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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Between Passover and Easter, I think its time to take stock of things a bit.  I do neither holiday, of course, but that’s not entirely true.  There’s always the “pork products” and “chocolate bunny” aspect of Easter which gives us secular (constitutional supporter) folks a chance to instill religious hatreds into our kids and grandkids without having to do any head dipping or speaking in tongues.

Here at home (the US), an unparalleled political ugliness has reared its head.  I spent much of the last election screaming warnings about the Tea Party, supposedly a conservative group that was going to return “rule of law” to a country off track by more than a bit.

Obama had been elected to do the same thing and now says it is a bit more task than he had imagined.  Is that an excuse for failing to speak to the American people with honesty for two years?  My favorite writer, me, wrote on this last week.  If you haven’t checked it out, please do.  It is delightfully short.

Anyway, back to the Tea Party and the disaster that has hit America.  This was a pure stealth organization, funded by Koch Brothers, the money-men behind the New World Order.  The Tea Party talked “socialism” and “constitution” but, in fact lacked any position whatsoever on key issues.  This was their “silence list:”

  • 9/11 and the discredited War on Terror
  • “The Wars”…they seemed to have never heard of them.  (actually quite likely when you consider who they are)
  • Economic inequity – the Bush era move to tax the middle class out of existence
  • Financial Fraud – the simple fact that the multi-trillion dollar “bail out” was all CRIME
  • Election Fraud – the corporate/foreign/drug money buying congress, but of course, they were the primary beneficiaries!
  • Drugs – the massive threat against American security that flooding America with cheap narcotics has caused
  • Foreign influence in Washington – but again, the Tea Party had been bought and paid for by the Israeli Koch Brothers from the beginning
  • Federal Reserve – the clearly unconstitutional stranglehold on America by corrupt offshore banks
  • Diminished Freedoms – When the first Patriot Act passed in 2002, congress wasn’t allowed to read it….end of story
  • Foreign Policy – they have none..other than Zionism, purchased by the Koch Brothers

You think overlooking all of this was an accident?  Remember all those fancy buses taking demonstrators around.  Remember the signs?  Any “Stop the Federal Reserve” or “End the War” or “Get Drugs Out of Our Schools” signs?

Remember Glenn Beck?  What happened to him the minute he mentioned “Federal Reserve?”  This is a guy who had been blithering for years about everything imaginable.  He touched a Fox News/Israel “third rail.”  He mentioned “Rothschild” and “Federal Reserve.”  He was fired.  For years, he cried on TV about how much he loved America.  The second he showed it “for real,” he was gone.

Why are all his friends silent about that?  Oh, you say sheep don’t make good friends?  Yes, we noticed!

So, in order to be a Tea Party supporter, you have to believe Obama was born in Kenya, something some of us know to have been impossible and:

  • You believe Building 7 simply disappeared and the Pentagon was hit by a miniature airliner
  • You still believe in WMDs
  • The idea of the wealthy paying no taxes gives you a warm feeling
  • You bought in on the “ACORN did it” story
  • You believe corporations really are people
  • Cheap narcotics is a boon to your family
  • You believe Israel loves America
  • That part of the constitution that says only Congress can coin money isn’t in your copy
  • You have issues with fear and perhaps delusion, even if it means you end up with a CCTV in your bedroom
  • Fox News makes your decisions for you

The real “domestic” issue isn’t politics, it’s war.  Here America sits, as of last week BANKRUPT.  93% of the debt came from 3 Republican presidents.  Most of our current deficit comes from paying interest on the money that Reagan/Bush/Bush borrowed and gave to their rich friends.

You think this was an accident.  Most of you have heard something about a “Project for a New American Century.”  This was the plan the Bush presidency was based on.  Overtly, the idea was to build America to run the world like the Roman Empire.  You say; “I didn’t vote for that?”  Hey, don’t worry, they didn’t really mean any of it anyway.

