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JB Campbell: Anatomy of a Frame

As VT readers know, the Pentagon was hit by a Soviet-era naval cruise missile called the Granit, known by the US government as the Shipwreck, because that’s what it does: wrecks big ships such as aircraft carriers. Unlike normal cruise missiles, it is made of steel and weighs 7.7 tons. It goes 2.5 Mach and cannot be stopped by any sort of anti-aircraft weapon. It hits ships right at the waterline, which is why the 12 foot holes in the six capital (structural outer) walls of the Pentagon began right above ground level without harming a blade of grass on the lawn out front.

This isn’t about the Granit but rather the innocent man whom the FBI and “Justice Department” are trying to frame for supplying it to the 9-11 terrorists. And they probably would have gotten away with the frame but for the intrepid staff writer for Veterans Today, Dimitri Khalezov.

The innocent man in this Hitchcock-style story is a Russian-German named Victor Bout. Victor established an air freight business in war-torn Africa when the other companies shut down their operations due to unpredictable violence in many African countries. Victor stepped in with his fleet of well-used but serviceable cargo haulers and did quite well for some years. When the violence subsided, the competitors got going again and arranged for Victor’s business to be excluded. He finally gave up and returned to Russia.

Victor Bout (pronounced “boot”) pretty much stayed home and read books or watched television for a couple of years. His wife, Alla, had a small fashion agency in Moscow and they survived on her income. But it was during this down-time that Victor is alleged to have arranged to supply shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles to the military wing of the Columbian Communist Party, FARC. Except the FBI doesn’t really mean it. That was just the excuse to shanghai him to New York and accuse him (secretly) of supplying the Granit cruise missile to the terrorists, whom they do not name. They can’t, because that would reveal to the world what really happened on September 11, 2001.

So there Victor was, watching TV in Moscow, when a Russian friend, Andrew Smulian, persuaded him to go with him to Thailand to meet with possible buyers of his last cargo plane, which was sitting in the Emirates. Victor had nothing better to do and really needed to sell that plane. Accompanying them was a new friend, a Russian colonel who would supposedly help them through Thai immigration. When they arrived in Bangkok, all three were arrested by the Thai police on behalf of the FBI, for attempting to sell SAMs to FARC. Victor’s new colonel friend was, the same day, put on a plane back to Moscow. Smulian was allowed to escape whereupon he left for New York where he was temporarily arrested by the FBI and then released. Victor was railroaded by the cooperative Thai public prosecutor and rendered to the FBI, extradited recently to New York and now sits in the infamous Metropolitan Corrections Center, scheduled for trial in September.

Why would the Russian government cooperate with the FBI to arrest and send an innocent Russian to be imprisoned? Well, the Russian government had not been strictly truthful when it told the world that all of the Granit missiles were recovered from the sunken submarine, Kursk, which went down with all hands on August 12, 2000. At least one of them was stolen and found its way into the capable hands of the notorious Israeli hit-man, Mike Harari, thence into the Pentagon thirteen months later.

The FBI doesn’t want to go there. It also doesn’t want to go near any public mention of the Granit missile. But, thanks to Dimitri Khalezov, the FBI’s entire fake case against Victor Bout is going to collapse.

Some wild and crazy things have been charged against Victor Bout, besides the surface to air missiles going to FARC. He is alleged to have personally flown Osama Bin Laden various places. This despite the fact that he is not a pilot, but only an owner of airplanes. Victor is alleged to be a trafficker in arms, which may be strictly true in the sense that the air cargo business in Africa involves the legal shipment of military items. What’s in the crates is irrelevant and not always possible to discern. I once asked my friend, Bob Hitchman, the most famous pilot for Air America in Laos and Vietnam, if he had ever flown heroin? He said, “Not knowingly. Some of the guys did. But, when the customer calls you and you land in a poppy field and they put a big box on board and tell you to take it to Bangkok, you pretty much know what’s inside. But for me, it was part of the job with no extra pay, although some guys worked it for extra pay.” Bangkok was the location of Richard Armitage’s Far East Trading Company, the main opium and heroin depot since the CIA’s wars in Laos and Vietnam.

That’s the nature of the freight business, here, there and everywhere. But the SAM missiles to FARC is a bogus charge to get a Russian patsy to take the fall for supplying the Granit missile. Not to Mike Harari, of course, but to “al-Qaeda!” And it needs to be a Russian because the Granit was Russian.

The Hitchcock part becomes apparent with the fate of Victor’s earnest and capable Russian lawyer, Yan Dasgupta, who was putting up an effective defense against the FBI railroad job when he suddenly and mysteriously died last August, allegedly due to his doctor prescribing a medication to which he was allergic. Yan was a prominent attorney in Moscow yet his death was not announced until three weeks later!

The “Columbian FARC rebels” who tried to inveigle Victor into selling SAM missiles were actually agents of the US Drug Enforcement Administration. Victor had no idea what they were talking about, since he was there to sell an airplane.

