all “Islamist” opposition to its decades long choking and murder of millions of Palestinian civilians:  A brutality supported by the American and European freedom loving democracies.

But the young protesters are unrelenting and demand Mubarak’s ouster a man whose family according to the Guardian has amassed a $70 Billion fortune while 40% of the population lives under poverty making less than $2 a day (World Bank).

Mubarak with the support of the American financed, trained, and bribed military is able to hold on to power thus far by the thread of America’s schizophrenic foreign policy that on one hand espouses and supports democracy and on the other hand supports the stability of the status quo.  This dual hypocritical and contradictory foreign policy has been a historical hallmark of U.S. foreign policy from Latin America, to the Middle East, Asia, to the Philippines.  Only when the populace opposition reaches a critical tipping point does America finally withdraw its carpet from under these dictators and declares that all along its been supportive of the populace demand for freedom.

The Obama’s administration displays this contradiction when Obama’s envoy to Mubarak, Frank G. Wisner (Jewish), a former Ambassador to Egypt, Former Pro-Egyptian lobbyist and Board member of a major Egyptian bank, proclaimed that Mubarak “should stay”, only to be contradicted by the State Department that this is his personal not official view.   Obama’s vague declaration for an “orderly transition” embodies a policy that embraces this hypocritical duality of supporting a dictator while giving some semblance of support for regime change.

Thus America’s and Europe’s call for the spread of democracy in “failed” states means a nation can have a democracy but only with a winner acceptable to their interests.   Hence the appropriate motto for these “freedom” loving civilized nations is:   YOU VOTE,  BUT WE DECIDE.

Given that there is no chance of the United States losing cheap oil from Arab States, its policy in the region hinges on two factors.  It’s blind outrageous support for the Apartheid, racist, genocidal nation of Israel, -and the total ignorant and unhealthy opposition to the so called “Islamist” countries like Iran or political parties such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hezbollah, and Hamas.   Although Syria is a secular state America considers it an enemy state because it opposes Israel’s illegal occupation of its land, the Golan Heights, and its ethnic cleansing and daily murder of innocent Palestinians, including children.

No greater example of western hypocrisy and double standards exists than the 2006 Palestinian free and democratic elections certified by the Carter Center and U.N. international observers that led to Hamas’ victory in the election.  Although these elections were demanded by Israel, the U.S., and the E.U. hoping that their client Palestinian Authority would win, the outcome of Hamas’ victory shocked them and deemed unacceptable.   Thus the troika besieged Gaza, with Mubarak’s active involvement, and its 1.5 million people for the last four years giving Israel the green light to commit several genocidal attacks upon an imprisoned concentration camp.

Mubarak, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the Gulf States were supportive of killing Gazans to eliminate Hamas and of Israel’s 2006 destruction of Lebanon to eliminate Hezbollah.   Hezbollah and Hamas are stronger than ever.

Is it any surprise that Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Palestinian Authority support Mubarak’s regime, damn with the long suffering Egyptians.

We’ve seen the consequences of the Bush-Blair spread of democracy in Iraq that led to an illegal invasion, genocide, and total destruction of a sovereign nation that eight years later has no democracy but instability and daily carnage.

Here are a few comments supportive of Mubarak by western leaders–for Israel’s sake, opportunity to bomb Iran, and conservative’s fear mongering that the Muslim Brotherhood has already infiltrated the Obama administration :

  • Dick Cheney: “Mubarak is a good friend and U.S. ally”
  • Tony Blair: Mubarak is “immensely courageous, and a force for good.”   (Blair is the Quartet’s Peace Envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:  Wikileak Cables shows his strong Pro Israel Bias, what a surprise from the butcher of Baghdad)
  • Senator John McCain: called the Egyptian populist movement a “virus” that threatens Israel.
  • State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley: “We respect what Egypt contributes to the region, it is a stabilizing force, it has made its own peace with Israel, and is pursuing normal relations with Israel, we think that’s important, we think that’s a model that the region should adopt broadly.”      (Interview on Al Jazeera English: January 26, 2011:

(The State Department supported Democracy for Tunis but not for Egypt due to its potential impact on Israel)

  • Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John: Bolton: Defends Mubarak pointing out “substantial economic growth” under his rule and warned that his downfall would “speed” the need to attack Iran.
  • He further said: “I think the fall of the Egyptian government committed to the Israeli peace agreement will almost certainly speed that timetable up.”
  • Israel: “Shocked by Obama’s Betrayal of Mubarak “(Reuters: January 31, 2011)
  • Frank Gaffney, former Reagan Assistant Secretary of Defense and leading Neoconservative says: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Has ‘Infiltrated’ The Federal Government.  He identifies Federal Government officials who do the bidding of “stealth jihadists.” As–John Brennan, Obama’s Chief Counterterrorism Advisor, Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper, and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano: (ThinkProgress, February 1, 2011)

In simple terms America’s foreign policy in the Arab world has stupidly adopted and wholly swallowed Israel’s propaganda garbage that:

What’s good for Israel is good for America.

Today the U.S. is paying heavily for this stupidly incredulous Nazi inspired Zionist propaganda.

America’s only remaining alternative to salvage its presence and credibility in the Arab Muslim world is to break the Israeli chains around its political, economic, and military institutions.

While Arabs seek to overthrow their tyrants, Americans must overthrow the chokehold of the Israeli tyrant in Washington D.C.  This journey has begun.

The main obstacle facing the courageous protesters is that their protest is spontaneous and leaderless.   They are Christians and Muslims from all walks of life who responded to an internet and social media call to overcome their fear and launch a freedom popular uprising.   But tragically they are not organized and have no spokespersons.   The established political parties have split on whether to negotiate with the neo-tyrant Omar Suleiman or not on concession crumbs to end the protest and leave Mubarak in his tyrannical chair.

You must organize and coalesce behind a spokesman or adopt a political party or parties to speak on their behalf.   You must not accept Mubarak to remain in power in any shape or form.  You must reject the military thug rule of the Vice President, Prime Minister, and Minister of Defense.  You must never allow the military to enter politics or rule again.  You must demand the dissolution of Mubarak’s parliament, develop a new constitution, demand a total amnesty for all protesters, human rights activists, journalists, and release all political and prisoners of conscience.

This is a difficult undertaking but one that must be taken lest the protest fizzle and Mubarak wins.   This is a test of wills between those who demand freedom and the tyranny of the American and Israeli military regime.

You must never give up, never, never, and tell Mubarak and his backers that Egypt is no longer for sale but is the land of an independent population to choose their leaders democratically and adopt policies in their own national interest even if it means tearing up the peace treaty with the Zionist killing machine.

They must read, adopt, and shout the following poem by the Tunisian poet Abu Al Qasim -Al-Shabi:

“To the Tyrants of the World”

“Oppressive tyrant, lover of darkness, enemy of life

You have ridiculed the size of the weak people

Your palm is soaked with their blood

You have deformed the magic of existence

And planted the seeds of sorrow in the fields

Beware, for below the ash there is fire

And he who grows thorns reaps wounds

Look there, for I have harvested the heads of mankind

And the flowers of hope

And I have watered the heart of the earth with blood

I soaked it with tears until it was drunk

The river of blood will sweep you

And the fiery storm will devour you

If one day, a people desires to live, then fate will answer their call;

And their night will then begin to fade, and their chains break and fall.”

Muslims don’t hate us for our freedoms; they hate us for our lack of freedom from Israel’s control and domination.

May God support your efforts, Oh Beautiful Egyptians, and may He grant you victory over the oppressors in Egypt and abroad.

God Bless

Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim born in the Middle East.  He is political activist who frequently writes on the plight of Palestinians living under the brutal occupation of Israel, U.S. Foreign Policy, Islam, and Arab politics.

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