Go back to the Clinton years.  America had a budget surplus, there were no serious wars (unless you are Serbian and some of my best friends are) and, even without waterboarding, rendition and the Patriot Acts, we still managed “Waco” and “Ruby Ridge.”

These were the “Golden Years.”  American actually paid down nearly 10% of the national debt!

Here is what we accomplished during the 8 years of George W. Bush:

  • Our national debt, from 1787 to 2000 was tripled in 8 years (half our current tax revenue pays the interest on this increase alone!)
  • America’s standard of living  diminished by 22%
  • The taxes paid by the upper 2% of “high net worth” Americans diminished by 80%
  • 4 million jobs and 30% of corporate operations moved “offshore” along with $200 billion in revenue
  • the value of retirement funds and real estate holdings of America’s middle class diminished by 70%
  • 45% of America’s net assets were displaced, 20% to the upper 2% income bracket and 25%  offshore

This was the plan, the systematic economic destruction of America through the destruction of its economic base, its revenue base and its middle class.

That “all powerful” military that the “New Century” folks, William Kristol and associates planned was a temporary thing.  The deal?  Destroy Iran, Pakistan and Iraq, followed by the United States.

9/11 should have been proof to any person that we live in a police state.  It was years before I heard about Building 7.  I felt like a total fool but I wised up.  If one thing is a lie, then it is all a lie.

9/11 was planned by these folks, more Israeli than American, not “Jewish” mind you but Israeli.  If you don’t know the difference, take the time and learn it.  “Antisemitism” charges and bizarre “poor Israel, pushed into the sea” ploys helped provide the cover for this cabal that hates the United States so much.  If you bought in on any of this, particularly if you still do, you helped “gang rape” Liberty.  Strong language?  Strong enough language?

Today’s “flat broke and busted” United States won’t be able to defend herself from Canada soon.  When Japan and China stop lending us money, we really will have an “all volunteer” army.

They won’t get paid.


Chernobyl radiated a generation of Europeans.  We will never know how many deaths.  Why?  The nuclear power industry suppresses that information as they do data about the effects of Depleted Uranium, covert tactical nuclear weapons and the dozen other radiological disasters we face but are never told of.

The world is a police state when it comes to “nuclear truth.”

Japan may well be 100 times worse than Chernobyl.  The radiation from the explosions and core meltdowns, things our press is not allowed to report, has flooded across the United States and much of Europe and has entered the food supply and our water.

The disaster is worse than anything any conspiracy theorist could ever make up. This is what Bob Nichols wrote today:

“Truly, it is as if the entire world is At War! The dreaded all-out nuclear war that would happen if Russia or the United Stated accidentally “Pressed The Button” is going on right now; it is a done deal. Imagine that! The same thing as detonating 2,000 big Atomic Bombs and not even one “BOOM!” Not a shot fired, yet we could all die!

No giant forest fires, no burning cities creating their own hellish, uncompromising firestorms. None of that; but, every bit of the radioactive contamination such an Atomic World War would create; and probably more. For unbelievably, there are more Japanese reactors about to blow. It’s a chain reaction.

Yea, this is what VeteransToday is talking about, radiation from 2,000 kill-you-dead nukes. Yea, this is what VeteransToday is talking about, radiation from 2,000 kill-you-dead nukes.

It remains a thinly veiled secret of the nuclear powers that it only takes about 300 One Megaton nukes to target the entire world. Typically, the world’s nuclear weapons arsenals were originally built with a 350 year shelf life for major components. In fact, the radioactive materials are “safer” locked away securely in heavily guarded Atomic Bombs, than in loosely managed reactors run by utility companies for supposedly “peace time” purposes. The worldwide nuclear war we’ve got is not the war we feared.”

Ask the Tea Party or, in fact, any party how they feel about this?  Silence?  It’s bribery, 100%, controlled news and a government that is allowing millions to be poisoned.  Things like this can only happen in a police state.

