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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

There are at least two ways to look at the UN/NATO intervention in Libya.  From an egalitarian standpoint, there is a resolution from the United Nations Security Council authorizing the use of force against the Gaddafi regime.  Russia and China could have easily vetoed it but chose to abstain.  They stayed out of it to cover their backsides.  They know what Gaddafi, a known psychopath, is capable of but they also know what the US, Britain, France and Italy can do also.  Gaddafi isn’t the only psychopath.

As to vital national interests, Libya hardly counts.  That the Mediterranean has long been accepted as an “American lake,” does loosely imply both American responsibility and complicity in anything that happens there as multiple interventions in Lebanon attest to. The world has one of those “since you are there anyway….” views about the US in the Mediterranean.

(On a side note, Saudi Arabia decided today to cut oil production, all the while oil is heading for the highest prices in history.  More on this in a bit.  The oil problem isn’t Libya but rather speculation in oil futures meant to bleed the US economy dry.  The recent attack on the dollar is partially driven by oil speculation.)

A key security component, not taken into account by most, is the enmity between Libya and Egypt, nations that share a common religion and absolutely nothing else, that has “fertilized” a decades old “marriage of convenience” between Israel and Libya, one we saw signs of during the early days of the current rebellion.

That “second” way is to oppose any US involvement.  For some, it makes sense, a clear result of moral and political views.  However, many of the new “peace mongers,” are a different lot, more “chickenhawk” than “dove.”

For the “left,”  reasons could be a love of peace, of which there is none, a sign of less than deep understanding of the issues, or a mistrust and even hatred of the United States and a belief that anything America does is driven by sinister intentions.

There certainly is a long and well established history of America acting with sinister intentions, no question about it.  Suspicion is always reality based. Then again, we have all these very inexplicable “scavengers,” certainly not “predators,” who have taken on the mantle of “moral leadership,” something that may add a new and strange dimension to their resumes.

Our problem is that those leading the pack in damning the United States as a colonialist and aggressor is the same group supporting the policies of endless war in Afghanistan, a new war on Iran, unquestioned support for Israel’s predatory policies and the horrific human rights violations the United States has engaged in for years, kidnapping, torture and blanket assassinations, the “dronings.”


Subsequent to US involvement in Libya, orders went out to Americans known as “Israeli firsters.”  With little education and background, particularly for those serving in congress, as we all know only too well, none questioned the idea of helping Israel by supporting a vicious dictator that has spouted violent threats and spewed Antisemitism for decades.  None asked why he has never been targeted, why he has gotten a free ride from the media for so long.

No “deep thinkers” were called on.

Our ‘friends” were to mount a “cover operation” to defend the Gaddafi regime because of its strategic relationship to Israel and its close financial associations with US banking houses and oil companies.  Gaddafi had become a goldmine for, not only “big oil” but defense companies as well.  Libya became the second biggest lobbying force in Washington, next to Israel.  While other nations, like China, are castigated for any involvement in American politics, Libya is given ‘carte blanche.”  For a nation some  imagine to be a threat to the security of Israel,

This was no simple task, particularly in light of recent events.

News reports from every source report the use of cluster bombs, artillery and rockets against civilian target in rebel held areas.  Deaths are mounting up and there is a very real human disaster in the making, no one disputes that.

For those who follow Islamophobic pundits and the Zionist pro-war, “sacrifice Americans without thought” mindset, the idea of going “soft” on a brutal Muslim extremist dictator should seem a contradiction yet no one notices the 180


degree turn around.  Curious.  Perhaps years of conditioning paid off and the armies of rednecks and militia types quickly joined the “loafered lefties” on the “peacenik picket lines.”  Are our “tobbacky chawing” friends looking for “hot hippie chicks?”

This has been a hoot!


Where, then, does the controversy come into play?  Why has the “right,” initially clamoring for an attack on Gaddafi as early as February now done a 1000% turnaround?

Let’s take a look at the positions held by this new anti-war group.

Note that there is no call for leaving Afghanistan, nobody got the word out that Afghanistan is a war too. Call our friends “careless.”

The only war they are against is Libya?  Remember, this is the group that pushed for the attack on Iraq, in fact it is the same group that is pushing actively for an attack on Iran, a military action judged by Pentagon officials responsible for our “war plans” as larger than both Vietnam and Korea combined.

Think of this as moral and political schizophrenia.

