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Edited and redacted consistent with law. 

(A rare look into the inner workings of….)

By VT Britain STAFF

“There is much information that has not been investigated properly about what really happened to the Apartheid regime’s covert WMD arsenals prior to state handover from the “Whites” to Nelson Mandela and the ANC:

  1.  The covert stock of nine nukes made at Pelindaba. It was only after the death of Dr. David Kelly in July 2003, and all tongues were wagging freely, that we learned that each 20ft ISO-Container they were planning to have covertly shipped out had contained an atomic bomb.
  2. VX nerve gas agents made at Roodeplaat – Dr. David Kelly had provided the technical know-how to Dr. Wouter Basson on instruction from No.10. 

Many lies have been put out that claim it was all carried out above board.

 We believe Gadafy is now forcing David Cameron, and Tony Blair before him into a guessing game as to what WMD he may have bought? If Gadafy holds either of those type of WMD then he has a strong Card to Play.

 In particular with North Korea having exploded one of the batch of three atomic bombs of Pelindaba manufacture, on 25th May 2009.


On BBC-TV Question-Time about 3 weeks ago Lord Heseltine told Viewers how back in 1982 :-

  1. The Argentinians only took the Falkland Islands after Margaret Thatcher had told President Galtieri it would be OK to do so.
  2. Then because of right wing anger from her Party, Margaret Thatcher was forced to go to war to take the Falklands back.

In 1984-1985 we had a Coalminers strike in the UK.

Thatcher received an advanced warning that it was being planned after Mick Magahy of the Coalminers Union tipped-off an official at the National Coal Board ,

This set alarm bells ringing in the Tory Government.

They well remembered how back in 1974 the Tory Government of Edward Heath had been toppled by the protracted national Coal Miner’s Strike.,

So huge tonnage of Coal were imported and stored at the Yards at the Power Stations.

Then with preparations in place, to provoke the Coal Miners into going on strike, Thatcher got the National Coal Board to announce the closure of the Colliery at Corton Wood.

It developed immediately into a National Coal Miners strike, and in the end Thatcher won.

Also in 1984 the Iraq Iran war was planned in London.

The gun was going to have to be the g-5 155mm Howitzer with Dr. Gerald Bull’s (pre Supergun) base-bleed ammunition so as to enhance the range by one third.

The City of London liked the idea because the war would be fought out in the dessert where few civilians would get hurt, and both sides had ample petro-dollars to buy the armaments.

Armscor of South Africa would make the 155mm G-5 Howitzers at Lyttleton Engineering near Jo’burg, and Somchem at Somerset West near Capetown would make the special propellants.

For Thatcher and the City of London, the all important thing was to make sure the Afrikaner-Aparthied regime stayed in Control in South Africa because the Shares of Mining Companies , Gold etc were Traded in the City.

We now know that also in 1985, so as to help preserve the Apartheid regime……..

Thatcher told Dr. David Kelly as head of Porton Down, to let Dr. Wouter Basson of Armscor-Roodeplaat have the technical know-how made up of Files and Manuals so as to be able to make VX nerve gas agent.

After South Africa had been handed over by the Whites to nelson Mandela and his ANC,

The Truth & Reconciliation Commission set-up.

It was fooled by Gen Tia Minnaar ., former head of South Africa Military Intelligence that all of stocks of VX , that were stored in sealed barrels that had been dumped overboard into the South Atlantic.

That was an utter lie.

Overseas customers were sought for the VX.

The principal trafficker for all of the illegal arms out of South Africa, e.g 155mm G-5 Howitzers and base-bleed ammunition for the Iraq Iran War , war xxxxxxxxxxx. He was also the world’s largest dealer in Landmines.

xxxxxxxxxxx also had an undisclosed interest in the-then xxxxxxxxxxxx Company that had concessions from Gaddafi to Mine for Diamonds in Libya.

When xxxxxxxxx’s involvement with xxxxxxxx (a mining company) was made public at the time of a Share flotation in London, the underwriters pulled out, and the Share/Stock flotation collapsed.

Where is the xxxxxx (a mining company) now?

Another hallmark if the Thatcher era was the way that she signed the Urgent Operational requirement (UOR) for the UK Government to buy three ‘Cylinders’ delivered Oman for a fixed price in Nov 1990.

She had no idea that ‘Cylinder’ equaled ‘Atomic bomb’.

The supply contract was the placed on Astra (Stephan Kock), who in turn sublet the trafficking of the nukes from Durban to Oman to Casalee owned by xxxxxxxxxxx.

In 2010 the five year time period was running out and it was inevitable that Gordon Brown would have to call a general election. The Tory Party knew they had insufficient voter popularity to win outright.

So a project was assembled that would allow them to grab the female vote.

