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Media Distorts Truth To Propagandize For NATO-Backed War On Syria

Just like Libya, a civil war fought between a desperate regime and a western-backed force of Islamic militants is being misrepresented as a genocide against “pro-democracy” protesters in order to lay the groundwork for another contrived “humanitarian” war

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Despite the fact that western media is completely cut off from entering Syria and therefore unable to verify reports of hundreds of murders carried out by security forces loyal to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, grainy and often misconstrued YouTube videos have been cited as proof positive that Assad is overseeing a brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, but a whistleblower living in Syria has contacted us to express his disbelief at such claims, dismissing them as little more than fabricated fairy-tales designed to law the groundwork for yet another NATO-backed military intervention based on contrived “humanitarian” grounds.

Although there is no doubt whatsoever that Syrians are being targeted by Assad’s security forces, their characterization by the western media as being “pro-democracy protesters” is beginning to bear remarkable resemblance to how Libyan militants, aided by Al-Qaeda terrorists, were portrayed as “innocent protesters” by the global establishment media even as they were commandeering tanks, flying fighter jets, and carrying rocket-propelled grenades.

Despite the vacuum of reliable information emerging out of the country, corporate media outlets, while in one breath conceding that accounts by dubious human rights organizations are not verifiable, have nevertheless blamed Assad for the massacres of hundreds of innocent people.

The evidence indicates that such atrocities are being wildly exaggerated, just as they were before the air strikes were launched on Libya. For instance, a clip used by numerous western media outlets to depict Syrians being beaten to death by Assad’s security forces turned out to be a video of Iraqis from the 1990′s.

In addition, Joshua Landis, Director of the Center for Middle East Studies and Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma, documents how AFP, the Guardian and other media outlets completely misconstrued a video that purported to show Syrian soldiers being shot by Assad’s security forces as a punishment for refusing to gun down protesters.

“The video does not “support” the story that the Guardian says it does,” writes Landis. “The soldier denies that he was ordered to fire on people. Instead, he says he was on his way to Banyas to enforce security. He does not say that he was shot at by government agents or soldiers. In fact he denies it. The interviewer tries to put words in his mouth but the soldier clearly denies the story that the interviewer is trying to make him confess to. In the video, the wounded soldier is surrounded by people who are trying to get him to say that he was shot by a military officer. The soldier says clearly, “They [our superiors] told us, ‘Shoot at them IF they shoot at you.’”

Landis also highlights how a document purporting to be an order for Syrian intelligence agents to shoot on army officers and security agents in order to “deceive the enemy” is “clearly a fake.”

“What army, after all, would survive even days if its top officers were publishing orders to shoot its own officers?” asks Landis.

Further evidence of outside intervention comes in the form of reports that snipers are shooting at both protesters and Syrian security forces from rooftops. Iran’s Al-Alam News Network claims that the men, working on behalf of Saudi and US intelligence agencies, are killing protesters in order to radicalize them and fan the flames of unrest.

The video below purports to show a sniper being driven by a motorcyclist to a building before he takes up position on the roof and begins firing on demonstrators. Syrian security forces surround the building and a shootout allegedly ensues.

American-Syrian Eddie Sansoul, who is currently living in Syria, writes to us to express his shock at how events in his country are being completely misreported by the western media.

Sansoul claims that media coverage of events has been dominated by “false eyewitnesses,” “faked videos” and staged events, carefully broadcast to give the impression that the vast majority of Syrians are rebelling against President Assad, when in reality the malcontents represent a tiny minority of Islamic extremists.

“Syrians in major cities such as Damascus and Aleppo are trying to campaign alongside Bashar Al Assad to spread awareness about the plans to destabilize Syria for the favor of Israel and US’s interests in the region,” writes Sansoul, dismissing the influence of the so-called protesters as non-existent while claiming that western media outlets are showing images of demonstrators in Egypt and Yemen and claiming the pictures are coming out of Syria.

“The heart of the problem remains in a small city called Daraa which counts about 1 million in population and among them a few thousand who are Jihadist or extremists who are creating all the news you see in the mainstream media,” he states, characterizing the so-called protesters as “an organized Mafia paid by US intelligence to carry out attacks on the Syrian people,” as a pretext for a US-UN backed regime change.

Like the aforementioned footage out of 1990′s Iraq which is being erroneously broadcast as evidence of Syrian security forces beating civilians to death, Sansoul warns that years-old footage of torture victims from different countries is being released as false evidence of Assad-ordered brutality.

It would be remiss of us to forget that the western media has routinely been caught misreporting and even outright inventing humanitarian crises in the past that have been exploited by NATO powers to launch wars, namely the first Gulf War and the attack on Serbia in 1999.

UK foreign secretary William Hague, a prominent warmonger who has vehemently propagandized for the NATO bombing of Libya, today condemned the killings of Syrian “civilians who are expressing their views in peaceful protests,” while Assad’s government claims the so-called protesters are in fact part of an Islamist-inspired uprising, which as we have seen unfold in Libya, is being backed by the west.

As Michael Posner, the assistant US Secretary of State for Human Rights and Labor, recently revealed, 5,000 so-called “activists” from numerous middle eastern countries, including Tunisia, Egypt, and Syria, were recently involved in training sessions organized and paid for by the US government. “They went back and there’s a ripple effect,” Posner said of the wave of unrest now sweeping the region.

Once again, the evidence clearly indicates that the United States, Britain and other NATO powers are using their Al-Qaeda allies to destabilize Syria in order to launch yet another war under the manufactured pretext of humanitarian aid, despite the fact that the prolonged bombardment of Libya has already cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

While there is undoubtedly violence occurring in Syria on both sides, it comes as a result of a regime trying to cling to power battling against a militant opposition backed by western forces. Just like Libya, this is a civil war, it has little to do with “pro-democracy protesters,” and a lot to do with leaving Syria vulnerable to be swallowed up by the globalists as their next acquisition in the course of the “Arab Spring” wave of unrest that they helped to promulgate and direct in the first place.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

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