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Reasons why we should not be at war with Libya

By Dark Politricks

Off the top of my head here are some reasons why we shouldn’t be at war with Libya apart from it being the usual western hypocritical double standard bull shit:

  • We are broke. We supposedly have no money to pay for all the thousands of policemen, nurses and teachers that are being laid off yet we can afford the hundreds of Tomahawk missiles that cost $600,000 / £450,000 each which have already been fired so far at Libyan targets.
  • We are already fighting a war that was supposedly “won” a few months after starting way back in 2001 in Afghanistan. A war which was going to be quick and easy yet has turned into a decade of death, drugs and debt. Starting another war with no idea on the ideal outcome or the definition of a finish line seems like incredible stupidity.
  • We are picking sides in a civil war that is not our war to fight. Libya has been split between Gaddafi supporting and hating tribes since day one and we have chosen to support one side as opposed to another. Peaceful demonstrators were killed in Egypt and Tunisia by their respective governments yet the demonstrators didn’t start a full scale rebellion as they did in Libya therefore we are not just preventing peaceful demonstrators from being massacred as is being claimed we are supporting the majority of the old Libyan Armed forces which have defected and old enemies of Gaddafi in their revolution.
  • Our hypocrisy in choosing which Middle Eastern countries to support in their legitimate demands for civil rights and democracy is blatant and visible to anyone with open eyes. We are ignoring the massacres of peaceful demonstrators which have occurred in the past weeks in Yemen and Bahrain and chosen instead to intervene in a country with a well known bogeyman who co-incidentally sits on a big pile of oil.
  • Just like Saddam Hussein who was “our guy” in the Middle East up until Kuwait, Gaddafi has been supported covertly and overtly by western countries. Just like Saddam Hussein he has been sold massive amounts of weapons from western arms countries and will be using these weapons to against our armed forces.
  • From a legal point of view it seems odd that here in the UK the parliament has only just debated and voted in favour for the UN mandated action AFTER the war had already started. The same goes for Congress which is supposedly the only part of the US government able to commit it’s armed forces into battle. Surely if any kind of logic or due democratic process was in play our respective parliaments would have debated the proposed measures first, then voted and then depending on the outcome of the vote the corresponding ambassador to the UN’s security council would cast their vote based on their domestic governments previous decision. The fact that the security council made the decision and then the missiles started flying before any democratically elected politicians had a chance to gauge their respective constituents opinions before making a decision in a domestic vote shows that globalist decision making takes precedence over the wishes and will of the people effected by the decisions they make.
  • We have sold enough military equipment over the years to the Arab League nations that initially called for the “no fly zone” that they should be capable of handling their own problems and not relying on already overstretched and indebted western nations.
  • Who is righteous enough to weigh up the lives of one group of Libyans over another? Will less people die because of our intervention than if we had allowed the Libyans to sort their own problems out? I doubt it. The longer our “intervention” continues and the more $600,000 Tomahawk missiles we fire at military compounds surrounded by human shields the more people will die. Only God would know the cost benefit analysis if we had stayed out as opposed to jumping in with both feet but one thing is for sure and that is an already stirred up Muslim population is likely to blame us more for civilian deaths that are caused by our “humanitarian intervention” than if the deaths were not caused by our hands.
  • We can never please all of the people all of the time and we will certainly anger many people across the Muslim world who rightly or wrongly will see this intervention as nothing more than another imperialistic adventure in defence of oil and an opportunistic chance at regime change. The USA hate Gaddafi for the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing and the new UK government hate Blair for releasing the only person convicted of the crime in exchange for lucrative oil deals. Gaddafi is not “our guy” so on the rank of despots to be deposed he is at the top of the “easy to do list” when compared with all  the many other dictators and long serving presidents who treat their populations in a similar manner to the Libyans.
  • We should not forget that we already took the side of Muslims with the support of Al Qaeda supported KLA terrorists in the Serbian Kosovan conflict and we don’t get any credit for doing that but we do get a lot of stick from many quarters for picking the wrong side in that war.
  • Two wrongs don’t make a right and our removal of Gaddafi won’t make up for our illegal and unwarranted attack on Iraq which if we remember wasn’t sold to us on humanitarian grounds but on the phoney threat to ourselves from imaginary WMD’s. Whilst this conflict is currently being sold to us on humanitarian grounds and is legal under international law it doesn’t mean that it’s in either our own or any others best interests to get involved no matter how much we may want to.

So how are we supposed to handle the many dictators, and freedom hating rulers who treat their populations like scum. Crushing any form of dissent, imprisoning those who dare criticise the ruling elite and mowing down those who dare protest with snipers or tanks like our favoured trading partner the Chinese did in Tiananmen square.

There are a few options which are available to handle situations like this, one of them involves a global government with it’s own independent armed force available to intervene when given the legal authority to do so from a majority vote of all countries.

This force would be bound by international law and only be used in clearly defined cases in which the general population is under illegal attack by either their own government e.g Libya, Yemen, Bahrain or being attacked by another country such as Gaza or Lebanon by Israel or Iraq by the USA and UK.

Soldiers and their commanders who commit war crimes such as targeting civilians, torturing captured enemy soldiers or using banned weapons would be held accountable in an international war crimes court. The international laws already supposedly exist to do this and we have the Geneva conventions and the Nuremberg trials as precedents for prosecuting such war crimes and breaches of international law.

The problem with the existing set-up is that no-one really wants these laws applied to them only their enemies. The USA didn’t sign up to the International Criminal Court and if the international laws are not applied evenly to every country no matter how powerful then they are just seen by many as victors justice.

The other issue is that if we had a global force that could act independently from domestic politics and international cosy alliances then it would have already had to intervene in Israel and China on numerous occasions by now and we know that this would never be allowed to happen.

Also many countries would never allow their troops to be used for such an internationally led independent armed force and the USA and UK would never want to give the international community enough rope to hang them for past, present and future crimes.

More and more people are being awoken to the move to such supranational organisations and there would be a large segment of the population that wouldn’t like to see such a powerful globalist body with it’s own military force. The potential to expand it’s power over national governments would be immense and as the EU proved what might start off as a good idea can slowly over time turn into a horrible undemocratic nightmare. What would be sold as a way to bring justice to all would soon be manipulated into a stepping stone towards a fully fledged global government.

The other option is that we ban the selling of all weapons to all undemocratic countries including China, Saudi Arabia and Libya and try and form some kind of ethical foreign policy that is really based around ethics rather than grand words and empty gestures,  applying the same international laws evenly to the same situations regardless of stature or alliances. Again the military industrial complex and big business would never allow their profit margins to be shrunk by something so pathetic as morals and the USA would never go to war with Israel or Saudi Arabia so this is also a non starter for those two reasons alone.

Therefore the only other option that can be justified in all cases is to allow nations to solve their own problems. Allow citizens from all countries to join the fight as they did during the Spannish Civil War and introduce tough sanctions and other financial penalties but don’t pick sides in other peoples fights. As we are hearing more and more, democracy cannot be imposed on a country by the barrel of a foreign gun it has to be fought for and won by those who deserve and desire it that much that they are willing to risk everything to take it.

Don’t get me wrong Gaddafi is a mad, probably psychotic despot who should be forced from power. It just shouldn’t be the UK and the USA who is doing it.

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  1. Russki says

    You are totally right!!! Its a pity that i cant hear you thoughts in popular news media!

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