The idea was that as soon as the general election be called, they would bump off Margaret Thatcher, thus necessitating a State funeral.

The publicity attendant thereto with all of TV-News re-showing of her past victories would guarantee the Tory Party the women’s votes.

The conspiracy leaked and so to show it was ‘untrue’….

Thatcher had to be seen on her front doorstep fumbling as she waved to crowd of Newsmen.

Thereafter on 6th May 2010 in the General Election, the Tory Party polled insufficient votes to win outright and so had to go into a Coalition with the Lib-Dems to form a Government.


 Other popularity milestones for Margaret Thatcher was when she refused to give in to the demands of the then EEC in Brussels and banged her handbag on the table.

It then lead progressively to her political downfall in the UK.

A group of Tory Ministers wanted her out so that her successor could let the UK sign the treaty for the EU to be formed out of the old EEC.

The EEC was solely a free trade ‘Common Market’ organisation.

The others in Europe wanted it to become a Federalized Europe……….or European Union …..EU

 The EU could then be expanded so as to include the satellite countries of the Soviet Block / Warsaw Treaty. (E. Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, etc.) thus ending the Cold War that had started in Europe after the second World War.

 Thatcher therefore had to be pushed out as leader of the Tory Party so that John Major, who was pro-Maastricht Treaty could succeed her.

 The Tory Ministers who pushed Thatcher out in Nov 1990 for that to all happen received huge cash Bribes from the EEC/EU.

 Concurrently those same Ministers also invested in covert offshore arms deals.

 Concurrently they clubbed together with others, including Mark Thatcher, Al-Fayed, Asil Nadir to buy the three atomic bombs FoB Durban.

 They knew beforehand that after those bombs had arrived in Oman, and Dr. David Kelly had signed off on the Astra Invoices………… that the Bank of England would pay Astra direct, and they an the Tory Party would be duly paid.

 The whole thing was premeditated Fraud.

 There is no way that a UK Government minister will sign an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) to trigger a fraudulent procurement with UK taxpayer’s funds. His/her civil servants would also prevent it.

 So these Ministers tricked Thatcher into signing the UOR and leave it in her Outray just as she was quitting office on 28th Nov 1990.

 Her Outray was then cleared immediately after she had gone, and before the arrival of John Major as the new Prime Minister.

 In that way both Thatcher and Major could ‘honestly’ claim, during their respective times as Prime Minister no authorisation was ever given for the three atomic bombs to be bought.

 There is mounting evidence now to show that when Saddam gassed Kurds he was using VX Gas supplied by xxxxxxx that had been made at Armscor Roodeplaat.

Hence the fear expressed by GHW Bush that Saddam might use the same VX gas against the Coalition ground forces when trying to re-take Kuwait, and Bush getting the USAF to deploy the B-52g airplane with nuclear warheads over Baghdad.

 (editors note: This plane went down off Diego Garcia, killing the crew. Its cargo, an uncertain number of hydrogen bombs, had been jettisoned off Somalia and recovered by a South African/Rhodesian consortium. Recovery efforts for these weapons were done under cover of false flag terror attacks credited to Osama bin Laden.)

 xxxxxxxx supplied VX gas to Gaddafy in exchange for xxxxxxxx getting the rights to mine for diamonds in Libya.

 To get back onto cash, xxxxxxx was floated the London Stock Market, but Stock flotation failed when the underwriters pulled out .

 The weekend before the Floatation scheduled to take place, the underwriters learned for the first time from a report in the Observer by Anthony Barnett and Patrick Smith of Africa-Confidential that xxxxxxx was involved with xxxxx.

With the possibility now that Gaddafy may have VX gas…William Hague sent the SAS into Libya last weekend to connect with the terrorists.

 This in the hope for combing Libya for imported WMD,………..BP could then have the concessions for the Libyan Oil and Gas. after Gaddafy had been removed from Libya.


 (Partnered with Israel and others in the very successful manufacture of weapons of mass destruction including 10 “Hiroshima” type nuclear bombs)

 Armscor as such was an illegal company.because of UN sanctions against the Aparthied regime …..

and so had no official corporate identity.

 It was a Whites only employer.

 Armscor would,not have been named in any report.

 Armscor therefore always used , and/or owned other companies to ‘front’ for it.


Lyttleton Engineering where they made the G-5 howitzer,

Somchem where they made the propellants for the G-5,

Gencor (General Union Mining Corp) not only supplied Uranium to Pelindaba from Mines in the DR Congo, but also recruited short-term technical staff. to work at some Armscor-owned establishments..

 Other firms were routine sub-contractors.

Also that the Arms Industry in South Africa overall directly and indirectly employed 23,000 people.”

View the original article at Veterans Today

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