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America Was Rocked To Sleep, Will You Wake Her Up?

March 4, 2011

“Although different spiritual philosophies state that life can be like a dream, it’s important to discern when one is being lulled into living an unconscious life. Sometimes it’s the predators who lure you to sleep before they strike. The sleeping animal is easy prey.

America, it’s time to wake up.” – Gardenserf, “The Unconscious America”

If the fighters for freedom and truth prevail, new history books will have to be written about America’s long, silent descent into tyranny. Historian and author G. Edward Griffin traces America’s national decline to the establishment of the fraudulent Federal Reserve System in 1913 in his superb book “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.”

The elite-dominated, privately run Federal Reserve Bank is a domestic enemy and a threat to democracy because its official policy is ruining the American economy and suffocating the American people. Former Chairman of the Fed Alan Greenspan and the current Chairman of the Fed Ben Bernanke have been at the center of Wall Street’s trillion-dollar ponzi scheme, the financial crash and bank bailouts in 2008, and the cover-up of those criminal events.

Many economists and analysts have publicly stated that the U.S. government is running a ponzi-scheme. Nouriel Roubini wrote in an essay for Forbes in August of 2009:

“When governments reach the point where they are borrowing to pay the interest on their borrowing they are coming dangerously close to running a sovereign Ponzi scheme.”

Charles Hugh Smith, publisher of the website OfTwoMinds, summed up America’s economy in an article called, “The Counterfeit Economy.” Smith wrote:

As Bernie Madoff recently observed–and we can suppose he is an expert in manufacturing facsimiles, fraud, embezzlement and counterfeiting authenticity out of lies–the U.S. is a giant Ponzi scheme.

The financial “reforms” are counterfeit reforms.

The “balancing the budget cuts” are counterfeit.

The projections of future growth are counterfeit.

The unemployment numbers are counterfeit.

The inflations statistics are counterfeit.

And of course, the “news” which drives the stock market ever higher is also counterfeit.

When everything is counterfeit, then what’s left that’s authentic and trustworthy? Essentially nothing.

Similar observations were made in Germany in the 1920s, before the rise of Hitler and Nazism. The German people were spiritually hungry for faithful, and authentic lives. They felt betrayed and wounded by their leaders whose economic polices led to massive inflation, frequent changes in the economy, and high unemployment. The book “Culture and Inflation in Weimar Germany by Bernd Widdig captures the zeitgeist of the era, and focuses on the cultural and social impact of the unpredictability of the German economy.

Hitler took advantage of the national crisis by connecting religiously with the German people, recalling past glory, and making scapegoats out of Jews and other groups for everything that went wrong. Another major factor for Hitler’s success was the corruption of the major political parties in Germany. Liberal voices were dead, and viewed as enemies of the nation. The space was open for a political messiah. Hitler intimately understood the romantic underbelly of his country. He presented a very clear and spiritual message to the German people: I will save Germany, and restores it to its former glory if I am elected Chancellor. Not everybody fell for his poisonous propaganda, but millions were hypnotized, and deluded that he was Germany’s savior.

The Nazis’ drive to create a militaristic state was largely supported by the populace. Author Theodore Abel says in his book, “Why Hitler Came into Power,” that the German people were fine with militarism, and associated it with democratic values. The argument ran that true democracy was not majority rule “which leads to irresponsibility, but a plebiscite that passes upon the trustworthiness of those to whom power to make decisions has been delegated,” (Abel, pg. 148). One high school teacher wrote, “Around 1923 I reached the conclusion that no party, but a single man alone could save Germany,” (Abel, pg. 151).

It was a strong man argument but this was a nation with a history of strong men. A businessman voiced the sentiments of many when he said “the desire for a leader was evident in every political manifestation of East Prussians,” and another man after hearing the words of Hitler had this to say: “The German soul spoke to German manhood,” (Abel, pg. 151-152). The Great War was fundamental to Germans’ value for authority, leadership and obeying and giving orders because the war experience generated common emotions amongst Germans. The war bounded them into one unit and formed in their character an intense national feeling that was intensified by the Nazis’s use of symbolism, mythology, and imagery.

