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The “Conspiratorial Veil” of Western Racism

In the last 24 hours, we learned that Qaddafi’s claimed victims of the UN bombing campaign included victims of traffic accidents and recently dead, gleaned from hospitals and mortuaries around Libya.  The secret he is trying to hide is that the real dead, and there are dozens, aren’t from Libya at all.  Libya’s entire air defense command is “rented” from Belarus and the dead are mercenaries.

By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

“They” are coming out of the woodwork, claiming to be “liberals” or “anti-war.”  Any Arab uprising must be a Western plot.  Those “brown people” can’t really be seeking democracy and freedom and certainly can’t stand up to the “globalist plotters” of the west.  I have one reminder for those who think this way.


On February 25, 2011, Veterans Today recommended immediate intervention in Libya.  Few had died, Israel had shown its hand as Qaddafi’s backer and the writing was on the wall.  Waiting would lead to civil war and large scale intervention, led by France, bringing the potential for the movement for democracy to be pushed off track, as Iraq and Afghanistan are dark reminders of.  Arms and mercenaries flowed in, key media powers and the Israel lobby kept Obama sitting on his hands and, at the last minute, maybe beyond the last minute, there is a call to action.

Should we be suspicious?  Damned right!

Should we forget the right of self determination by the Libyan people being crushed, not only by their own government but Israel’s African mercenary armies as well and every resource Qaddafi could buy with the west’s oil money, yes, money from Halliburton and BP?  One only need to see the forces arrayed against the rebels, not just GLOBAL CST’s mercenaries but forces from Belarus and Georgia as well.


Few currently involved in the endless debate over intervention in Libya, even and perhaps especially those who should know better, understand the real implications.  They are living in the Bush-Blair years of Anglo-(Israeli)American fascism.  They have no feeling for self determination, having lived on a diet of controlled dialog, terrorism, oil, Arab “bucks” and the political leftovers of the Cold War.

During the 19th century (and before), Europe divided the world as though it were the Titans.  The process really began in 1493 when Pope Alexander IV, with the Treaty of Tortsillas, divided the world between Spain and Portugal.  More recently, the Treaty of Versailles created a Europe based on whim and fancy, one destined for a century of war and political struggle, a struggle “alive and well” in the Balkans as we speak.  More damage, on a world wide scale after World War II, blunder upon blunder, North Africa and the entire Middle East, India and Pakistan, Vietnam in 1954 and, of course, the blunder of all time, Palestine.

The mess the west created in the Middle East, a series of rogue states, not just Israel, corrupt sheikdoms and puppet regimes, a mosaic of CIA failures that has victimized the Islamic world and set the stage for generations of human despair, extremism and conflict, is now threatened by forces pushing an agenda of secularism, modernization and democracy.

This has threatened the very roots of the globalist agenda so successful over the past 20 years, Iraq, Afghanistan, the “republics” of the Caspian Basin, the destabilization and corruption of Pakistan, oil, gas, opium and war.  Business has been good, generations of conflict assured, nations drowning in debt, populations frozen in poverty, pushed to radicalization.

Is it just possible that some “woke up” and simply decided to get “off the bus.”  Egypt is certainly proof of that.


Gravity itself has been working to return the balance of self determination, too often expressed in genocide as in Rwanda or wars that the strong always win.  Adding to the mix, the Cold War, the needs of the imaginary global struggle, the “democratic” imperative, dictatorship as a hedge against the dangers of “socialism.”

The newer version is, perhaps, the most insane, rewriting the map based on keeping Americans “safe” from terrorism, which was caused, of course, by its own Cold War politics, thirst for oil and predilection with forgiving Israeli military adventurism.

What does the West owe the world?  Seen in this light, is the intervention in Libya simply “balancing the books” for the ills of the past, erasing an evil creature of another era, long overdue for the scrap heap?

Some, like Richard Falk, cite Qaddafi’s evils but claim the West has no moral position unless it chooses to intervene in every similar case.

Long ago Qaddafi forfeited the legitimacy of his rule, creating the political conditions for an appropriate revolutionary challenge. Recently he has confirmed this assessment, referring to his own people as ‘rats and dogs’ or ‘cockroaches,’ and employing the bloodthirsty and vengeful language of a demented tyrant. Such a tragic imposition of political abuse on the Libyan experience is a painful reality that exists beyond any reasonable doubt, but does it validate a UN authorized military intervention carried out by a revived partnership of those old colonial partners, France and Britain, and their post-colonial American imperial overseer? I think not.

