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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

In memorium:  Our Brother – Vittorio Arrigoni

Another Sunday piece from America’s “rust belt.”  How do you describe to readers around the world that America’s most poverty stricken regions can seem so “normal.”  What is “normal?”  Perhaps oblivion is normal.

America is certainly oblivious to the real world, our decade old war on imaginary terror in Afghanistan, our fascism and election rigging at home and “the Donald,” perhaps the biggest wingnut of all, beyond Palin or Bachmann or even Rudy Giuliani.

On to Libya

40% of Americans believe the rebels in Libya are either CIA or Al Qaeda.  Other Americans believe they are financed by oil companies, secret Zionist organizations and NWO (New World


Order…not entirely sure what it means but I do so love the acronym) bankers.

We are going to take a moment or two to talk about cluster bombs.  On March 9th, Veterans Today broke the story that Gaddafi was using cluster munitions, outlawed by most of the world, on his own people.  Friday, the New York Times hit with the story, 36 days late.

The primary manufacturer of cluster munitions is the United States.  The primary victims of cluster munitions are children.  The unexploded “bomblets” released in cluster munitions become landmines and are responsible for the indiscriminate maiming and killing of thousands each year.

Cluster bombs are a WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction).  Listen carefully.  The blast area and residual threat of cluster munitions is actually greater than that of our smallest commonly used nuclear weapons.  Our new nukes have no detectable site radiation after 72 hours (how convenient!).  Cluster bombs kill for years.

Read: “America is Saddam”

Here is an interesting story about cluster munitions.  Do you know where the United States stockpiles such things?  We keep them in Israel.

It gets better.

Every so often, some years as many as four “deliveries” are made, the United States “transfers” munitions to Israel.  These munitions are intended, theoretically, for use by the United States in case of a conflict in the region.  America, for those who might be unaware, has munitions storage facilities in Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Djibouti, Turkey, Egypt, Georgia and a few places I can neither spell nor pronounce.

Our deal with Israel, however, is unique.  We have provisions that allow Israel to “replenish” their “stocks” out of this American owned inventory.

These “abandoned” or “misplaced” WMDs are worth billions, money that is “off the books” at the Pentagon, some of which we suspect worms its way back to Washington as “pump priming.”  Sound a bit like racketeering?  Of course it is.

It gets better.

By “replenish,” we actually mean “sell.”  Of course, we also mean “use.”  Thus, American cluster munitions, American white phosphorous munitions, American depleted uranium munitions are used, with regularity, in Gaza, an area that Israel claims, from time to time, to control.  The United States claims, from time to time, to control Detroit.  We don’t use cluster bombs and white phosphorous on the inhabitants, though.  (We did use artillery back in 1943 during a “domestic disturbance” actually though…another story for another time)

American cluster munitions that were shipped to Israel have now shown up in Libya.  Had the Egyptian Army been so inclined, I am sure Israel would have drawn down their “secret stash” to use on the people there too.

Thank goodness that Israel doesn’t have to intervene in Bahrain against the people.  The combined armies of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are doing that for them.

I could start talking about Jordan next but, if a journalist is a bit too “journalistic,” you know, tells the truth a bit too much, they tend to have accidents, get kidnapped or are simply put on a “watch list.”  On the other hand, if you lie like a dog, you get full access to other liars.  You get to ask “softball” questions, peddle the “talking points” of special interest groups and live the life of a scumbag petty gangster.

Gaddafi has thrown tens of millions a week at his friends in New York and Washington, trying to buy his way out of trouble.  He already had a number of friends as his cash that had been laundered through corporations and conservative organizations sits in half of the private accounts of our government officials.

Gaddafi may actually hold more seats in congress than Boeing, ADM, Monsanto and Bank of America combined.

Let’s look at how to find who these folks are.  There will be some real surprises as bribe money crosses all lines.

Check on who carries these Libya “talking points:”

  • The rebels are “CIA trained and armed”
  • The rebels are infiltrated by “Al Qaeda”
  • The rebels are part of an “Israeli plot”
  • Libya has Africa’s highest standard of living and literacy rates

Who writes these talking points?

They come from a “public relations” agency owned by a former New York mayor who represents many curious clients, some even more “colorful” than the “butcher of Benghazi.”  (my own talking point!)  Gaddafi pours money into the US and politicians, some who might surprise you, start talking “impeachment” and “war powers.”

These are “talking points” also, once our politicians expect to be well paid for.

After all, they sent Gaddafi $35 billion dollars in “personal” foreign aid.  His “largess” is funding their campaigns and, of course, their “retirement,” if you can actually retire from a life of crime.

Check who the reporters, pundits and politicians are who are working for Gaddafi.  Color them “foreign agents.”  Color them “traitors.”

The other news?

A couple of pieces tied to Israel.  Increasingly, I feel almost reluctant to “out” some of the heinous acts of the criminal group running IsraelAmerica has, of late, shown itself increasingly prone toward displaying its unpleasant underbelly of prejudice.  As two years of the Obama presidency approaches, racism is reaching epidemic proportions.

Donald Trump is gathering “those people” around him.  Odd thing, of course, is that “the Donald” is the stealth Israel candidate for president, or so Tel Aviv thinks.

Boy, do they have a surprise coming.

Admittedly, “Jews” in America are powerful, with substantial control of both pop culture and the media.  This has made Jews, without the quotation marks, a target.  Israel’s hubris and racism and religious extremism is making it worse.

I guess it is better that racism is exposed and dealt with.  This is very much a “Pandora’s Box” issue.  The Zionist lobbys here and abroad have muddied the issue by declaring that any discussion of Israel policies, certainly shameful by any measure of human decency, are “Antisemitism.”

Now that very real Antisemitism is sweeping America, those who “cried wolf” for so many decades have left Jews in America in a vulnerable position.

The progressive and intellectual leadership that has long characterized America’s Jewish community has been drowned out by “defense” groups that are, at best less than credible and unsavory.

Their answer, strangling the media, suppressing free speech and humiliating the United States shows bad judgement.  Nuff sed.

Three issues need to be addressed.

Vittorio Arrigoni

We had been told that Arrigoni, a human rights activist and good friend of my good friend, Ken O’Keefe,  was found hanged in an apartment in Gaza.  Reports had come in that he had been kidnapped by a violent fringe group that opposed Hamas.  Supposedly, Hamas is considered too “conciliatory” in its dealings with Israel.

However, the kidnapping made no sense.  Hamas found Vittorio’s body well before the stated deadline.  The group that supposedly claimed responsibility now says they had nothing to do with the crime.

We have confirmed that the government of Israel is responsible for Arrigoni’s murder.

This is terrorism.

There will be an accounting.

The Fogel Family Tragedy in Israel

A family of five was slaughtered in Israel last month.  Indications were that it was a murder-suicide, as such things generally are. It is also a very real tragedy.

A similar incident happened here two days ago.  When such things happen in Israel, a nation with a higher percentage of psychiatrists and psychiatric patients than any on earth, Palestinian terrorists are always blamed.

Nobody trips and falls in Israel without blaming a Palestinian.  Were one looking for criminals, even serial killers, there are thousands living in Israel who are there to take advantage of their “Jewishness” to escape extradition.  There are good reasons Israeli’s are armed to the teeth.

This week, the government of Israel kidnapped a Palestinian family and, through torture, extracted confessions from two innocent people.

This is terrorism.

Tony Lawson

Lawson is a rare asset.  His videos are, by far, the best things ever to hit YouTube and Veterans Today is proud of its affiliation with him.  Lawson has, of  late, been subjected to attempts to silence/censor his voice.

This is his response:



View the original article at Veterans Today

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