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Decomposed Systemic Bureaucrats Indirectly Exposed, Majority Of Americans To Mobilize.

Decomposed Systemic Bureaucratic Corruption Indirectly Exposed, Majority Of Americans To Mobilize

March 2011…..The Wisconsin GOP’s ploy to continue confiscating Americas labor property and assets by distracting budget cuts, individual rights to bargaining, massive layoffs, legal negotiations, and human self dignity has been exposed. Subsequently, both Donkey and GOP overstuffed Elephant, and crony parasitical hacks by deflecting decomposed bureaucrat, banking, and rigged financial systemic rot is caught blindsided.

Consequently impacting both party’s the Donkey’s and Elephant’s total implication of a profound two party postmortem. The decomposed corpse of Americas rotted pinnacle of corruption commencing in c1910 has reached its mathematical self implosion throughout the mobilization in every major city in the U.S.A by its citizenry.

Plural Majority Behind Organized Labor Individual Rights

“The majority of the American people back organized labor, bargaining rights of the individual have launched a robo-call campaign to mobilize support for an effort to recall several Republicans in Wisconsin.  In the wake of the state GOP’s shameful support for Gov. Scott Walker’s union-busting plan.” Posted by Alternet.  Latest update “Taxes levied against non-profit day care centers in the poorest city in America”  Posted by Camden Courier Post.  In an attempt to generate income sources or value-added theft and confiscations against the populace self dignity.  Now we can rid the children from any support put them on the streets and get on with the business of America.  The false narrative of the greatest nation on earth. ”Protests Grow in Ohio.” Posted by the Washington Post  

Political Economic Financial System DOA  

How did the U.S. take this slide to self induced oblivion and war against its citizenry?  The answer to the cause of the current mobilized action against a flawed system is effectuated by a Nation that does not control its money and wealth creation.   A Nation that remains subservient or second position to a monolithic private bank potentate is not a free Sovereign Nation.  Therefore, the U.S. political system operates against itself singularly and takes a negative position to detriment and against the will of  ’We the People’ our liberty, freedom and self diginity since 1910. 

A problematic conduit of political economic and financial system dynamic that is based on theft and confiscation has no corrective mechanism to halt the American populace mobilizations. Example Mr. X citizen invests his labor for ROI short or long term gain however, by control of interest rates, and taxes X cannot keep up with the zero sum game and loses .  The DOA potentate never has any labor value or wealth to invest operates above the law of mathematics and all natures laws thereby controls the outcome in a rigged system resulting with enourmous gains of masses of Mr Mrs X labors, property, and assets. 

The populace is conditioned to the great American formula brand “magic of compound interest’  road to riches, fortune, education, and wealth.  This myth has reached the negative mathematical impossibility of return on investment or ROI.  Notwithstanding, the peoples reaction to this dysfunctional monopoly, cartel, political economic, and financial postmortem reality is to disconnect, up to now.   As mobilization increases the masses of citizenry will become clearly connected and fully aware of the crimes perpetrated against them in the last 100 years.

Occupied Nation Ignors Basic Arithmetic Reality

There is no argument, position, or dispute that the U.S. is not a free sovereign nation since c.1910 by virtue of a monotholic private bank that exerts absolute control of the entire country’s economic and financial systems. Power to confiscate all generated wealth, value, labor, propert, and assets.   How is this possible?   When in fact the populace of the U.S. is totally adverse to any hint of rigged markets, cartels, crime organizations, and monotholic monopoly crimes against humanity, and wars against peace.

From the zenith of dismissive mentality, focus is directed to the legions and cadres of ivy league top graduate schools MBA PhD’s programs that were permitted to perpetuate mythology and  falsehood  formulas.  Falsehood formula on capitalisms free markets growth and the exponential ‘magic of compound interest’ ROI.   Branded marketed and sold to the American citizenry over the last century. 

Imperious arrogant and pompous intellectual derelects at the very pinnacle of falsehood dynamics by denying and ignoring American populace of their inherent rights to their labor, property, and assets.   A dereliction of duty by perpetuating the total  and absolute negating of grade school artitmetic 2+2=4 2-2=0 and the obvious contempt for the Father of Accounting Luca Pacioli. Ignoring and eliminating all fundimental root principles of the Debit and Credit ledger.    A complete black out by political economic, financial and banking barons creating illegal rules and laws while aborting and repealing time honored principles, tailored to their specific organized crime activities.   Confirming their postmortem and DOA self imposed calamity. 

 Onus High Achievement

The greatest amount of onus, responsibility, honor, respect, and duty to its country, citizenry, community, faith, and fanily  has always been the motivation to high achievement, stellar merit, and outstanding success.   However, the 20th Century has taken its death toll  relating to  any possibility or relevance of  outstanding merit and success.  The 21st Century so far has replaced time honored traditions with systemic DOA and postmortem dynamic of total self induced demise.    

Conversely, the disrespect of any rigid standards of accounting, traditions to time honored laws, disingenuous political hacks, groveling to war lords, and a banker potentate.  Results in the simultaneous negative position of facilitating the manufactured repeal of  all safeguards to speculative corruption and roving organized crime gangs shadowing cryptic financial terms such as phantom trades, hedge investments, securitized mortgage bonds, etc, etc,   Translation operating with no real value collateral or money in a rigged market outcome, a zero sum game.  Basically, a ruse manufactured by ivy league formula and covered up by their exclusive  term “Too Big To Fail”  equating to incoherent reality.   

Total Potentate Collapse        

In the latter part of the 20th Century under the auspices of cadres and legions of over fed genuis parodies we’ve had a phonemonial air bubble of growth in returns.  Manufactured and created exponential hollow wealth returns  to union salary, bargaining growth, independent mom and pops, successful business explosion, and wealth creation in real estate, intangibles, and the stock market.  

Cities state federal officials and a potentate bank baron has locked themselves up in a theft and confiscation game of negative mathematical  no recourse.  A collapse spiral attempting to direct onus to the American populace.  A spiral of collapse that would take the theft and confiscation of $ one million per day for 2,738 years before Rome was built to recover $ one trillion of wealth already stolen.  One Million $ amount has to be increased to the power of 64  trillions which is the approximate stolen loot number.   A infinite mathematical impossibility of ever recovering from labor. 

So in addition to total war against humanity, war against peace, and war against its citizenry labors  ”Too Big to Fail” is going to resort to funding and recovering a Century of DOA postmortem formula by taxing non profit day care centers, laying offs, the right to human self dignity, fair bargaining rights, and the repeal of unions. 

Put them on the streets and get on with the business of America.  The false narrative of the greatest nation on earth operated by confirmed colossal finite failure who are now being called to account by mass mobilization of citizenry throughout the country.  Wait a minute didn’t these imbeciles strive for success at top universities to fine tune their negotiating skills, for domestic and foreign fair bargaining on humanitarian rights, and the inherent rights to self dignity and peace.  Oh, excuse me why negotiate when you can steal candy from babies in broad dailight without a mask.   

Next time you hear any financial advisor tell you “we’re going to move your value wealth and labor around.”   Ask yourself the question around where?????    The last time individuals listened to financial advice it was E.F Hutton speaking.  E.F. Hutton financial titans collapsed under the weight of high check kiting. ”When E.F. Hutton Speaks Everyone Listens.”   Today robber barons thefts of loot, don’t bother speaking or writing NSF checks, they just make a computer entry and you can “Drop Dead!”


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