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DR. ASHRAF EZZAT: Will America Make The Right Choice In Libya?

The capture of a paranoid dictator was the pretext for the American invasion of Iraq; will history repeat itself in Libya?

By DR. Ashraf Ezzat / Staff Writer

Anti-Gaddafi Libyan fighters

The revolutionary changes that are taking place in the Arab world now or what the west and the United States like to refer to as the Middle East have come about so suddenly it interrupted ongoing plans for the region which depended mainly on the believed to be stable and enduring political regimes that showed the so called moderation or in other words, conformity with the definition and views of the united states and Israel of the region.
And in return the west and the American Zionist axis supported those rules knowing they were either corrupt dictatorships like that of Mubarak of Egypt or corrupt and psychologically disturbed like that of Gaddafi of Libya – an obvious case of paranoia with delusions of Grandeur.
To be honest the Arab people are to be mostly blamed for how brutal and corrupt these autocratic regimes have grown to be. The shameful submission and silent obedience to these heads of regimes over the years have turned them into near to god rulers with absolute powers capable of thinking and doing the unthinkable and committing the unbelievable crimes with impunity.

Post-colonial broken dreams in the Arab world

Historically speaking, the modern Arab world has suffered much during the colonial era throughout the 19th & 20th centuries, and when the Arabs finally gained independence around the second half of the 20th century they thought they had rid themselves of centuries of oppression and injustice but little did they know what future held for them. The years and decades of the post-colonialism in the Arab world brought nothing the Arabs dreamed of; they only replaced the foreign occupation with national and native authoritarianism that abused and subjugated them in the most despicable ways.
The post-colonial Arab countries failed to gain the freedom and dignity they were promised when the Europeans were driven out, instead they fell prey to decades of exploitation but this time by enemies within. The post-colonial Arab geo-political map has not varied much In essence from its colonial picture except in one major variation and which added to the suffering and irritation of the Arabs in the region namely, Israel.
Strangely enough the past 60 years were the years during which political dictatorships flourished in the Arab world and those are the very same years that witnessed the growth of the Israeli military dictatorship and its spread into the heart of the Arab world body.
For 60 years the Arabs have been politically hypnotized and denied their basic rights of expression, they were made to believe that politics were actually not their business, whoever ran their affairs and how he did it was not for them to have a say about it. They sometimes were allowed to show their anger at the Israeli atrocities committed against their Palestinian brothers but they were never allowed to show any criticism of their ruling regimes.
One flagrant example of this sick totalitarian rule is that of Mummar Gaddafi of Libya. He is one of Arabic dictators the absolute power has literally gone to his head. Gaddafi has been ruling for 41 years now, more than enough time to turn him into the lunatic addict of power he is today. With practically all Libyans revolting and protesting against his rule, yet, Gaddafi could only see that the Libyans love him and are dying for him, a denial symptom characteristic of his psychic diagnosis.

Gaddafi- the history of delusions

Gaddafi, a delusional dictator in despair

Libya is a tribal society, where the traditions and the law of the tribe are the most common practice and moreover Libya enjoys a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere amongst all tribes.
Unlike countries as Egypt, Libya never witnessed any genuine political oppostion or partisan practice. Four decades of Gaddafi’s rule has left Libya in a total state of political inertia with no parliament, no elections, no constitution and virtually no flag for that matter.
Gaddafi has replaced the constitution with his personal and sick views of the world written down in his so called the green book – an amusing cocktail of some of the ideas and stuff the colonel has come to like- and moreover he changed the royal tricolor old flag to be replaced by his mono green-colored piece of cloth flag.
Everything in Libya was being viewed through the eyes of this paranoid colonel as he was getting used to pulling all the political strings and playing those around him as pawn chess pieces.
Gaddafi’s delusions of grandeur reached its peak when he recently changed the official name of the country to the “Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiria”- not sure what that means- and he ordered to be referred to as brotherly leader and guide of the revolution.
Gaddafi had this weird obsession with revolts and uprisings; he was occasionally accused of supporting and financing secret separatist groups all over the world like Sinn Fein and the Irish Republican army in Northern Ireland but he never knew that the only revolution he would come to experience was going to be led by his people and against his own rule of Libya.