Falk’s rationale is explained below:

But just as the Libyan rebels raise some suspicion by seeking Euro-American military intervention, so did the KLA in Kosovo engage in terrorist provocations that led to violent Serb responses, allegedly setting the stage in 1999 for NATO’s ‘coalition of the willing.

Falk, a brilliant scholar and humanitarian states his fears clearly.  He sees people looking for self determination and sees, instead, conspiracy.  What he fails to address, other than the fact that there is absolutely no basis for his fears, not yet anyway, is that Qaddafi’s despotic rule, which he so aptly describes, has no political basis whatsoever, and is entirely financed by all of us whenever we buy fuel.

Falk fails to take into account that, on day one, Qaddafi turned to Israel, checkbook in hand, demanding weapons and 50,000 mercenary troops to fight a ragtag of citizens with no heavy weapons.  Stories of mass defections of troops and tank brigades backing the rebels have been proven fictitious.  War, as usual, is the “mother of lies.”  Falk needs to be more discerning.

In the last 24 hours, we learned that Qaddafi’s claimed victims of the UN bombing campaign included victims of traffic accidents and recently dead, gleaned from hospitals and mortuaries around Libya.  The secret he is trying to hide is that the real dead, and their are dozens, aren’t from Libya at all.  Libya’s entire air defense command is “rented” from Belarus and the dead are mercenaries.


Sometimes I have to keep myself from laughing.  It is so easy to see how nations like the United States, Britain and Australia can fall under the control of “neo-feudalists” and corporate cabals.  Any legitimate opposition to staus quo is immediately discredited by a lunatic fringe, a mixture of paid and unpaid disinformation agents and good old fashioned “cranks.”  With most getting their news from the internet, people without the judgement necessary to buy carrots suddenly appoint themselves as “pundits.”

Combine this group with the “scholars,” most of whom have no “real world” experience and have learned to survive and even thrive in a university atmosphere where cronyism and cowardice have long since replaced activism and originality, and the failure of “dissent” is easy to understand.

Never has a single episode in recent years united quite as many “cranks” as those who suddenly see Colonel Qaddafi as the victim of a grand conspiracy.  A few weeks ago, the same people cheered when the Egyptian Army stood aside and President Mubarak was swept away in a popular democratic tide.  Dozens of conspiracy theories had developed around Egypt’s revolution.  Egyptians are now voting for their first democratic government in decades.  Conspiracy theorists would deny them that.  “Egyptians,” seen by the “internet intellectuals” as an inferior type, can’t be trusted to pick their own leaders.

Only Americans and the British and, oh yes, the Israelis can do that.  We all know how that has worked out.

Now, one of the most infamous despots of the last century, one who, with Israel’s help, has scoured the world for mercenaries, one who unleashed his army on a ragtag force of pro-democracy freedom fighters, has become the hero to many.

It is funny that some would speak up now, not about the dead in Iraq or Afghanistan, not about the Ivory Coast, somewhere few if any could locate on a map. (I can see some running to Google now)  Those crying for Qaddafi were the cheering throngs when Saddam’s statue was toppled and he was replaced by a wanted criminal working for oil companies.

But that President, a bumbling fascist was white and enjoyed a 97% approval rating, not just in America but Canada, Australia and Great Britain as well.

Before this, this same crowd cheered on the father, Operation Desert Storm.  We now know that war, to save the despots of Kuwait, a slave state, from Iraq, was very much another farce.  America had authorized Saddam to move into Kuwait as Ron Paul tells congress.

A short time afterwards, beneath a UN authorized “no fly zone,” thousands of Kurds were murdered, killed because they had risen in support of that President Bush, killed because they had relied upon American promises and American decency. (British, Canadian and Australian decency also) The Turks wanted the Kurds “thinned out” so Bush did nothing.

Nobody said a word, why?


The internet is filled with tales of American and British oil companies trying to overthrow Qaddafi and “move in.”  First they would have to move BP and Halliburton out.  They have controlled Libya, them and 300 other British and American companies since 2004.

