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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Libya isn’t the world’s first all corporate war.  Nobody expected a move against Libya, certainly not as a part of the drive for democracy that is sweeping the Islamic world.  Moving against an oil giant with a military under tight controls based on tribal loyalties made Libya a poor target.

For decades, Gaddafi has been playing every card with genius, savior of Africa, leader of the Arab world, closet friend of Israel, partner in the war on terror, Gaddafi had proven himself a master of “both sides against the middle” politics and quality theatrics.

To  the “Masters of the Universe,” however, it looked like time was creeping up on Gaddafi.  With his protectors, American and Britain, in economic ruins and and his nation seen as ripe for overthrow, wheels were set into motion.


From day one in Tunisia, the hand of the French intelligence services was seen.  It was easier to look away and pretend everything was OK, that the sudden push for democracy was real.  Egypt was the big surprise and the one that may have had its roots in “plots within plots” but took on a life of its own.  We simply won’t know until we see who takes power after the smoke clears.  This is how things are.  Trust no one.

Is the fight for freedom across the Islamic world a move by European groups to realign business prospects in oil production and exploration and banking?

As things are coming to light, there are two sides in the conflicts:

  1. The continental European nations, the EU plus Switzerland and Israel against..
  2. The United States, Great Britain, British Petroleum (acting as a nation with Tony Blair as defacto head of state) and….Israel

The money that started it all, Swiss.  Organizing it all, the intelligence services of France and Israel.

The game, as usual, control of assets, cash and oil.

The victims, as usual, everyone.


Again we ask the question, what if everything you were told was a lie?  Never has a conflict been more convoluted than the current civil war in Libya, a series of plots within plots.  Thus far, all reporting has been childish conjecture or, as is almost always the case, misdirection.

The “other” story is Libya is one of oil, as expected but more, frozen assets, allies at each other’s throats and the “usual suspects, international bankers, intelligence agencies and arms peddlers.  There was, in fact, no popular uprising at all but rather a carefully staged and carefully orchestrated attack on Libya’s assets coordinated with another move by oil speculators to gut the American economy of that cash bubble generated by trillions in bailouts.

As with any unpleasant reality, the real direction to look is financial.

“Follow the money.”


The roots of the current “conflict” in Libya date back to 2008 in Switzerland.  The groundwork was laid by Tony Blair in 2004 but we will come back to that in a minute.  Truth is, as always, stranger than fiction and “fiction,” of course, is the basis of politics and foreign policy, American know that for sure.

Back in 2008, the Swiss arrested Colonel Gaddafi’s son, Hannibal along with his wife.  The SWAT teams sent to the presidential suite of the luxury hotel slapped Hannibal around a bit, putting him in a holding cell for two days.  The charge was beating servants.

The son, as a direct family member of a head of state, enjoyed full and very real diplomatic privilege in Switzerland.  Was this part of a plan to incite difficulties between Switzerland and certain friends and business partners of hers and Libya?

We believe this provocation was purposeful and carefully planned.  The Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad, from the outset, took part in the planning and helped bring the participants together, eventually involving France and Italy, nations they are able to influence almost as much as the United States.

Gaddafi had been “set up.”


In answer to this action, taken as an insult to Libyan honor (bolstered by a very strong relationship with the United States and Great Britain), Colonel Gaddafi ordered Swiss businesses in Libya closed, flights to Switzerland cancelled and removed $5 billion in cash from his personal accounts in Swiss banks.

Gaddafi also cut off oil exports to SwitzerlandLibya is a primary source of oil for Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland.  Two Swiss (Israeli) businessmen in Libya were detained.

Switzerland, with the very temporary support of Italy, created a “blacklist” in order to prevent Libyan’s from traveling, not only in Switzerland but throughout the 25 Schengen (EU) nations as well.The Swiss having a "Third Reich" moment..

Gaddafi responded by calling for Jihad on Switzerland, asking all Muslims to boycott Swiss products, close ports to Swiss ships and withhold landing rights for all flights from Switzerland.

This was largely ignored.

Then, predictably, Italy’s controversial prime minister, Berlusconi, flew to meet Gaddafi and switched sides.  Italy (Berlusconi)has extensive business interests in Libya and much to lose.  Spain quickly followed suit.

If you wondered why the conservative Swiss, an open society that welcomes refugees from around the world would pass a bizarre and obnoxious act outlawing minarets, the reason is simple.  This was a planned provocation meant to push Libya to more extreme measures.

Switzerland was planning to organize their banks and those of the EU and seize Libya’s vast assets, tens of billions in cash, bonds, equities and land, inside the European Union.  Libya’s good friend, Berlusconi, playing both sides against the middle, as usual, was first on board, followed by Sarkozy.


Run the clock back to 2004.  Blair and Bush believed they had the two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan under their belts.  Plans were underway to invade Iran, special operations groups from the US were being deployed to stage false flag attacks on American forces in the Persian Gulf.  “Ground zero” would be Bahrain where Shiite groups were being lined up to appear allied to Iran.  Key players were put in place at the highest command levels in the region, commanders tied to Neocon/Dominionist groups in the US, violent extremists willing to plan and execute terror attacks against American troops.

Why is Iran still there?  Why didn’t the next “9/11″ come off as scheduled?  The White House plans were derailed by Marine commanders in the region aided by members of the intelligence community still loyal to the US.  This is not my story to tell but it is an important one.  Real American heroes prevented a very real war and some paid a very high price.  This isn’t “9/11″ with dissolving buildings and mystery missiles.  The evidence is all there with provable treason leading to the highest levels of the US and “others” already ‘in the can.’