The FBI was trying to pin arms sales and fake passports for terrorists on Dimitri and he did over a year in the Bangkok jail fighting extradition to New York. He is today a free man because he could easily show how dishonest the whole idea is of the phantom CIA terror cell, “al-Qaeda,” buying mini-nukes and fake passports from Dimitri or FARC buying SAM missiles from Victor Bout.

Will the Granit become a news story, leaked by the FBI? Not likely, since it would prove that the US government has been lying ever since it began claiming that American Airlines Flight 77, a large Boeing 757, penetrated three rings of the Pentagon through twelve-foot holes and evaporated somewhere inside without a trace that it had ever existed. No, the Granit must not be named publicly, only in a secret court proceeding.

Victor Bout has been offered several deals by the FBI and “Justice Department” if he would just cop a plea. He has been twice offered immunity and US visas for himself and his family if he would admit to offering weapons to the Columbian Communist Party. Victor’s response was and is, “No. Let’s go to trial and you either show evidence or drop all charges against me.” They probably could have succeeded in putting Victor in prison for the rest of his life if not for his good friend, Dimitri Khalezov.

It is almost unbelievable that Victor Bout should have been brought by his treacherous friends to Bangkok for rendition to the US, because Bangkok is where Dimitri also lives. Dimitri has embarrassed the Thai prosecutor’s office for its efforts to rendition him to the US.

When it became known that Victor was in the Bangkok jail, Dimitri quite naturally visited his old friend, who comes from the same small village about forty miles from Moscow. Dimitri gave Victor the benefit of his successful experience fighting FBI extradition. Dimitri had given suggestions, one of which was to make a specific objection to Victor’s illegal detention. Unfortunately, during a three-day absence by Dimitri from Bangkok, the Russian embassy advised Victor’s naïve wife to ignore both Victor’s ill-fated Russian attorney, Yan Dasgupta, and Dimitri, who they said was in the pay of the FBI and was giving treacherous advice! Poor Alla believed the professional liars, and withdrew Victor’s motion. This withdrawal resulted in Victor losing his case against the illegal detention and his eventual extradition.

Now Victor is in the Manhattan mad house awaiting trial. This morning I spoke with his federal defender, Sabrina Shroff, in New York about a very strange request by Victor to bring in a New York attorney named Albert Y. Dayan. Ms. Shroff seemed puzzled as to why Victor would want this particular attorney to represent him. A search of this man’s name produces an alarming dossier. Dimitri suspects that the Russian consulate in New York has arranged for this man to sandbag Victor as he is alleged to have betrayed other Russians who have put their lives in his hands.

I also spoke with Barry Bachrach in Leicester, Massachusetts, who was recommended to Victor by investigative reporter Daniel Estulin. Mr. Bachrach plans to visit Victor in jail this week and prepare a real defense based on Dimitri’s extensive personal knowledge of the events leading up to September 11, 2001.

So this is a preliminary report to prepare VT readers for what is coming, although it was meant to be a secret. VT is leading the way to the truth of 9-11, thanks now entirely to staff writer Dimitri Khalezov and senior editor Gordon Duff, who is unique in world journalism in his recognition of the profound impact that Dimitri’s testimony is having and will continue to have on our understanding of what exactly happened and didn’t happen on September 11, 2001, a date which shall live in infamy since it produced two genocidal wars against innocent people and the framework of dictatorship here in the USA, not to mention the thousands of people slaughtered that day by Mike Harari and his fellow Mossad agents.

We have been saying that Dimitri offers a double dose of reality, namely the nuclear demolition plan for the WTC and Sears Tower based on the 1976 US/USSR treaty for the peaceful use of nuclear explosions that allowed 150 kiloton thermonuclear devices to be used to demolish the buildings. The second reality is Dimitri’s personal knowledge of the role of Mike Harari in the exploitation of this demo plan. But the third reality is Dimitri’s knowledge of the stolen Granit missile and its deployment by Mike Harari against the Pentagon, the keystone of the New York massacre and demolitions of the three WTC buildings, made possible by the mysterious release by Janes Defense the day before of the world’s first photos of the dreaded Shipwreck Granit cruise missile and a description of its 500 kiloton thermonuclear warhead. Mike Harari let the USG know what was coming and when it hit, he (as “Dr. Haji Mohammed Husseini”) warned the USG that there were now two identical thermonuclear bombs in the smoking holes u[ in the Twin Towers, and to prevent the evaporation of New York City, they’d better blow the buildings immediately. His bluff was a complete success, producing for Harari the greatest day of his life, as he gushed to his “friend,” Dimitri Khalezov a few hours later.

Victor Bout had nothing to do with the Granit and was as unaware of it as everyone else until he read Dimitri’s book while sitting in the Bangkok jail.

Veterans Today readers can now understand better why the FBI and “Justice Department” need to produce a patsy for the (so far) crime of the 21st Century. If the awful truth of the Granit, the nuke demo plan and Mike Harari becomes widely known, the US government could come down in a similar manner as Building 7.

And here is a good round-up of information on Victor by Dimitri Khalezov:

View the original article at Veterans Today

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