Then, of course, President Obama must be under the direct control of the oil companies, mustn’t he?  During the last election, the oil companies threw their billions behind John McCain.  The oil companies are 100% “neocon,” and 100% rabidly opposed to President Obama.

Then we have Qaddafi as the head of a “democratic” government, a popular “nationalist” leader.  Qaddafi took over in 1969 through a military coup.  He has never stood for election nor allowed a constitution.  Libya has a hand picked party congress, 2700 members, who meet periodically.  In truth, Qaddafi is a Marxist but flexible enough to use his oil billions to buy a circle of friends.

Libya has an odd record on human rights.  There is no constitution, no system of justice, Libya is a Marxist police state every bit that of North Korea.  In fact, Libya has an interesting group of friends, according to this report from the New York Times: Algeria , Qatar, Syrian Arab Republic, North Korea, Bahrain , Iraq , Saudi Arabia , Tunisia , Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Cuba, Egypt (Qaddafi loves Mubarak but hates Egypt…curious), The Islamic Republic of Iran and Myanmar.


Sami Jamil Jadallah’s analysis in Palestinian Note adds an aspect of reality and accurate historical context in presenting an alternative motive to explain President Obama’s relative “late” move to aid rebels in Libya:

The delay, which seems coming as a result of Israeli intervention allowed Qaddafi to gain the upper hand using his air and tank force to attack cities, towns and people with impunity. Any action the US takes now will for sure comes too late for the millions of Libyan people who were looking for the “world community” to come to their assistance, not in terms of sending troops into Libya but through neutralizing Muammar air and tank force. At least giving the people an even chance to win the war of liberation.

According to news reports, Qaddafi with the help of Israeli embassies in Sub-Sahel have been heavily engaged in recruiting veteran African mercenaries and their Israeli handlers to fight on the side of Qaddafi forces terrorizing the people. This is in addition to neutralizing US political efforts to support to Libyan people.

One has to ask when the US ever needed UN Security Council for any thing it wants to do? It has engaged in many military campaigns and invasions without the authorization of UNSC. Using UNSC is only a tactical maneuver on the part of the US to allow Qaddafi to gain the upper hand, and then come out and says, “well we tried but other members of UNSC did not go along”. Once again, Israel using its influence over Washington was able to abort the people fight for liberation and freedom.

This should remind us of US decision to abandon the people of South Iraq when they rose against Saddam Hussain after the First Gulf War. George Bush the father and his commander on the ground General Schwarzkopf did not intervene and enforce a no fly zone over South Iraq. This allowed Saddam to use helicopters to wipe out entire towns and kill tens of thousands of Iraqis in the first credible uprising against Saddam Hussain. Then the excuse was that helicopters were not included in the no fly zone. For sure Bush and his commanders should have anticipated Saddam use of helicopter to take revenge on the people of the south.

What we see today is no different from the past. Once again, the US abandoned the people midway through an uprising. Egypt and Tunisia were a different story since the army stood on the side and Bin Ali and Hosni Mubarak failed to influence military commanders to take on the people.


Qaddafi and his “friends” are waging information warfare at every imaginable level.  Foreign intervention began in Libya 24 hours after the first demonstrations when Qaddafi ran to Tel Aviv for help.  However, reporting Israeli intervention is “Antisemitism” and will never be seen nor heard, not even on Al Jazeera, the supposed “Islam friendly” news network.  “Al Jaz’s” coverage has, at times, been all that’s out there but the spin deeply parallels Murdoch’s Fox News when examined carefully.

There is, in fact, no honest coverage at all and absolutely no evidentiary basis for anything expressed on Libya.  The “analysis,” is all easy to sort out, a hodgepodge of “outsiders” honestly trying to make sense of it all with nothing to work from and others, the “alternative media,” steeped in America hate and a desire to find a “bandwagon” to jump on for a bit of narcissistic “slimelight.”

Information management, Qaddafi’s theatrics with the press, staged morgue visits, his “victimization” game learned from Israel, is only part of it. As Jim W. Dean had just told me, the video’s from Tripoli remind him of Israel’s fictional video of the Mavi Marmara.  Falk and some, not all but some, journalists including those enjoying Qaddafi hospitality, bought in on the theatrics.  For those who don’t remember the phony videos of the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara:




View the original article at Veterans Today

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