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ARAB UPRISINGS: Time to Quit Playing al Qaeda’s Card

As Arabs are willing to start over with freedom and dignity there is no reason why the west cannot do the same and start dealing with Arabs in a more dignified way.

 Dr. Ashraf Ezzat / Staff Writer

Hungry for democracy Arabs

The Arabic world are populated by nearly 360 million hungry for democracy- people, many of whom are not quite aware what democracy stands for nor are they interested to get oriented with the academic definition of the word. For all they care, they only long for equal rights and obligations, nonbiased and fair judiciary and police system, reasonable standard of living, free elections, accountable government, peaceful succession to power and most of all dignified life where they would be respected and treated as free humans and if all that turned out to be achievable through democracy then that is what they long for.

Arabs have been the silent majority for far too long, their ruling regimes thought they had hypnotized them, they thought they were the only one who knew how the collective Arab psyche operated as claimed by some of the heads of Arab regimes when they were pressured or criticized for not allowing more freedom and democracy in the Arab world and as amusingly stated by the Libyan dictator, Mummar Gaddafi in a televised interview when he interrupted the BBC reporter and said “ you don’t understand the system here, the world don’t understand the system in Libya

Dictatorship system and Political void

The long ruling arab regimes had the whole world wrongly convinced that Arabs and democracy are not compatible. Even more, they trapped the west into believing that the only alternative to their so called moderate rule would be the instant and prompt rise of west-hating Islamists to power. But those same Islamists the Arab autocratic regimes often used as boogymen wouldn’t have been found if it wasn’t for the long reign – supported by the west-and oppression of the Arab dictators.
The Islamist groups are like most political underground groups that emerge in times when people feel subjugated or occupied and denied the freedom of speech and they act primarily against the oppressor/ruling regime not against some foreign targets unlike what the west like to think or made to think for that matter.
If the Arabic authoritarian leaders allowed any kind of political opposition or helped to establish a true and free civil society we would have had a wide array of secular and liberal political parties to represent the Arab people from all walks of life.

If the Arabs enjoyed more open and democratic life, they wouldn’t have used the mosque as their parliament or party headquarter, they wouldn’t have used the place- supposedly meant for prayers- to practice politics.
Taking a step beyond the chair of any Arab dictator, would be like taking a leap into unknown void and going in a free fall until you hit the mosque. That political vacuum every Arab dictator has been keen to keep is the main reason why secret Islamists groups sprouted in many Arab countries like the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt which played the suppressed dissent in a country stifled with authoritarian rule.

The Islamist card

This Islamist card proved to be quite a handy tool for most Arab dictators and for the west as well; whenever things ran unexpectedly out of hand or when danger of political unrest or domestic opposition loomed ahead or even when a population of 1.5 million Palestinians needed to be besieged this card was to be immediately and conveniently played out.
In that political void the game began to take another abstract form with the ruling dictators as the epitome of stability, security and moderation while the Islamists stood for extremism, west principles-hating fundamentalism and of course the infamous terrorism.
This classification has been intendedly oversimplified- especially for the west- disregarding the fact that most Muslims/Arabs don’t take kindly to any foreigners invading Arab lands or prosecuting their fellow Arab brothers, they are perceived as occupiers against whom jihad has to be waged until they are driven out of Muslim countries. That is not merely some Islamist group position like that of Hezbollah or Hamas. It is a mainstream Muslim position. Hence, branding such resistance groups as terrorists hurts the sensibilities of almost all Muslim/Arab people.

To make things even worse, the west has bought into that Islamist/boogeyman game as this handy card came to Israel on a silver platter only to be reinvested and launched again but this time at a global scale on 11th September 2001 and with the collaboration of some of the highest officials in the white house and CIA in what seemed like the international inauguration of the Islamists are the terrorists-campaign.
With the start of the third millennium and after the fall of the Soviet Union and with America being practically the only world power and arbiter on the Arab-Israeli dispute in occupied Palestine, Israel and its Mossad made sure that America would not stay impartial on this hot issue, and moreover, the united states had to be dragged and militarily involved in the region like what happened in Iraq on false intelligence and assumptions that portrayed the Arabic/Islamic world as a safe haven for the fabricated group of al Qaeda and as a large training camp for potential terrorists threatening and targeting the west and USA with all kinds of weapons of mass destruction- WMD. This is how the Zionist-manipulated western mainstream policy viewed the Arabic/Muslim world.
After his famous Cairo speech to the Arab world in 2009 Obama gave the Arabs the impression that his administration would support a more democratic Arab world and he even affirmed his disapproving stance on continuing the illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied west bank.

