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Do you have better things to think about than 9.11

By Dark Politricks

After reading an article the other day that attacked those people who indulged in 9.11 conspiracy theories as wasting massive amounts of time when there were much better things to concentrate on such as the Iraq or Afghanistan wars I found myself shaking my head in disbelief.

The whole reason for the last decade of constant war including those in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the unofficial wars in Pakistan and Yemen is down to 9.11.

The primary reason new jihadists are born every day when drones blow up their families and friends from unseen missiles fired by soldiers who treat the whole thing like an Xbox game is down to 9.11.

The massive decimation of personal privacy and the reduction on all fronts of our liberty due to anti terror laws, the Patriot Act and the high tech surveillance state that has been installed over the last decade is down to 9.11.

Without first understanding fully this momentous event and it’s effects on the world that are still being felt to this present day we are never going to resolve our current state of affairs.

When people lose loved ones in accidents or criminal events they often cannot rest until the events of their death have been revealed in every single little detail. We hold inquests when people die for just this reason as we realise that it is part of the healing process to understand fully why and how the event happened.

The whole world is currently in dire need of such a healing process and if we are to ever accomplish it we need to go back to the criminal event that started it all and have a proper inquiry that lays to rest once and for all every difficult and troubling question.

Some people claim that there is nothing to investigate, that re-stoking the memories of 9.11 would just upset the families of the victims and that there is nothing left to discover about that day that isn’t already known.

All these points are wrong on so many levels and it is exactly this false line of thinking that has caused so many conspiracies to flourish during the last decade. If people really cared about putting the memory of 9.11 to bed and stopping conspiracy theories from spreading around the globe then they would gladly welcome a full open and fully independent investigation into the events leading up to 9.11.

Not only do many 9.11 survivors families want a proper investigation but even the majority of the commissioners who were on the only 9.11 inquiry ever held have gone on record to say that the truth about the events on that day are still not fully understood and that more investigations are required to get to the whole truth out.

Most importantly from a rationalists point of view there are unresolved questions that remain that the 9.11 commission did not even attempt to answer and which NIST the organisation given the task of explaining the collapse of the World Trade Center have not managed to answer either. It is not conjecture, or wild speculation that lies behind some of the most troubling questions but hard scientific analysis by experts in their chosen fields.

The standard scientific method which has been used for hundreds of years to gather answers to some of the most important questions man has faced seems to have been overlooked during the NIST investigation into WTC-7. Scientists are supposed to observe events, make a hypothisis and then test their theory, revising it along the way.

NIST seems to have got the scientific method back to front and it seems that they had already decided their conclusion at the start and then backfitted their computer model to ensure that their desired outcome could be proven. Ruling out possible explainations before even starting a study should trouble any scientific minded person yet this is exactly what NIST did by totally ignoring the possibility that any form of controlled demolition could have caused the unnatural collapse of WTC-7 and the other towers.

Some people claim it was an underground tactical nuke, other scientists claim to have proven super thermite cutter charges were used and then many more reckon the towers were pre-wired when they were first constructed. One thing is for sure and that is no plane flew into WTC-7 and yet it fell into it’s own footprint at speeds indistinguishable from free-fall looking exactly like a controlled demolition. Whatever the truth we will never know for sure without a proper criminal investigation that covers all the bases.

When questioned about these subjects the establishment figures couldn’t care less and with a dismissive swipe of the hand they try to bat them away with a condescending jibe or snide comment as if the laws of physics, evidence of explosives, first hand testimony and all the logic and reason in the world were just inconsequential matters that only conspiracy theorists would worry about.

However the science and evidence that lies behind the collapse of WTC are not the only troubling aspects of 9.11 that the establishment wishes to ignore. It will only be once questions about:

  • the CIA’s links to Bin Laden
  • the money transferred from ISI chiefs to hijackers
  • Operation Able Danger
  • Norman Mineta’s witnessing of Cheney’s stand down order
  • the claims of demolitions pre-built into WTC to ensure vertical collapse and prevent damage to nearby businesses. [audio: laffoleywtc.mp3]
  • the Israeli spy ring following the hijackers around the USA
  • the dancing Israelis “documenting the event”
  • the Mossad Chief claiming the attack as a great success
  • Why so many
    whistleblowers and first responders who witnessed explosives and count downs before demolition have been ignored.
  • Why the evidence gathered by respected independent scientists and researchers into the buildings collapse has been totally ignored by the MSM.
  • Where have all the video recordings of the most heavily guarded airspace disappeared to and why did this heavily defended airspace around Washington DC suddenly become a free for all for terrorist flown planes on 9.11.
  • Only when these and all the other troubling questions surrounding that day have been thoroughly answered will the alternative media stop doing the job that “proper” journalists are supposed to do.

