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Was the Egyptian bombing a pre-emptive strike by Israel to prevent revolution?

By Dark Politricks

This is just pure speculation on my part but something twigged early tonight when I read some news stories in a couple of Rupert Murdoch’s rags (for that is what they are) about official statements coming out of Israel. The story was regarding an official statement concerning the uprising in Egypt and it claimed that they had not seen any of this trouble coming and had basically been caught with their pants down unprepared without any fore knowledge at all.

When I read this I thought to myself really? This is coming from the country that is reported to have a direct tap into most communications systems in the world including the White House.

A country that has some of the most powerful lobby groups ever known to man.

A country that can control a multitude of agents and politicians all across the world with direct links to terrorist groups everywhere  and they were supposedly caught totally unaware by the events now unfolding in Egypt?

Really? From the paper in question:

“There is no doubt that Israel was caught with its pants down,” said a minister in Israel‘s defense cabinet. “We were completely surprised by what is happening in Egypt right now. Nobody predicted this.”

Now before anyone calls me biased I am 100% cynical of any official statement no matter what form of officialdom it comes from. Whenever a minister or leader of any kind says one thing you are almost always nearer the truth if you think the opposite of what has been claimed.

This rule of thumb does not just apply to politicians either as it is a common feature in my national game of football that whenever the directors of a football club give the press an official statement that the manager has the full backing of the club. Or try to dispel rumours that a top player is unhappy and is glad to see out the end of their contract you can only be sure of one thing. That is that 99% of the time you would be perfectly safe in betting all that you have that the manager is about to be sacked and that the top player in question is already on their way out the door or on the transfer list.

Therefore I am suspicious of any claim that no-one knew that an uprising in Egypt was likely, especially when it comes from Israel. This is the country that we must remember is one of the leading proponents of game theory who play with countries and their peoples as if we they were only pieces on a chess board. This is definitely amplified when it comes to Egypt a country Israel has been to war with on multiple occasions and a country that is a hotbed of Israeli intelligence. In fact when Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin handed over control of Military Intelligence to General Afif Khufifi in November 2010 he claimed that:

Egypt represents the biggest playing field for Israeli military intelligence activity. This activity has developed according to plan since 1979.”

We also know for a fact that Israel and the USA share intelligence and we also know that Israel is at the top of the list along with China and Russia for countries that spy within the states with many recorded instances from Johnathan Pollard to the White house Wiretap to the 9.11 Art Students and many more.

Therefore when we find out the USA has been training some of the key players within the Egyptian rebel movement and that an attempted revolution to overthrow President Mubarak was planned for 2011 we can guarantee that the Israeli’s also knew about this plan one way or another whether it was from their American sources or from their many Egyptian agents.

We all know Israel puts it’s own interests above all others and security is key. For obvious reasons it would be very worried about the recent uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt as the outcome of any planned rebellion is never guaranteed.

Along with the USA and many other western countries they have been perfectly happy to pay lip service to democracy and modernisation whilst at the same time supporting and arming to the teeth dictators all over the region. In the grand scheme of things the human rights of millions of Egyptians comes second to having a bought and paid for leader who plays by their rules and succumbs to their every desire.

As Israel and the USA know from their own recent attempts at promoting democracy in Iraq and Palestine the people don’t always vote in the “right” party so to speak therefore it’s a lot easier to manage a strong man dictator rather than worry about another Islamic or pro-Iranian party being voted in by crazy Arabs who just don’t know what’s good for them.

It’s blatantly obvious that an Egypt that actually listened to the wishes of their people might not be so friendly to Israel. It might actually decide to do something to help their fellow Muslim brothers across the Sinai currently living in the biggest open air prison in the world instead of playing jailer. In fact a democratic Egypt that put human rights over the security of Israel might decide to open their end to the Gaza blockade and let in materials and food that so far have been blocked by both sides.

So taking Israel‘s legitimate concerns about security and it’s recent comments warning that:

Egypt could follow the path of Iran”.

Israel urges the world to curb criticism of Egypt’s Mubarak.”