The basic feeling in Germany at the time was that there is one people and one struggle, which was born in the dug up wombs of WWI that were the trenches, where men nested and bonded. The Nazi party recaptured the feelings that many men experienced in those trenches, and tapped into the memories of shared sacrifice and duty to country. A man who attended Nazi meetings said “we were once again ‘among men’ as we had been at the front,” (Abel, 142).

Modris Eksteins, author of “Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age,” has a great chapter on what led to the rise of Nazism. He writes that a spirit of national brotherhood which was forged in WWI was a big reason for Hitler’s triumph. To “reawaken that spirit and sense of commitment was the aim of all nationally minded elements in Weimar Germany,” and that “Hitler personally saw himself as the embodiment of the unknown soldier, the personification of that anonymous strength which had been unleashed and then shaped by the war,” (Eksteins, pg. 309).

One of the promises that Hitler made was that he would crush all the splitting parties and many Germans admired “a one-party State which furthered the interests and aspirations of the entire volkisch community,” (Conan Fischer, The rise of the Nazis, pg. 52). There was very little opposition to Hitler when he took the throne because many Germans identified with him. Even those who did not vote for the Nazis were receptive to the volkisch message.

Peter Fritzsche, author of “Germans into Nazis,” says that what “was in fact dictatorial scaffolding in spring 1933 looked like healthy resolve to most Germans, who identified with the national revolution, welcomed the end it put to party bickering, and felt these events vindicated the political paths they had long pursued, even if they did not consider themselves out-and-out National Socialists,” (Fritzsche, pg. 147). Seen in this light, the modern day tyrant was greeted like a king by the people. After experiencing various crises and national defeat between 1910 and 1930, the German people were children again and like all children in fear they called for the father.

II. We Must Learn From History

Most of these statements on the Nazis are from a larger essay that I wrote for a history class two years ago. I decided to share them on this blog because it is important to remember that all civilizations, nations, and modern political systems are fragile. Germany was at the peak of its powers in the early 1900s, and a generation later it was in the hands of a madman. A modern industrial society can collapse, and be transformed in a very short while, and the transformation that is promised at the beginning of the crisis by national leaders turns out to be totally different a few years later.

America is going through the same type of economic and political crises that Germany went through in the 1920s, but on a much larger scale. It is critical that the American people wake up now and take back their government before the country is completely destroyed.

I have never set foot in America, but I hope to one day because I think America is the greatest country in the world. This is not my personal opinion. It is a matter of historical record. America has the best constitution in the world. America gave the world its first modern political revolution. America was supposed to be the shining city on the hill, and it is not too late for this dream to be realized.

Many of us rightly fear that America faces national collapse, and there is very little time to turn things around. The same goes for Canada, England, Australia, and other Western countries. We are not experiencing any economic recovery, not for the poor or the middle class. Our countries are being deliberately ruined and sabotaged by globalist oligarchs who control our governments, and who operate the Federal Reserve System, IMF, World Bank, and WTO. But the situation is not hopeless. We can take peaceful action, we can take back our governments, and shut down the oligarchical-dictatorial, transnational police state.

We can expect political solutions for our national problems from fraudsters who will pitch a global government, and a new world order. If we are smart and aware we will not listen to them, but instead name them what they are: traitors and liars. We can also expect new political messiahs and saviors to take the stage and excite our passions for their own agendas, and we should avoid them, too.

I don’t know what the solutions are besides the obvious one which is waking up and becoming conscious of the tyranny that we are living under. If we are awake and vigilant, our freedoms will be safe for a long time to come.

I never thought I would ever write down words for people to read because I always kept my opinions to myself as a kid. I never thought of myself as a writer, and I still don’t, but I’ve found out that words can make a difference. We can wake people up with the power of words, reclaim history, and protect the truth from the official propagandists in government and the corporate universe.

We live in very scary times, but these are exciting times as well. We must promise ourselves, each other, and God that we will not lose the information war for truth, freedom, peace, and justice.

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  1. ron8072 says

    Really long read but worth it. Thanks.

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