    I find it hard to understand the mindset of people who cannot see the causal link between the events of 9.11 and our current mess and who just chose to brush under the carpet all those difficult questions that have never been answered fully.

    Conspiracy theory or not questions remain about the day that the old post communist peace ended and the new endless war on terror began. If there are logical answers that can explain all these events then fine but by not even attempting to answer these questions it certainly raises suspicions that people have things to hide and this is why conspiracy theories flourish.

    To not want to fully understand the events that has led the world to the clash of civilisations that many people predicted seems irrational and selfish at the very least. Being an Ostritch with your head in the sand does not make the truth disappear yet many people are perfectly willing to ignore troubling questions about 9.11 and brush them away as insignificant theories spread by loons, anti-semites or unpatriotic peaceniks.

    None of those labels are fair or true but I ask who is the more irrational?

    The person who sticks their fingers in their ears and choses not to even review the many troubling and unanswered questions about 9.11 or the person who takes the time to investigate something that has had a major effect on the current world and  then ask aloud for answers when they come across a question that deserves answering?

    The trouble I often find with people who find nothing troubling about the official story is that they are perfectly willing to label apponents as conspiracy theorists, dreamers and all the rest but when asked to provide a logical explanation for the 2.5 second freefall of WTC-7 that even NIST cannot explain they either claim ignorance of the whole matter or repeat like a parrot that NIST have given their report on the buildings collapse and that is that.

    It seems that troubling questions like how did the laws of physics take a day off on 9.11 only exist in the minds of people with nothing better to think about. If that is the case then the majority of those who claim to have better things to do are very worrying individuals indeed and humanity as a whole is in a very bad place.

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4 Responses

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  1. Nexus says

    As you point out that there are lots of ‘issues’ around 9/11 and you could include all the financial anomalies such as the ‘put’ options put on the airlines.

    The issue I have is that given the near uniform collapse of the buildings is how would you ‘wire’ up three very large buildings with explosives and the trigger wiring without firstly, any one being aware as they were buildings that were being used and secondly, if you could do this it would take a team of specialists – hard to believe that information would not have leaked since 9/11.

    • darkpolitricks says

      Hi Nexus
      Good question but if you listen to the audio recording in the article and read up about the building of the Twin Towers and also the Sears tower there seems to be some evidence that
      the buildings were “pre wired” when they went up. This is not to say that they had explosives built into them but that the wiring was already in place in case they ever needed to be brought down quickly.

      It would be interesting to get some interviews or more info from the engineers who actually worked on the buildings in the first place.

      There might be logical and reasonable explanations for every single outstanding question but without a proper independent inquiry we will never know.

      Thanks for commenting

  2. Nexus says

    I have read that the buildings were built with lots of innovations and one was the suggestion that a ‘system’ was installed, as you suggest, to make the removal of the buildings at the end of their life easier – aside from this it is interesting to consider how you would actually demolish buildings that are over 100 floors high in the middle of major city?

    The property owner of the buildings was unhappy with the buildings as they were dated, incurred high maintenance costs and were hard to adapt to new information technologies.

    Given the way the world operates I have come down on the side of some form of planning and orchestration by ‘State’ resources.

    • darkpolitricks says

      Also (and I cannot remember whether this was proven or just an accusation >> but wasn’t the whole WTC in need of some major refurbishment due to all the asbestos it used. A cost that would have been as much as rebuilding the towers themselves.

      As you say I don’t know what the idea is behind building such immensely tall buildings in such a crowded part of a city as you would have to bring them down at some time in the future and I cannot see how you could bring down such tall towers without inflicting massive damage on surrounding buildings. The same problem would be apparent in any city that has skyscrapers close to other buildings.

      However if the whole of the WTC was to be destroyed at the same time then this would solve that problem as the majority of the buildings that would have been damaged would have been other WTC buildings and it would have been a lot “cleaner” to rebuild the whole area rather than just one building.

      It would be very interesting to hear how the city planners, architects and others who have been involved in the building of all the recent major skyscrapers in Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and China ( ) that eclipse even the WTC plan on bringing them down in the future without damaging other nearby properties.

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