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ERIC MAY: Big Oil + Barack Obama = False Flag

By Captain Eric H. May for Veterans Today

Purblind Prescience

Eight years ago I accepted the 9/11 myth without reservation, and tried to reactivate my commission to join what I then believed was a just war against Iraq. Like most patriotic veterans, I was blinded by love for my country, which I had served in the 70s, 80s and 90s as a member of the Army, Army Reserve and National Guard.

Ron Paul's Congressional District 14 is ground zero for a Houston Ship Channel false flag attack.

I wasn’t blind to the vulnerability of my home town, Houston, though. On 6/22/1997 I had been blown out of bed by a huge explosion at Shell Chemical in nearby Deer Park. On 9/11/2001 I had been teaching high school a mile away from the Houston Ship Channel, pathway of the city’s petrochemical industry. Add to these experiences my noncom background in the Chemical Corps and I was well-qualified to write a terror target analysis of the Bayou City for my editorial buddies at the Houston Chronicle. “Don’t laugh at duct tape; it saves lives“  is one of my favorite essays, since it offers all the right answers for all the wrong reasons:

“When I was a general staff officer we routinely envisioned worst-case scenarios to test our preparedness. Let’s use one for ourselves: Early one morning there is a massive explosion in the chemical district along our ship channel. … Lethal gases, similar to the ones released in the catastrophe of Bhopal, India, erupt into the atmosphere. An early morning inversion temperature gradient – our climatic norm – keeps the toxic cloud on the ground, while gentle southeasterly breezes – again, our norm – blow it northwest inside Loop 610, where our population is most dense.” — 2/23/2003

Contemporary Confirmation

Eight years to the day after my Chronicle op-ed, its scenario received unsettling support, as described in “Citgo fined for 2009 Corpus Christi blast, fire

“Citgo Petroleum Corp was fined $303,294 for a July 2009 explosion and fire at its 163,000 barrel per day (bpd) Corpus Christi, Texas, refinery that injured one worker and nearly spread toxic hydrogen fluoride over Corpus Christi.” — 2/23/2011

Worse still was a story the next day by Public Integrity and ABC, “Use of Toxic Acid Puts Millions at Risk

It shouted a Doomsday warning to BP, Texas City, on the Houston Ship Channel:

“Some worst-case scenarios described in company filings with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are particularly chilling: An HF (hydrogen fluoride) release from the BP refinery in Texas City, for example, could total 800,000 pounds, travel 25 miles and put 550,000 people at risk of serious injury, according to BP’s own calculations, provided to the EPA.” — 2/24/2011

That same day a disaster accentuated the danger that causes residents to nickname their town TOXIC CITY. “‘Worst case’ in Texas City gas leak is tens of thousands of gallons” :

“Work crews continued their efforts to recover gasoline that spilled from a ruptured pipeline in Texas City early Thursday, forcing the evacuation of about 15 homes and the closure of Texas 146.” — 2/24/2011

The next day Veterans Today published my article about BP’s false flag collaboration with neighboring NASA on 7/28/2005. “The False Flag Space Shuttle” quickly went worldwide, with over 10,000 postings from Europe to the Mideast to China:

“At dusk began the most awesome spectacle imaginable: An expanding cloud of energy rose up like some nuclear phoenix, growing to a height of 45 miles, and a width of more than 100 miles. These measurements are not guesses: In my first Army enlistment, I was trained by the Chemical Corps to compile and evaluate such data. The article title is not hyped: “BP 7/28 Nuke Plan vs. U.S. Officers Coup” — 2/25/2011

Greed Goes Green

With all the negative news one might suppose that Big Oil, BP in particular, would be duckling and covering to avoid the wraith of the feds. In the surreality of the nation’s petrochemical industry, though, bad news is good news, and cause for celebration. A handful of headlines will prove my point:

Perceptive  Publisher

In the bizarre post-9/11 world, bad is good and worst is best. Consequently we shouldn’t be surprised that, at a time when the mainstream media declares us to be heading for a chemical catastrophe, Big Oil is celebrating. Nor should we be surprised if oil industry incidents are really arsons, not accidents. Its what Naomi Klein described as “disaster capitalism”, and it goes back as far as Nero’s burning of Rome.

Leave it to my boss at The Lone Star Iconoclast, renowned Texas publisher W. Leon Smith, to explain the energy equation in a three-year-old editorial that could — and should — be published today. “Time to Investigate Houston Is Now: “Every time there is a disaster or ‘mistake’ involving the petrochemical industry, gasoline prices shoot up. And, daily, the federal government assures the American public that gasoline prices are going to continue to rise. In fact, recent official predictions suggest $4-a-gallon gasoline this summer. Thus lies the basis for governmental predictions of continued disasters and, ultimately, of an impending new 9/11. They say it’s not if, but when.” — 3/3/2008


  • Please refer to the America First Books index for more of my articles and interviews on this topic:
  • I apologize to my readers for being dense (with links) in this analysis, but the topic demands details. I shall quote from each crucial article, hoping thereby to entice those who have time to read more, and suffice those who don’t.
  • To join Ghost Troop, Captain May’s cyber-intelligence unit, write [email protected]

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