Nuclear power is dead.  Depleted Uranium and the other uranium based weapons (there are many..most secret but used continually) are inexcusable and criminal.

And, today….oil speculation is being used to tax America, looting every household, filling the offshore banks.  My own experience:  I drive to Selfridge Air National Guard base to shop at the commissary on Saturdays.  I save $10 to $20 there.  The gas to drive there costs $56.  What if I had to drive to work every day?  Could I afford it?  What is your families story?


There has been a lot of controversy and even infighting over Libya with more wild conspiracies over this one subject than almost any subject seen previously.

The overt and non-conspiratorial assumption is that the people of Libya revolted against a brutal dictator of 42 years, much as people in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and elsewhere.

The “alternative media,” which is turning out to be, not just ‘infiltrated’ by but totally overrun by our corporate masters and their foreign controllers, known to many as the New World Order.  Wikileaks exposed many.  Libya is doing that to the rest of them.  Others are simply writing and talking because they can’t stop.

Riddle me this.  If you have no sources ‘on the ground’ and no real intelligence sources, how do you “do” journalism?  Do you simply make it all up?  Do you simply read the New York Times or watch Fox News and say the opposite?

Or, do you get “help” in forming those opinions?  Some of our “good friends” seem to get help.  Never has the “independent” press failed as badly as it has over Libya.  The reason?  Gaddafi has money.  You figure out what I mean.

The “lefties” and “progressives” are now oblivious to the reality of Libya, cities being shelled day and night or the journalists kidnapped and killed by Gaddafi.  Better yet, lets talk about Gaddafi and his weapons program a bit.

This is a good story.  For background, refer to this:


Back in 2003, when the US attacked Iraq over their “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” Libya agreed to immediately end their programs.  The US announced that Libya would join the Global War on Terror and had ended its programs, dismantled its facilities, destroyed its stocks of germs and precursor chemicals and turned over their “weapons grade” centrifuges.  (very unlike those Iran has, centrifuges capable of making full scale weapons grade materials)

None of this ever happened.

Gaddafi kept it all and still has it, bio-weapons, chemical weapons and, quite possibly, has built some nukes also.  For more background on this:

This is either what we know or have reason to assume, reason, not wild conjecture or conspiracy theory:

  • Bush and Blair allowed Gaddafi to evade agreed to disarmament in return for oil and weapons contracts and political payoffs
  • Israel continues to fully support Gaddafi’s “in plain sight” WMD programs tied to a “secret understanding”
  • Gaddafi, with Bush approval, built new WMD facilities after 2006(Wikileaks)
  • There are no records of Gaddafi ever dismantling his nuclear program and extensive records of him evading WMD disarmament (Wikileaks)

Libya, under Gaddafi, is a nation that has continually “threatens” Israel.  With Washington’s most powerful lobby, Israel (through AIPAC) has turned a blind eye to Libya, a nation that was buying weapons grade centrifuges as late as 2004, a nation that probably began stockpiling nuclear weapons in 2005, and has pushed for attacks on Iran though there is no proof Iran has a nuclear weapons program.

Were one to refer only to stolen Wikileaks documents, ones that “fell through the cracks,” everything is there for “slam dunk” proof tying the Bush administration and Israel to Gaddafi.

Yet, not one word of this has been seen anywhere other than the United Kingdom.  Why is only Britain concerned?

Few Americans know about the mysterious death of Dr. David Kelly, whose “suicide,” now believed a murder, was attributed to WMD issues in Iraq.  No mention of Libya or Israel is made in the inquiries in London or South Africa, nor in the press, but they are “players” all the same.

Here is an extract from a 2004 story from the Sunday Express:

19 December 2004,

By Tim Shipman

Was David Kelly really murdered by a foreign hit squad ?

