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World War III?

March 26, 2011
America’s Third War – How about a Fourth? World War III?

My view – World War III is ongoing and growing.

The United States wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are legal under United States law! O.K., at the very least there has not been a finding the wars are not lawful in a court of record with authority of declare any of the ongoing wars illegal. Lotta of people use the words and phrases that include: “…illegal…immoral, etc.” Response needs to include the proverbial “so what?” The wars are fact. Parades, singing songs, posters, signs and people suspended from bridges waving banners are not going to end any of America’s ongoing wars. The antics of the anti-American left during the Vietnam War supported enemy battlefield tactics and made substantial contributions to an enemy victory. (Congress helped by closing funding for the Vietnam War helping the Communist win.) (Fox News, March 26, 2011) Same issue today. Left wing antics support enemy propaganda at the expense of America’s military efforts and are a huge distraction. They are not however doing anything constructive to prevent an additional war.

An examination of the purpose of war includes the simplistic “… implement national will” (attributed to Clausewitz). An elected President and Congress expresses our National will. We the people elect folks and they in turn, express our national will through creation of national policy, correct folks? The majority of Americans elected President Obama and our Congressmen and members of the Senate. The folks in D.C. are ours. We put them there and must except responsibility for our acts!

We the people have three wars, and an elected President and Congress we may reasonably expect to know what’s needed to win the current wars and end our decade long national nightmare, including increasing numbers of KIA, WIA, MIA and expenditure of billions of tax dollars. * How wide will the current wars expand? Let’s take a look at the future of we the people here in the good ole US of A.

The University of California Santa Cruz posts an excellent explanation of the purpose of war and what is necessary for a nation to prevail. (The piece is untitled.) This excellent article explains in concise detail America’s defeat of the Japanese in World War II. In includes in part:

“The purpose of war, regardless of what side is being analyzed, is victory. How any given country then achieves victory depends on that country’s abilities and resources, as well as its opponent’s weaknesses. Each country’s strengths differ tremendously, sharing only the dedication of their soldiers as a commonality among nations… At the heart of war are the civilians who support it and give everything they can within their power to secure success, oftentimes costing them their lives. What induces such support differs from one nation to another; in America’s case it was the thought to preserving and spreading freedom. The ambiguity of such words as freedom, justice and the like didn’t diminish the support civilians gave for the war. … World War II teaches us time and time again that it is only after thousands of deaths that a country can prove itself stronger than the other and force a surrender only after having showed its opponent what it is capable of.” (

Victory in America is now referred to as a nebulous “exit strategy”? Victory as UCSC writes is dependent on United States abilities and resources and our opponents’ weaknesses. Our country has funds, industry, technology and an almost unlimited supply of 18, 19, 20 and 21-year-old young men to serve in the Infantry. ** The strength of our enemy from military comparisons = a tremendous military advantage for the United States. Our soldiers are very dedicated professionals. They serve America at the expense of their lives. Important note: So does the proverbial – all the other sides – have lots of very dedicated professionals and amateurs willing to sacrifice all for their cause! The men America meets on the Battlefield are equally dedicated to their cause. Civilians support and give everything to secure success? No, not in America. Between .5 and 1% of Americans serve in the military. (military/ Is the United States spreading freedom? Well we are sure trying aren’t we? Long way to go. Nor can America force surrender. We are not at war with countries but rather with religious and political entities. End result = a perpetual state of war. One source has the current war on terror continuing through the mid 2030’s. (Source withheld)

An important item that is little mentioned in the broadcast media is the requirement “… after thousands of deaths … a country can prove itself stronger than the other and force a surrender only after having showed its opponent what it is capable of”. Use of nuclear weapons against the Japanese was very effective in showing them what America was capable of. (Today’s Soldier has a lawyer tag along to determine if they can shoot the bad guy, Sad situation.) The enemy has safe havens to retreat to where they recruit, train, rearm and deploy again and again and again. Wars do not end when the enemy can retreat at will and attack at will. Nor are wars won from defensive postures. They are won with the attack and destruction of the enemy. A guy named Caesar emphasized “Fortune, which has a great deal of power in other matters but especially in war, can bring about great changes in a situation through very slight forces.”

America’s Armed Forces are facing an enemy in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. War on three fronts. The Philippine Islands remain an area of American interest with their perpetual war against radical people claiming a basis in Islam. South America? Yes, there too with the war on drugs and sundry revolutionary groups. Is America preparing for war with Iran? My best estimate is no! America is not preparing for war with Iran, now! American preparations for war with Iran were completed long ago. Folks, a fourth war is pending. Don’t know when it will begin. Look at a map of the Middle East. Got Iran surrounded? Yes, we do. Is Iran a military threat to the United States? Answer is no! Neither is North Korea. Both countries can and do cause The United States problems on the international scene. They are not however a serious threat to our safety as a nation. Not the case with other nations folks! Fortunately we do have friends.

