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Information on a historical place called TAPEA ZARGARAN

Northern, Afghanistan Maza-i-Sharif

Information on a historical place called TAPEA ZARGARAN 

Sher Mohammad

Tapea Zargaran is situated about 30 km west of Mazar City which belongs to Balkh district. The discovered monuments from this place are an indication of 2000 years old history.

On 10 March 2011 I met with a former Mujahiddin Commander named Sher Mohammad who is residing in proximity of this ancient hill, he said about 10 years ago General Dostum had established a military check post on top of the hill in order to take the control of the area and then started digging so many holes for searching monuments.

Within two years they managed to get Golden Statues, Coins, earthenware and various kind of tools representing from the time of a king called Khoon Kar who used to live 2000 years ago in his palace that he had build it which is now completely covered with soil looks like a hill. Moreover, Sher Mohammad added that two year ago he wanted to dig a place close to his house and he could manage with some efforts to find 10 stone poles beautifully curved and designed which is showing the existence of a palace.


After the discovery of these stones he says he immediately informed the ACTED office a French NGO where there was a French archeologist named Mr. Ronald to study the area and to make more professional searching. Mr. Ronal employed 40 laborers for digging and within 41 days they got about 1.5 kg coins and 80 cartons of earthenware & potsherd and some small statues from the BODDA time.

According to Sher Mohammad then Ronald handed over all his discoveries to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Kabul, but he says he is not quiet sure if Mr. Ronald gave all the items.


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