Arab uprisings and 9/11

More than any people in the Arabic world, the Libyan people need this uprising most; they need to deliver themselves of decades of submission and indifference, they need to regain a long lost national confidence and pride, they have to change the way the world has been looking at them, the world must recognize Libyans as the free people of Libya and not the enslaved followers of a mad colonel and they have to reestablish the true foundations of a civil society and government. The Libyans needed this revolution to be born again as free.
As I have stressed before these Arab uprisings are not only about the economic grievances and fairer redistribution of national wealth’s but they are primarily about restoring lost dignity and freedom of Arabs in their home countries. They are about a better tomorrow with more political participation for the coming generations of the Arab world, generations that won’t have to live according to a mistaken and preoccupied western definition of Arabs and terms of traitorous dictators that would sell them to the west only as potential extremists and terrorists.
These uprisings and the spontaneous way in which the Arab people have acted in their peaceful protests have managed to expose the fallacy of a lot of allegations and arguments that linked them to fundamentalism and violence, not in one instance in the Arab rallies have we witnessed religious slogans chanted out by the angry Arab protesters nor witnessed intended violence or sabotage – around 12 millions Egyptians shouting, the people want the regime down, rallied in all major cities of Egypt the day Mubarak stepped down and yet not a single incident of erupted violence or sabotage of civil property was reported- in a clear message to the world pointing out how misinformed about Arabs a lot of people are especially those subjected to the post- 9/11 Zionist main stream media which are always keen to keep this anti-Arab propaganda in Europe and the united states alive.

Historical crossroad

With this popular uprising taking place, Libya and Libyans have come to the crossroad in their modern history where they have to finish what they have gallantly started. Gaddafi is losing ground and popularity with every passing day, he is only left with his security apparatus and on the payroll foreign mercenaries – not genuine Libyans – trying to secure Tripoli, the last stronghold of Gaddafi’s regime. Gaddafi’s final downfall has now become a matter of time.
With the American statement of keeping all options under review for Libya including the military option another unfortunate American act of war in the Arab world is looming in the distance. A new dawn is emerging in the Arab world and another American invasion in the region is the last thing the Americans or Arabs need right now. This new age needs smart and credible diplomacy not military might .
Most People are aware that politics is more about oil and dollars – the US sixth fleet doesn’t get repositioned for free or fun- but ignoring the aspirations of the Libyan protesters and turning this noble struggle for freedom into another American Marines operation is going to be another historical blunder foolishly committed by the United States.
Most people are aware of the fact that western politics is more about dismantling the old Middle East and paving the way for a new one that would suit the satisfaction of both the white house and Tel Aviv but neglecting the request of the Libyan anti-government fighters that implores the Americans and the NATO troops not to interfere in the ongoing fight and to only provide them with a no-fly zone over Libya that would be like killing this uprising and shifting this whole thing into new dimensions alien to the reason why Libyans revolted in the first place.
The white house talk of impending civil war or chaos in Libya is unsubstantiated and unverified, the Libyan people and the Libyan tribes in the east and west have never been more united. And if the NATO and the United States want to see the end of this fighting, they can work out this no fly zone operation that would keep Gaddafi’s planes on the ground and stop this influx of those Serbian and Croatian pilots from pouring into Libya and at the same time it should be carried out as a transient international rescue operation and not as initiation of an act of war.
The military intervention in Iraq hasn’t managed to promote democracy nor secure the oil resources; it only managed to leave one million plus innocent Iraqis dead and lingering- allegedly constructive – chaos behind.
Let’s not deny the Libyans the honor of overthrowing this psycho dictator and embracing their long waited for- freedom. The capture of a paranoid dictator was the pretext for the American invasion of Iraq; will history repeat itself in Libya?
History is in the making in the Arab world … and making history is all about making the right choice.

For more articles by DR. Ashraf Ezzat visit his website “Pyramidion”

View the original article at Veterans Today

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