Who commands American Military Forces? Depends on their role. NATO commands them in NATO roles. Often our forces remain under an American Commander. The appointed commander for the Libyan campaign is a very capable general officer. Many Veterans Today readers may not understand the demanding standards military professionals must obtain and maintain. General Bouchard’s background includes:

Senior Officer Biography
Lieutenant-General Bouchard enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 1974 under the Officer Candidate Training Plan. He underwent pilot training graduating in 1976 as a helicopter pilot.

Lieutenant-General Bouchard flew Tactical Helicopters throughout his career including CH136 Kiowa, OH-58 A/C, AH-1S Cobra, CH135 Twin Huey and CH146 Griffon Helicopters. He served in various capacities at 427 Tactical Helicopter Squadron, Petawawa, Ontario and 403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron, Gagetown, New Brunswick, and with the US Army at Fort Hood, Texas. He commanded 444 Tactical Helicopter Squadron in Lahr, Germany. His last flying appointment was as Commander 1 Wing based at Kingston, Ontario responsible for the operations of tactical helicopters in Canada.

Lieutenant-General Bouchard has served at Air Command Headquarters as Senior Staff Officer Tactical Helicopters and Deputy Chief of Staff Personnel. He also served as a Personnel Career Officer at National Defence Headquarters. He completed a tour of duty as Deputy Commander of the Continental US North American Aerospace Defense Command Region at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. He served as Commander 1 Canadian Air Division, Canadian North American Aerospace Defence Region and Combined Forces Air Component Commander, responsible for all Canadian Air Force operations. He recently completed a tour of duty as Deputy Commander, North American Aerospace Defense Command at Colorado Springs.

Lieutenant-General Bouchard is a graduate of the Canadian Forces Staff School, the Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College, the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College, the National Strategic Studies Course, the Combined Forces Air Component Commander Course, Maxwell Air Force Base, and the Senior Executives’ National and International Security Program at Harvard University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Studies from the University of Manitoba. He was promoted to his present rank in July 2007. He was appointed as an officer of the Order of Military Merit in 2001, promoted to the rank of Commander within the Order in 2006. He is an officer of the United States Legion of Merit. Lieutenant-General Bouchard assumed his current appointment on 9 October 2009. (

In addition to General Bouchard, there are many very capable – professionals in American, Canadian, British, French, Danish, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Estonian, Turkish and other allied nations military forces. America is not alone as we face future wars.

China and Russia are capable of “…killing us…”(Fox New, March 25, 2011) China and Russia have the conventional and nuclear weapons system to conquer our country. Does The United States of America want war with China and Russia? No, of course not. The millions of families that send their children to the slaughter fields scattered around our planet do not want to loose them to war either. Are our “slight forces” sufficient to defeat the militaries of China and Russia? No, they are not. Tank for tank, rifle for rifle, plane for plane, ship for ship, the answer is no. Would other nations come to America’s aid? Some will and some won’t. Small comfort in the midst of a fully developed World War III. NATO will be one of the most important assets Americans have in a future war with Russia and China.

What can be done? My best guess is diplomacy and trade. China’s economy can not exist without us. (Donald Trump on Fox New, March 2011) Russia has tremendous deposits of natural resources making them a major player with the world economy. China and Russia as military threats? Well, yes very much so. Are China and Russia capable of invading the lower 48 states? Surprising nobody in America’s military – yes they are. The very capable men commanding the Russian and Chinese militaries have well prepared contingency plans for the invasion of our country. Plans that include a surrender of The United States of America. The victory thing referred to above. No rules against a defeated United States of America. Many on the left will cheer at the thought of our nation becoming a defeated nation and our people subjugated. Many of them express nothing but contempt for our system of government and the military that protects us.

More war is coming folks. Much more! Wars are as old as people on earth are. Men proceeded from feet – fists – feet and teeth to rocks and sticks – to flint knives and spears – to bronze – to steel and along the way invented throwing sticks, bows and arrows, gunpowder, rockets, cannon and firearms, horse drawn warfare, Calvary, to modern repeating fire arms, machine guns, grenades, chemical agents, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, fighter aircraft, bombers, guided missile and rocket systems, tactical and strategic nuclear weapons, ships of all sizes and types with every conceivable weapon on them, computer guided weapons that are accurate to 12 place grid coordinates and militaries still issue bayonets and close combat knives.

I offer the highly condensed version of the advancement of military weaponry from hands to nuclear weapons and back to knives. War folk is very complex business at the strategic (national and international) level. At the tactical grunt level it is boring, hard, dirty, terrifying and horrible.

Often I have read and heard in the broadcast media the 20th Century was the worst in terms of number of armed conflicts and the slaughter of civilians. The 21st Century is its first decade is producing wars that will soon make the 20th Century look like a pink tea party. Peace Organizations need to step up and move out. Prevent the next war. How about diplomacy rather than teens killing teens on another, perpetual battlefield?

There are many good people in Iran. They need to be left to live in peace.

Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war,
Julius Caesar Act 3, scene 1, 270–275

Take care

Dale R. Suiter
Atlanta Michigan

*KIA – Killed in Action
WIA – Wounded in Action
MIA – Missing in Action

**Statistically out of every 100-battle deaths – between 80 to 85 will include Infantry MOS’s. (Suiter, Captain, U.S. Army – ret)

View the original article at Veterans Today

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