“preserve stability in the region.”

“The Americans and the Europeans are being pulled along by public opinion and aren’t considering their genuine interests,”

Can we see the recent New Years day bombing in Egypt that killed 21 and injured 80 as a modern day Lavon affair designed to stoke up internal strife between Christians and Muslims in an effort to thwart the planned uprising that would have relied on national unity to be successful?

Egyptian intelligence sources blamed “foreign elements” which the western media took to mean Al Qaeda but many in Egypt believed that Israel had a roll to play and the bombing followed a recent round up of an Israel spy ring that revealed the following:

  • The Egypt-based Israeli ring had links with other Israeli espionage networks operating in Syria and Lebanon
  • The Mossad was conducting covert surveillance of the phone calls of top Egyptian officials.
  • Israel – in the post-Camp David era- is targeting the stability of Egypt by inciting the sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.
  • Israel was behind the mysterious cut of Egypt main Internet cable- connecting Egypt to the international network in January, 2008. The cut led to millions of dollars losses to the Egyptian economy especially the tourist sector.
  • The Mossad has recruited another Egyptian spy – still on the loose- who managed to infiltrate and work with the Islamists groups in Egypt.
Also there is a lot of evidence that Al Qaeda is a mere creation of an intelligence agency such as Mossad which is wheeled out from time to time in various countries to commit outrages that can then be used to further their own geo-political ambitions.
The Israeli’s have been caught using fake Al Qaeda terror cells all over the place from Palestine to Iraq and it seems that after 9.11 they found the perfect excuse to draw Americans into supporting their cause, rightly or wrongly, by framing it within the false “war on terror” paradigm.
Therefore to sum up:
  • Israel does not want democratic change in the countries that surround it as it fears the people will vote in pro-Iranian or Islamic parties as they have done in Gaza and Iraq. They would prefer to keep their bevy of corrupt dictators that ignore human rights and support Israeli interests.
  • Israel has a history of false flag attacks in Egypt and has recently been caught spying and stirring up trouble between Christians and Muslims.
  • Israeli agents like to pretend to be Al Qaeda agents from time to time. So much in fact that many people believe if Al Qaeda is in fact a real organisation it’s headquarters are a post office box in Tel Aviv.
  • A revolution in Egypt was planned for 2011.
  • The Americans were helping to train key players in this rebellion and there is a very high probability the Israelis knew about this plan.
  • If the New Year bombing had been successful in stirring up sectarian violence in a similar way to how Iraq fell apart due to Shi’a and Sunni violence the required national unity required for a successful national revolution wouldn’t have been possible.
Therefore there is a possibility that the New Year day bombing was a last roll of the dice by Israel aimed at stopping what they knew was coming which was a wave of revolts across North Africa and possibly the Middle East.
Unfortunately the bombing was unsuccessful in accomplishing any form of disunity as within the days following the blast the Christians and Muslims came together, just as they are doing now, to show the world how united they were.
Using an inspired idea of a human shield on the Orthodox Christmas day in which many Muslims turned out on the streets to form human shields around their fellow Egyptian Christians so that they could celebrate Christmas together in solidarity.
Tell me what you think about this idea. Do you believe Israel could have been complicit within the New Year Day’s bombing as an attempt to prevent the current national uprising or was it just a co-incidental attack by a “real” Al Qaeda terror cell.
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  1. gens says

    An interesting article:
    Why Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood isn’t the Islamic bogeyman
    Western fears of Islamist takeover in post-Mubarak Egypt are unfounded. During recent protests, the Muslim Brotherhood has demonstrated a commitment to peaceful political participation. The US now has an opportunity to support a truly democratic Egypt, including the Brotherhood.

  2. david says

    i agree100%, we’ve made mistakes as well has every one else and probably make more ,but keep playing watch this hand and we will pay, obama let’s take the high road and show the world we stand for what we believe in and will stand behind it 100% ,but no more behind closed doors tricks that we all know has been going on, the buck stops here !!! we are the US and we might take a little while to get a round the barn we’re a hell of a lot better country than any.

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