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April 9, 2011: Pan-Canadian Day of Action to End the War in Afghanistan

Make the War an election issue!

by Canadian Peace Alliance

A Note by Global Research’s Editor 

Antiwar rallies are scheduled in Canada on April 9. While the national Call to Action is limited to Afghanistan, several anti-War collectives have included Libya as a central theme of antiwar action.

It is unfortunate that the Canadian Peace Alliance has chosen not to include Libya in the Pan Canada Day of Action, limiting itself to Afghanistan.

What this indicates is Canada‘s antiwar movement is divided and that many Canadian peace activists believe that the US-NATO led intervention, which involves the participation of Canadian Forces, is a “humanitarian undertaking” and that the bombing campaign is intended “to protect the lives of civilians”. 

It is our sincere hope that Canadians will be united across the land in taking firm stance on the US-NATO war of aggression against Libya.

Michel Chossudovsky, April 7, 2011


Make the War an election issue!
April 9, 2011
Pan-Canadian Day of Action to End the War in Afghanistan

Late last year, the Harper Government, with the help of the Liberals, extended Canada‘s troop deployment to Afghanistan for another 3 years.  Both parties know that the extension is deeply unpopular with Canadians which is why neither leader has spoken about the issue during the election campaign. We, in the peace movement need to challenge the party leaders and hold them to account for this decision.

Download posters, factsheets, window signs and other resources and take them to your local all candidates debates.

Call to Action

The war in Afghanistan has reached new levels of brutality. Civilian casualties spiked in 2010 and the rate of killing is increasing each month. It’s time for it to end. After almost ten years of occupation and a half a trillion dollars spent by NATO, Afghanistan still suffers from a lack of basic services and a corrupt NATO backed government.

The Canadian Peace Alliance and the Collectif chec la guerre are calling for a pan-Canadian day of action on April 9, 2011 to demand an end to the war and to bring Canadian troops home now. This day of action will coincide with anti-war demonstrations in the US in both New York and San Francisco.

The statistics are shocking. According to the Afghan Rights Monitor: Almost everything related to the war surged in 2010: the combined numbers of Afghan and foreign forces surpassed 350,000; security incidents mounted to over 100 per week; more fighters from all warring side were killed; and the number of civilian people killed, wounded and displaced hit record levels.

The NATO forces continue with air strikes that kill civilians such as during the 4 days of attacks on Ghazi Abad which started on February 16 and killed more than 60 civilians – 30 of which were children. In a single two week period between the 12th and 26th of February, 200 civilians were killed.

The Canadian deployment of another 1000 soldiers to act as trainers will only compound the problems faced by the Afghan people. Any support for the corrupt regime of Hamid Karzai works against the aspirations of the Afghan people to live in a free and democratic society. The Harper government admitted that they were propping up a corrupt regime while at the NATO summit in Lisbon. They even announced that they would refuse to send aid to the Afghan president until they had assurances that the money would be spent properly. One wonders what strange twist of logic has Canada refusing to send aid for fear of corruption while they are willing to send Canadian soldiers to help expand the control of that same corrupt government throughout the country.

Recent events in the Middle East and North Africa have provided an example of people struggling to create a new society without western intervention and against regimes supported by the west. The people of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have done more to bring peace and democracy to their countries than years of US-led military occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Self-determination for the Afghan people is the only solution to the current crisis. In the words of former Afghan MP, Malalai Joya – No nation can donate liberation to another nation. These values must be fought for and won by the people themselves. They can only grow a and flourish when they are planted by the people in their own soil and watered by their own blood and tears.

The majority of Canadians want our troops brought home now. Join us on April 9 and demand that the Harper government listen to the Canadian people and end this war.

Event Listings

Protest Canada‘s role in aggressive wars and occupations Hands off Libya! Canada out of Afghanistan! Uphold the right of all nations to determine their own future! Harper and All Warmongers are not Fit to Govern! Organize for an Anti-War Government!

April 9th, 1: 00 pm
At the U.S. Consulate (7th ave and MacLeod Trail SE, across from Olympic Plaza)
Walk to Harry Hays building (4th ave and MacLeod Trail SE)

The Island Peace Committee invite Islanders to join a Canadian day of action to demand an end to the war in Afghanistan and to bring the troops home, with a rally in front of the PEI Legislature in Charlottetownon Friday, April 8 at 5:00 p.m.

This day of action will coincide with anti-war demonstrations in the US in both New York and San Francisco.

Rally at Gazebo Park
Saturday April 9, at 2:00 p.m.
Harper and all Warmongers are not Fit to Govern!
Canada Needs an Anti-War Government!
No to Canadian Involvement in Wars of Aggression!
Out of Afghanistan – Out of Iraq!
No to No-Fly Zones and War on Libya!
Health Care not Warfare! No to Military Spending!

Grand Forks
April 9, 2011 @ 1 pm
Walk From Lois Hagan Park
(by Grand Forks City Hall)
Rally to follow
@ The Source

Donations gratefully accepted
For info: contact Laura @ (250) 442-0434 or [email protected]
Sponsors: Boundary Peace Initiative; USCC Working Groups; KRUNA; Canadian Peace Alliance; United National Antiwar Committee (U.S. Coalition)

Friday, April 8 5:00pm
Federal Building (across from Copps Coliseum)
55 Bay Street North
Bus rides are available at 9:30 am on Saturday, April 9, at the Centre Mall, Hamilton, to the anti-war and labour rallies in Toronto. Reserve a seat (at no charge) by calling the Hamilton District Labour Council at 905-547-2944.
For more information click here

NON la guerre d’occupation
de l’OTAN en Afghanistan !
NON aux bombardements
contre la Libye !
12 h 30 : Rassemblement
Angle Prsident-Kennedy et de Bleury
13 h : Dpart
Collectif chec la guerre

If you’ve had ENOUGH!
Join the Day of Dissent to say:
No to war. No to Harper. Yes to democracy.

1pm, Saturday, April 9, 2011
@ the Human Rights Monument
(Elgin and Lisgar)
On twitter: #Apr9 & #DayOfDissent
Organized by the Ottawa Peace Assembly.

Saturday, April 9, 2011, 12:00 noon
Across from U.S. Consulate, 360 University Avenue, Toronto
TTC: Osgoode or St. Patrick
Marching to CITY HALL to join the
For more information see:

People Power, Not War!
Part of a Pan-Canadian Day of Action to End the war in Afghanistan

Every Saturday since January, Vancouver has seen solidarity rallies outside the downtown public library, in support of the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and many other countries in the region. Now People Power is spreading beyond North Africa and the Middle East and it’s capturing the world’s imagination.
Let’s help make April 9 a show of People Power across Canada – our own Day of Dissent!

Spread the word and make plans to join us:
Saturday, April 9, starting at 1pm
outside Vancouver Public Library downtown (tentative location, details to be confirmed soon)

Follow StopWar on twitter:
Share and tag your tweets: #April9Dissent #April9NoWar


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