But lately the history gave him the chance to prove and clearly show the hypocrisy of the American foreign policy in regards to what everybody now view as the rhetoric about the Middle East in the Cairo speech.
With the wind of change sweeping across the Arab world and with the last American veto that virtually made the US looks as the only nation in the whole world who voted in favor of injustice and illegality the US stands in bewilderment outpaced by the masses of angry Arabs and caught between its popular rhetoric of supporting freedom and democracy and its legacy of Israeli-advocated fears of wicked Islamists rising to power in the Middle East.

Fears and bigotry


Hillary Clinton

Crippled by its apparent political hypocrisy and obsessional fears the white house and as usual has stepped aside to let the Zionist fed initiatives take the lead and decide on the Middle East affairs.

As the Obama administration was contemplating all possible options for handling the explosive situation in Libya– while the Gaddafi’s planes were storming the rebellion- and as Obama was clear in his statements that Gaddafi’s days in Libya were over, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the most unusual remark while appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, she expressed her fears that al Qaeda could rise in Libya as many of its recruits and activists in Afghanistan and Iraq came from Libya and specifically from eastern part of Libya where the rebels take hold right now.
That inaccurate comment has definitely meant to freak American people out over the consequences of not only the popular uprising taking place in Libya but also of the whole Arab uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa. And to revive and pop up fears even more, Peter king, the chairman of the House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee claimed in the hearings he himself called for that Al-Qaeda is targeting Muslim Americans for recruits to terrorism inside America.

Rep. Peter King

The timing of this ill-advised display of fears and bigotry makes it all the more Zionist in nature and makes you wonder if that is the reason why the United States has been so awkwardly reluctant to carry on with its overdue pledge to provide a no-fly zone for the Libyan rebels, the thing that enabled the Gaddafi forces to prevail once more over the Libyan territories relying on his unstoppable air raids.
From an Arabic/Middle Eastern view I must draw the attention to a very important fact that the American administration keeps missing on over and again that al Qaeda is a farcical lie and it doesn’t exist anywhere in the Arab world or the whole Middle East except may be in the secret files of the Mossad In Tel Aviv to be exact, and in the rhetoric of some of the misleading or misinformed commentators and pro-Zionism politicians in the region.

After Gaddafi had been cornered by the Libyan rebels all around him he found no way out of this dilemma except to blame it on the mythical al Qaeda, so unbelievable and ironic a statement but the paranoid Gaddafi thought “everybody did it and got away with it, the US is doing it all the Time and the world seems to buy it, why can’t i do it?”

New Middle East

For the first time in a long time the Arab people have outsmarted and outpaced the politicians in the Middle East and the white house, they are taking their future into their own hands and in doing so they are merely exposing the fallacy of all past political fears and delusions.
The Arab uprisings have opened all the hidden doors and secret chambers in the Middle East only not to find inside Osama Bin Laden nor WMD but decades of frustrations and broken dreams, looted Arab fortunes, terrorizing police states, Ghettos and ethnic cleansing in Gaza, governments with terrorist strategies mistaken for moderate regimes and traitorous west backed-dictators in power who won’t allow a chance for a democratic civil society in the Arab world nor stand up against Israel in its aggression and humiliation to the Palestinian Arabs and its daily grab of the Arabic land.

Change is the name of the game now in the Arab World, it is a change that unlike most political predictions was not brought about by radical Islamists or al Qaeda’s affiliates or the Iranian domination over the region or any other Zionist raving but rather through the power of the people … moderate and middle class people.

Arabs craving for New Middle East

a new beginning is about to commence in the region and as the Arabs are willing to start over with freedom and dignity there is no reason why the west cannot do the same and start dealing with Arabs in a more dignified way.

Isn’t it about time the west and the US started investing in the war against dictatorship and injustice in the Arab world. Reaching out for those hungry for democracy Arabs couldn’t be more timely for a new start based on mutual trust and cooperation. Supporting the Arabs in their legitimate struggle to build new civil societies and at the same time working harder and sincerer to achieve a just and lasting peace to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be the right card to play right now.

Boosting a more democratic Middle East will be in all parties’ best interest and this is definitely the right action for America right now instead of this futile war on terrorism which capitalized on al Qaeda- inspired myths and false flags and which proved absolutely nothing but only added to the anti-American sentiments in the Arab/Muslim world.
American diplomacy has been raving about a new Middle East; with the undergoing change in the region will the West and USA help to make it happen.

For more articles by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat visit his website: Pyramidion

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