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Close your eyes: Royal Wedding comes

Westminster Abbey church were the official wedding ceremony will take place

By Kourosh Ziabari / STAFF WRITER

Forget about the massacre of innocent Shiites in Bahrain which the international community watches indifferently. Never mind about the bloody civil war in Libya which is claiming the lives of unarmed civilians. Put out of your mind the popular uprising of the peoples of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt who have revolted against their dictatorial regimes in search of freedom and dignity. Turn on your radio and listen to the most important headline of the day: Royal Wedding 2011!

While the nations of the Middle East are anxiously following the developments in their region and keeping an eye on what their neighbors are doing and achieving in their pro-democracy, pro-freedom movements, the world’s mainstream media have devoted most of their time to talking about the upcoming wedding ceremony of Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales and his fiancée Catherine Elizabeth Kate Middleton.

The royal wedding is scheduled to take place on today in the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, popularly known as Westminster Abbey. The ceremony which is considered to be one of the most luxurious and lavish services of its type in the world will be broadcast by BBC, CNN and ITV and it’s estimated that more than 2 billion people around the world will watch it live.

Dozens of high-ranking politicians and diplomats, governmental officials, foreign royals, religious figures and celebrities are invited to attend the ceremony as special guests. Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the son of Bahrain’s embattled ruler, and the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper are the only high-profile officials who declined to take part in the ceremony. Salman preferred to remain in his country and monitor the unstoppable wave of revolution which has encompassed his country, and Harper will stay in Canada to take part in the electoral campaign.

The Clarence House has designed an elaborate, bountiful and extraordinary plan for the wedding ceremony. According to the schedule of the program, from 8:15 AM, the main congregation, Governors-General, Prime Ministers of the commonwealth countries ruled by Queen Elizabeth II and the Diplomatic Corps will all arrive at the Westminster Abbey. Consequently, the foreign royals, members of the Middleton family and the members of Prince’s family including Ann, the Princess Royal, Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, Princess Beatrice of York, Princess Eugenie of York, Prince Edward, The Earl and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence, Charles, The Prince of Wales and Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall will arrive.

According to a longstanding tradition, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will be the last members of the royal family to leave Buckingham Palace, arriving at the Abbey at 10:45 AM.

The bridal party which resides in the 5-star Goring Hotel will leave the hotel in time for the service to begin at 11 AM. After attending a royal procession, the couple will appear at the balcony of Buckingham Palace and watch the air maneuver of Supermarine Spitfire aircraft, Avro Lancaster bomber, Hawker Hurricane single-seat fighter, Eurofighter Typhoon and Tornado GR5 aircraft. Subsequently, the couple will proceed along the ceremonial route from the Buckingham Palace toward the Westminster Abbey church where the special guests await the arrival of the newlywed couple.

Everything with the ceremony seems quite exceptional and outstanding. The neatly-planned schedule of the program specifies everything with great details: the wedding service, evening’s private dinner for the royal family members, carrying out official duties and officiating, giving the sermon by the Bishop of London, orchestral choirs, reception, wedding cake and wedding ring for the bride.

Since several weeks ago, Scotland Yard has adopted tough security measures to ensure that the ceremony will be held in absolute safety. According to Daily Telegraph, “six protesters who police feared were planning to disrupt the royal wedding have been arrested by Scotland Yard as the officers begin their “pre-emptive strike” against potential anarchists.”

“Officers moved to arrest them this week as they feared the group was planning further disruption at the royal wedding on Friday. The six have been issued with bail conditions stopping them from entering central London on the day of the wedding,” the report added.

According to CNN, protecting the security of the royal wedding is one of the largest police operations ever held in the United Kingdom. More than 5,000 police officers have been mobilized by the Scotland Yard to avert any potential threat which may endanger the security of the royal wedding.

Scotland Yard has pledged to give decisive and categorical response to the anti-royalists and anti-capitalists who have announced that they will gather in London to protest at the lavishness and sumptuousness of the royal wedding.

The royal family of the UK has conventionally accused its opponents of being “fixated” individuals who suffer from mental disorders and should be dealt with by the psychiatrists and psychologists. According to CNN, a group of police officers, psychiatrists and psychologists work in an office in London to counter any potential threat which awaits the royal family: Reports say that this group is a part of the “Fixated Threat Assessment Center (FTAC), a unit established in 2006 with the responsibility of identifying and the power to indefinitely detain individuals who harass, stalk or threaten the royal family and others in public life.”

The British coalition “Muslims Against Crusade” was among the groups that had filed written request for a permission to stage a rally to protest at the royal wedding. Scotland Yard rejected their application and said that every action to disrupt the ceremony will receive a hard-hitting response.

In order to make sure that no explosive material or hidden weapons are set up in the route from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, police “officers are scouring every inch of the route to Westminster Abbey, while dogs have also been checking bins and lamp-posts for bomb,” BBC reported.

Now everything is prepared for the third eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate his wedding in the most sparkling and delightful way. While the innocent people of Bahrain, Libya, Yemen and Saudi Arabia are being massacred for their righteous demands for freedom, democracy and human dignity, the mainstream media are carelessly talking about the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, a couple who have made the headlines with their unparalleled wedding ceremony.

Kourosh Ziabari is an Iranian journalist and media correspondent. Read more about him here

View the original article at Veterans Today

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