This new anti-war crowd wants to crush Iran, beginning with attacks on nuclear facilities (reported as “peaceful” by international inspectors), spreading radiation across Asia, followed, of course by a massive ground invasion.   Why do we talk of schizophrenia?  How many contradictory views can a mind with so little reasoning capacity hold at one time?

This is a group that calls America’s actions in Libya, or rather “Obama’s” actions in Libya “war crimes” but, not only supported torture and rendition under Bush but still support it.  Another oversight.  Our new “pro-human rights” advocates seem to have only one human on their list, Colonel Gaddafi.  The rest of the world can be waterboarded, gang raped and tossed into a mass grave like was done in Afghanistan to 2000 POWs early in the war.

This is the group that has lobbied to keep Guantanamo open, then turn around attacking Obama for not closing Guantanamo.


Though opposing DU use in Libya, not by Gaddafi who we have found has used Depleted Uranium munitions in his own country against his own people, though that relationship seems somewhat strained of late, but by the US only, our new ‘anti-nuke’ activists seem to hold even more contradictory views.  They love airport scanners and think they are totally safe.  Not everyone agrees with this, however.

In a report from the Daily Mail:

Dr David Brenner, head of Columbia University’s centre for radiological research, said about airport scanners:

  • he is urging researchers to carry out more tests on the devices to look at the way they affects specific groups who could be more sensitive to radiation.
  • the most likely risk from the airport scanners is a common type of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma
  • If there are increases in cancers as a result of irradiation of children, they would most likely appear some decades in the future. It would be prudent not to scan the head and neck,’
  • the low level beam does deliver a small dose of radiation to the body but because the beam concentrates on the skin – one of the most radiation-sensitive organs of the human body – that dose may be up to 20 times higher than first estimated.

The same “anti-war” group is now actively against the use of Depleted Uranium munition in Libya.  That the same individuals are closely aligned and many actively lobby for the nuclear power industry, in fact, none have come out for increased regulations even monitoring of nuclear power facilities in light of the disaster in Japan that has flooded the United States with deadly radiation brings up a point of odd contradiction to the point of hypocrisy.

However, Colonel Gaddafi also has depleted uranium munitions.  Has anyone asked if he is using them?  He is certainly using his cluster munitions, genuine certified Weapons of Mass Destruction, reported by Veterans Today early last month and by the mainstream press 4 days ago.

Israel is using Depleted Uranium in Gaza along with cluster munitions and white phosphorous, which causes deadly burns.  That seems to be OK also, anything is OK, anywhere and by anybody as long as it isn’t against Colonel Gaddafi.

You would think Gaddafi had billions of dollars and was buying off New York and Washington wholesale.  Did you know that $35 billion of the “Fed’s” bail out money went to Gaddafi personally? The Bank of Libya got that much bailout money and the Bank of Libya is Gaddafi’s personal ‘piggybank.’  8 years ago, Gaddafi was considered a terrorist.  Now he seems to have become a member of the Rothschilds family.

Imagine the friends in Washington and elsewhere that helped pull that off.

One of the more amusing things we are hearing is about how Obama is plotting to steal oil from Libya by overthrowing Gaddafi.  There is real humor in this, of course.  Until 2004, Gaddafi was on our “axis of evil” list.   Then Gaddafi got an offer he couldn’t refuse.  We offered to kiss his behind if he agreed to grease a few palms here in the US.

Gaddafi became a neocon.

This was the deal:

  • Turn Libya’s oil over to British and American companies
  • Turn all oil and gas exploration and equipment business over to Vice President Cheney’s company, Haliburnton
  • Donate money to GOP candidates
  • Donate more money to “friends” in France and Italy
  • Join as a full partner in the imaginary Global War on Terror
  • We will pretend we have certified your WMD programs as ended and
  • You can do as you please from now on, we certainly do!

America has been in Iraq for years, is still there.  Hundreds of supertankers of crude were taken from Iraq through both the Gulf, Basra Lite and the ports south of Ceyhan, Kirkuk Lite.  No one counted, no one checked, they just loaded it up, took it to refineries and sold it to the American people as though they had paid real money for it.  It was paid for all right, 5000 Americans died fighting in Iraq and 3000 more were murdered on 9/11.  They paid for the oil, have no doubt about that.

What kind of threat is Obama making against Libyan oil?

His real threat, if you have been paying attention, is to end Republican Party control of Libyan oil.  Other than defending Gaddafi at any cost, how are the GOP geniuses planning to save America?

They are learning to use photoshop:





View the original article at Veterans Today

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