NEW evidence suggests that Dr David Kelly, the weapons expert who sparked a government crisis over the Iraq war, was murdered – possibly by a foreign hit squad.
‘ Most intriguingly, the Sunday Express has also uncovered details of Dr. Kelly’s secret links to the bio-warfare programme of South Africa’s apartheid regime
These links – revealed here for the first time – add another layer of mystery to his death.
Shortly after Dr Kelly left his home, he received a telephone call from an MI5 officer to confirm he would be interviewed in the coming days over his role in the apartheid regime’s most secret project.
Code-named Project Coast, it was trying to create a genetically engineered weapon to attack only the country’s black population and to develop a vaccine to block human fertility in blacks.

Dr Kelly had visited the project’s headquarters soon after he was appointed in 1972 to be head of the microbiology department at Porton Down, Britain’s top-secret biological warfare establishment in Wiltshire.
He met with Project Coast’s head, Dr Wouter Basson at his high-security laboratory outside Pretoria. Later, Dr Kelly arranged for Basson to visit Porton Down. Dr Neils Knobel, a senior scientist with Project Coast, recalled:

“Basson went to Porton Down in 1985. They gave him an entire tour of the place.

“He saw everything.
He left with manuals.

“How he got them he never told us”.
It was questions about Basson’s visit that MI5 interrogators wanted Dr Kelly to answer.

The reasons may lie on the hard drives of the seven laptops that Dr Kelly kept in his study.

Shortly before his body was found a team of MI5 officers removed the computers along with all the scores of discs they found in the study.

“They were never made available to Lord Hutton.
In March, coroner Nicholas Gardiner said there was no need to reopen the inquest.
The Kelly family and Thames Valley police are satisfied with the official version of his death. An increasing number of outsiders are not.

Dr David Kelly’s secret links to the bio-warfare programme of South Africa’s apartheid regime  revealed here for the first time by the Sunday Express  will add to the mystery surrounding his death.
Last week, two ambulance paramedics who examined Dr Kelly’s body, expressed doubts over the official version of his death.
But the Sunday Expresshas learned that shortly after Dr Kelly left his home to walk on nearby Harrowdown Hill in Oxfordshire, he received a telephone call from an MI5 officer to confirm he would be interviewed in the coming days over his role in the apartheid regime’s most secret project.
Code-named Project Coast, it was trying to develop a genetically engineered weapon to attack only the country’s black population  and to develop a vaccine to block human fertility in blacks.
Dr Kelly had visited the project’s headquarters soon after he was appointed in 1972 to be head of the microbiology department at Porton Down, Britain’s top-secret biological warfare establishment in Wiltshire.

“He met with Project Coast’s head, Dr Wouter Basson at his high-security labs outside Pretoria.
Basson’s brief from the apartheid regime was to “create a means for total war by using a strategy that would use unconventional means against our enemies”.
Later, Dr Kelly arranged for Basson to visit Porton Down.

Dr Neils Knobel  a senior scientist with Project Coast who has a degree from Edinburgh University  recalled “Basson went to Porton Down in 1985.

“They gave him an entire tour of the place.

“He saw everything.

“He left with manuals.

“How he got them he never told us”.
It was questions about Basson’s visit that MI5 interrogators wanted Dr Kelly to explain.
They wanted to learn who had authorised Dr Kelly’s visit to the Roodeplaat Research Laboratories, ten miles north of Pretoria” where the “black-only bomb” was being researched.
The interrogators also wanted to know who** had given the authority for Dr Kelly to give Basson a tour of Porton Down.
The answers lie on the hard drives of the seven laptops that Dr Kelly kept in his study at his home in the Oxford village of Southmoor

This view into a missing piece of history may begin to explain why so little has been seen in the US regarding this issue and others.  In America, only the scandal about the missing WMD’s from Iraq and the falsified intelligence is known but no context supplied.

Add Gaddafi’s “ignored” WMD program and the strange case of Dr. David Kelly and South Africa, and you begin to peel back the veil.

Why are so few asking so little about so much?

View the original article at Veterans Today

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