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WILLIAM COOK : “We the Forgotten People of the United States…”

Let’s admit it, the country has been stolen.

William A. Cook / STAFF WRITER

We thought we had used the democratic process to rid our country of George W. Bush by the peaceful election of a man who told Americans he would right the wrongs of that Zionist Cabal. Instead we have a houseboy doing the chores of his Mars, Netanyahu. How far can he fall? Is there no principle, no obsequious cringing, no personal shame he will not endure to pay homage to his masters? They have shackled him hands and feet, dragging him to the hanging tree, where he is now displayed for all to see, a beaten man sans hope, sans freedom, sans dignity, sans everything. And without remorse, they have rewritten the Constitution:

“We the Neo-Con Cabal working in the Obama administration in 2011, in order to form an exclusive club of faithful AIPAC owned contributors and Zionists United in the state of Israel, establish a clandestine corrupt government, the purpose of which is to undermine justice, create domestic instability through fear, provide our military industrial complex with billions of tax dollars to promote our own welfare, and secure to ourselves and our posterity the Liberty that comes with totalitarian indifference to all others by crushing them by coercion, threat, imprisonment, or death, and so ordain and establish this new Constitution to protect us from their wrath and their Courts of Justice.”

Such is the State of the Nation in this month of February, just three weeks into it, blessed we had hoped by the revolution of a truly free people, the people of Egypt, that taught us by show and tell how to be a government of the people, by the people , and for the people. Thus did they give us a chance to demonstrate that we, too, are a free people, free to break the shackles that bind us to the state that has no conscience, no compassion, no sense of justice, and no mercy. But we abrogated our rights by denying once again the rights of the Palestinian people and the voice of all the people around the world who stood ready in the General Assembly and in the Security Council to take on the rogue state that defies every UN convention including Genocide, suggesting rather that all these nations shove their opinions where the sun does not shine, the ultimate consequence of Obama’s veto. Once more the state built on illegality walks free, blessed by Obama’s gift brought to them on a platter, a goblet brimming with impunity, a sour but beloved drink adored by Netanyahu and his bouncer, Avigdor.

Since these masters lack all shame, they immediately run to their word processors to defend their illegal actions by donning the robe of victim. Listen to their laments:

AIPAC: “Far too often, the UN has served as an open forum to isolate and delegitimize Israel—America’s lone stable, democratic ally in the Middle East.” Considering that Israel stands accused by the international community of nations for crimes against humanity and its defiance of the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, protected from due process in the International Courts by its bought US veto vote, the only recourse the people of the world have is to continue to try Israel and its accomplice the United States with new resolutions hoping that at some point America might sunder the chains that bind it to Israel. Isolation and delegitimization end when Israel goes before its peers and accounts for its crimes.

U. S. Senator Mark Kirk: “The U.S. should never compromise on its commitment to the preeminent democracy in the Middle East. The administration acted correctly in opposing the latest attempt by the UN to castigate one of America’s strongest allies.” What democracy? How can a state justify citizenship by birth or conversion in a religion? That’s a theocracy; both citizenship and marriage are controlled by the religion. Are there Palestinians living in Israel and called citizens, yes; are they equal in all respects, no. What democracy requires that its citizens declare allegiance to Judaism if that citizen is not Jewish? What freedom of religion is that? And how is Israel one of America’s strongest allies? Because of our allegiance to Israel, the United States is shunned around the world, seen as complicit in all of Israel’s crimes from the 2006 devastation of Lebanon, the Christmas invasion of Gaza, and the killings of Turkish citizens on a mercy voyage to Gaza last May 31, and understood to be a hypocritical nation that promotes democracy and freedoms but imposes its will by force of arms, especially in the Middle East.

Representative Henry Waxman: “The U.S. veto reaffirms that the only productive course ahead is for the Palestinian leadership to resume direct negotiations with Israel without preconditions.” When will it become obvious to our Israeli representatives that such “peace talks” have been going on for 63 years with no results. Read the newspapers every time a new set of talks is promoted; not one anywhere in the world expects such talks between Israel and Palestinian “leaders” to result in peace.

Israel has no intention of creating a Palestinian state. The reason is simple: for all 63 years Israel has been stealing Palestinian land and they have gotten away with it. Today that intention is even more rigid since they have discovered oil and gas off the coast of Gaza. Recognition of Palestine would require that Israel recognize the legitimate right of the Palestinians to own those resources. They have no intention of doing that. The solution must be given to the UN. All nations of the UN except the US and Israel accept the right of the Palestinians to have a state within the borders of 1967. Israel refuses. How then can there be a resolution? If the UN were to place Peace Keepers on the green line between the two peoples having declared the existence of Palestine, a termination of hostilities could be achieved, if Israel wanted to cooperate. Until Israel is forced by international law to address its crimes, there can be no peace.

And so the voices cry in the wilderness the lies that have sustained them these many decades.  But the American people now know that their government is not run by the vote of the people who elected a man committed to peace and the inherent rights of humankind. They now know he is a patsy operating on behalf of his masters, a frightful spectacle in this time when people across the globe, and even those in our own country in Wisconsin, have taken to the streets to demonstrate that it is the people that should run the country, not the lackeys of a foreign state.

William A. Cook is a Professor of English at the University of La Verne in southern California. His most recent book, The Plight of the Palestinians, was published by Macmillan this past summer. He can be reached at or [email protected].

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