In March 2004, when Tony Blair, showed up in Tripoli, it was like an astral convergence.

The deal was simple.  British Petroleum and a consortium of American oil exploration and supply companies would put Libya’s oil and gas industry on the map.  Left out in the cold?  France and Italy, the nations that had been with Gaddafi from ‘day one.’


What would Gaddafi get?

  • An invitation to join the Global War on Terror, the “two bit hustle” dreamed up by Netanyahu staffers now running Bush like a hand puppet.  Imaginary “bin Laden” and “Al Qaeda” would allow the globalist Anglo-Israeli/American franchise to sweep Central Asia like a plague.  Gaddafi bought a front row seat.
  • A “pass” on his WMD programs.  Sham inspections of Libya’s nuclear, biological and chemical warfare programs, long in partnership with South Africa and Israel, would be swept under a rug, as they had been earlier by the South African Truth Commission.  Secret supplies of deadly VX gas produced at Roodenplatt Research Laboratories outside Pretoria by Dr. Wouter Basson were never destroyed as reported but transferred to Libya.  (ref:  Dr. David Kelly)
  • AfricaGaddafi was allowed a free hand to crate the African Union, an organization he headed until a few weeks ago.  His goal of uniting Africa under a single currency and military force and Libyan leadership with corrupt leaders subject to Libyan petrodollars.
  • Tony Blair, in itself, a “mixed bag”

As an interesting aside, Berlusconi’s role, providing prostitutes to influence Gaddafi’s election as AU chief is outlined below:

Al Mismari, Gaddafi’s diplomatic chief for 35 years and now in exile in Paris, explained what happened next.

“Berlusconi helped resolve the situation and secure Gaddafi’s position by sending in two beautiful escorts to the leader of the African nation in question. This had the desired affect. The leader was convinced and he gave his vote to Gaddafi – and from here is born the expression ‘bunga bunga’ which indicates salacious, adventurous women.”

Gaddafi’s dream, a new Roman Empire across Africa, with full “New World Order” approval, may now be on hold.  Gaddafi believed he had “bought” loyalty from the Washington-Tel Aviv-London gang.  We are watching this being played out at this writing.


Since Blair’s 2004 deal, ENI, the Italian oil giant and TOTAL S.A, the French based multi-national giant, long preeminent in Libya were pushed aside by BP and a consortium of American companies.  A “regime change” in Libya, packaged as a “democratic revolution,” carefully staged and financed by France and Italy, could quickly remove Gaddafi and allow Libya’s assets in Europe to be stripped away while American and British interests.  Assets long in place inside the Libyan armed forces would be activated against Gaddafi rule which would predictably orchestrate into a popular uprising.

European oil and banking interests had begun a proxy war against the United States and Great Britain over Libya’s resources.  Tens of thousands of Libyan’s yearning for democratic reforms would be drawn into the conflict, one never intended to improve their lot.

Israel would be strongly aligned behind the Gaddafi and his Anglo-American allies while having taken a preeminent role in instigating the move to eliminate Anglo-American influence in Libya.

The talk, “No-Fly Zones” and military intervention, all talk for the “tourists.”


Gaddafi is an enigma, a man divided.  Gaddafi is a traditional tribal leader when convenience serves him, Arab, devout Muslim, the last pan-Arabic nationalist left.  His real roots are pure “Cold War,” aiming for the status of Nassar, Nehru and Tito, playing “brinksmanship” on a narrow strip of land under the close and loving hand of the United States Navy and its Fleet Marine Forces in the Mediterranean.

Gaddafi’s watchwords?  “Keep em’ guessing.”

In the past half dozen years, Gaddafi has gone from rogue Jihadist to Bush-Blair-Netanyahu errand boy, allowed enough rope to “muck around” Africa, keeping his Marxist “thumb” on the pulse of Islamic discontent.

And…Gaddafi was good at “paying bills.”

The first big gains have been in oil speculation.  The already inflated oil market, $80 a barrel prices in a $45 a barrel world economy has seen prices surge over $100.  This is another blow for the United States, already suffering a stuttering comeback from the collapse of 2007-8.

As Gaddafi holds on, his long time allies, BP and his friends in Houston will be the big winners.  They stayed the course, kept the US out, managed the press through their partnership AIPAC and the GOP and restrained the unproven Obama and Cameron from the desire to “do what is right.”

The Swiss and their EU banking partners are going to hold onto Gadaffi’s money as long as possible.  The fractured economic status of the EU, particularly after Greece’s “scam job,” bilking $150 billion debt relief out of the German dominated EU through “cooking the books” (a VT exclusive!) will make any repatriation of Libyan funds very “back burner.”

EU currency traders are squirreling away millions a day,  through trading programs collateralized by Libyan assets seized without cause or due process.

The biggest losers are the dead, supporters of democracy played as pawns by global corporations, isolated from needed international support by carefully crafted public opinion, balancing “mainstream” waffling and uncertainty against a backdrop of anti-American feeling and wild conspiracies.

Worse still, a precedent has been established.

News media, believed by many to have outgrown the corporate censorship mold, has continued to disappoint.  Scandals exposing Wikileaks as a combination of corporate censorship and Israeli intelligence “black ops” may have had its toll on the media independence.  Wikileaks “burned” press credibility like no hoax in history.

The biggest loser, perhaps is faith in human decency.  Can decent people stand who against oppression and dictatorship stand a chance?  Are people powerless in a world dominated by globalist cabals?

Are “they” so “good” that nothing can’t be twisted and debased?










View the original article at Veterans Today

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