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KHODR : America Change Your Policies in the MidEast Or Lose It

Your choice.  Change now or forever hold your tongue and bombs. Time is running out.

by Muhamed KHODR / Veterans Today

In a few days, or less, Libya will be free from the 42 year rule of the mentally unstable, psychotic, arrogant, divisive, condescending, megalomaniacal leader and self proclaimed “King of Africa.” –Muammar Al-Ghaddafi.

Unlike the deposed Tunisian and Egyptian leaders, Al Ghaddafi is despised by all other Arab tyrants, thus he’ll have no home outside of Libya unless some African nation has pity on this butcher of his people.   In just 5 days he’s killed more than 300 civilians using snipers, secret police, Arab and African mercenaries, even his air force to bomb unarmed peaceful protesters

His son, Saif Al Islam, took to the airwaves on Sunday to give the most arrogant, incoherent, rambling and condescending speech—like father, like son.

In it he blamed outside agitators, Islamists, drugged men and children, drunkards, those taking hallucinogens. the Arab media, Facebook, emails, thugs hired by millionaire businessmen, and anything else he could think of on the spur of the moment.    All Arab tyrants when faced with opposition use these lies to explain the protests and justify their murderous crackdown.

He said the army had to defend itself against these mobs and thus killed a few Libyans, much less than was reported.

He warned of a civil war and a division of Libya.  Incredibly he gave credit to American oil companies for the unity of Libya. “American Oil Companies played a big part in unifying Libya. Who will manage this oil?”

He warned of Neo-Colonialism in Libya if an Islamic Government takes over (the bogeyman that frightens the West):

“The British FM called me.   Be ready for a new colonial period from America and Britain. You think they will accept an Islamic Emirate here”

The West will come and occupy you.  Europe and the West will not agree to chaos in Libya, to export chaos and drugs so they will occupy us.”

But true to the family’s tradition of eliminating and killing any opposition he threatened the Libyan people with this dire warning.

“Now comes the role of the National Guard and the Army…We will fight to the last man and woman and bullet. We will not lose Libya. We will not let Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya and BBC trick us.”

This is a desperation speech.  Al Gaddafi has lost Eastern Libya (Benghazi) with some military units joining the protesters.  The largest tribe in Libya has supported his downfall and other tribes have cut off oil pipelines.  Libyans by the tens of thousands are protesting in the capitol, Tripoli,  braving the bullets.

Shockingly but not unexpectedly, the U.S. and Europe took a few days to utter the mildest of comments against the slaughter of hundreds of Libyans and the injured thousands.    They simply asked for “restraint” to avoid more deaths.

If one Israeli soldier was hit by a stone in his America paid boot thrown by an elderly women who just lost her seven children to an Israeli missile you can depend on Obama at 3 a.m. to come out to the Rose Garden and issue this statement:

“Let me be clear.  Palestinian terrorism against innocent Israeli soldiers who are simply defending themselves and their lives against horrendous attacks must be condemned yesterday, today, and tomorrow.   There is no room for such violence and terrorism at a time when Prime Minister Netanyahu and I are working hard to restart the Peace Process which unfortunately the Palestinians are refusing using the excuse that I vetoed a simple U.N. Security Council Resolution against “illegal” settlements, when in fact they are not “illegal”, but as I’ve said all along, are “illegitimate”.  As our Ambassador to the U.N. Dr. Susan Rice so eloquently stated, passing such a Resolution would have led to more “illegitimate” settlements being built.  Thank You.”

Of Blood and Oil

With so many European and American oil companies doing business in Libya; Al Gadaffi can kill with impunity.

Ever since Oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Persian Gulf the region has endured European colonialism, Cold War competition, and finally total American hegemony of the region since 1956.

Oil is the life blood of the entire world but none more so historically than in Europe and the U.S.   Both are willing to launch wars and massacre millions if necessary to obtain cheap oil for their factories, transportation system, and personal vehicles.   Without oil America’s economy will die adding more fuel to the already bankrupt nation.

America has and will spill precious Arab blood to extract the oil from under their feet and sand dunes.  That’s what American Presidents since Franklin D. Roosevelt established as America’s premiere “national interest” in the region.

President Roosevelt met with King Abdul Aziz bin Saud of Saudi Arabia in February 14, 1945 aboard the USS Quincy in the Red Sea to come to a simple agreement:  You give us cheap oil, we’ll protect your monarchy and we won’t interfere in the Palestinian issue.

Later, President Jimmy Carter established The Carter Doctrine which declared the Persian Gulf and its oil fields of vital interest to the United States, and that any outside attempt to gain control in the area would be “repelled by use of any means necessary, including military force.”

President Reagan established regional CENTCOM’s (Central Commands around the world, renaming Carter’s initial “Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force: RDJTF).

Today CENTCOM is based in Qatar while the Fifth Fleet is based in Bahrain with military bases in the United Arab Emirates and Oman, among other nations.

The main purpose of CENTCOM, other than prosecuting the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, is to protect the oil flow out of the Persian Gulf, 30% of the world’s oil, and to contain any Iranian threat, even if it means the launching of an Israeli driven third American war.

Bottom Line:

America will protect its Oil Dictatorships even if it means the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Arabs.   As former Secretary Madeleine Albright said in an interview with Leslie Stahl on the American TV Program “60 minutes” when asked about the death toll caused by Iraqi sanctions.

Lesley Stahl: “We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?”

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.”          (60 Minutes (5/12/96)

To America the premiere policy in the MidEast is not establishing democracy but supporting and stabilizing the Status Quo.

American policy has always been short sighted, counter-productive, and frankly stupid in the Arab world.

Its umbilical cord ties to Israel where money and weapons flow from the American mother to the Israeli child has cost it dearly for 62 years.

Israel can do no wrong and American politicians are the most cowardly men and women in world politics, unable to even utter the word “no” to Israel as it unleashes American weapons into the hearts and brains of Palestinian children.

America’s long term support of Arab dictators resides on the simpleton principle:  As long as you give us cheap oil, allow our military bases in your lands, and fight “Islamic Fundamentalism”, you may annihilate the entire population for all we care.

The revolutions sweeping the Arab world, and shortly the Muslim world, starting with Pakistan, are a direct result of such American political stupidity and imperialism in the region.

Submitting to Israel and its genocidal policies and providing protection to murderous Arab tyrants if not changed will be the undoing of American interests in the region.

Given America’s political history it’s not hopeful that America will change its policy in the near future, but once the Arab monarchies in the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia fall, America will be the biggest loser of these revolutions and it will pay the heaviest price for its blind subservience to Israel.

America, make room for China, India, Russia, Brazil, and Japan, which will rapidly dump you as fast as you dump your dictators once their usefulness ends, in exchange for Arab oil and its economic survival.

Future beleaguered American generations will look upon this history and damn the day Israel occupied America and its lobby and Neocons ran its foreign policy.

“And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;”

–Star Spangled Banner, America’s National Anthem

The Rockets and Bombs must end, our relation with Israel and dictators must end, and we must start a respectful mutually beneficial relationship with 1.6 billion Muslims yearning for freedom and peace, and who in unity will end all Muslim terroristic groups.

Your choice.  Change now or forever hold your tongue and bombs. Time is running out.

Mohamed KHODR is an American Muslim born in the Middle East.  He is political activist who frequently writes on the plight of Palestinians living under the brutal occupation of Israel, U.S. Foreign Policy, Islam, and Arab politics.

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